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The rise of cheaper premium streaming services has in no way reduced the demand for free streaming. Earlier, viewers just used to pounce on cable and satellite tv content but nowadays you can even find streaming exclusives such as Netflix or a Prime Video release on free streaming sites. That’s because these new premium networks are known for their quality content, and people want to watch some of them without having to pay $7.99 or $14.99 per month.

What is 5movies?

5movies is a free streaming website which has links to movies available on the web.

How to watch Latest Movies on 5movies?

Firstly, the website that we’re referring to is I don’t want you to confuse it with any other domain. Having clarified that, you can start watching movies and tv shows on 5movies by using their landing page. There’s a search bar along with tons of latest content meta tags. By using those tags or the four options – Latest HD, New Releases, Latest Added, and Featured, you’ll be able to land on a dedicated page related to that category.

Why should you stream on 5movies?

There are thousands of free streaming websites out there and only a handful of them can be termed as credible sites. Credible in the sense that you can stream on them without worrying about any poor consequences. 5movies has a sincere userbase that is loyal to the platform.

DISCLAIMER: Having said that, I’d always advise you to not click on any ads or add extensions if given a suggestion. As long as you don’t provide your personal and financial details, you’re good to go.

Extensive content library

Even without the fresh content, 5movies has a vast directory of movies and tv shows. You’ll find the most popular titles on the network. From the latest releases to classics, you can truly enjoy any title you want. Accessing the library is super simple because of the different ways in which you can do it. You can use the search bar and even find content based upon the genre, release year and rating.

Wide range of genres

Talking about genres, 5movies is as competitive as x8movies, Lookmovie and other leading free streaming sites out there. You can choose from a wide range of genres such as Animation, Crime, Comedy, Biography, Music, Sport, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Family, Horror, Romance and Thriller. This allows you to find content that suits your mood.

Commendable streaming capabilities

5movies has a commendable streaming capability. Yes, it does take a minute or two for the stream to load but once it does, there’s no buffering.

How to access 5movies?

There are multiple ways to access 5movies. You can search for the term ‘’ in the search engine or you can click the following link: 5movies. Just make sure that before you visit the website, you have an active VPN so you can protect yourself from adware, malware and hackers.


I’m quite impressed with the design of this website. The landing page along with the homepage and inner page is put together really well. The black and yellow color combination makes it stand out from the usual blue/white combination. The menus, sections, and other elements on the streaming site are beautifully designed adding to the overall user experience.

Landing page

When you first visit, you’ll likely land on a page which helps you to find the content without visiting the actual website. You can find all the different categories in the header section of this landing page. Apart from that, if you know what you want to watch, you can directly search for it using the search bar. This effort doesn’t go waste as it saves a user’s precious time in trying to find the content.


The header section on has thirteen options – Home, Movies, TV Shows, New Releases, Latest Added, Featured, Latest HD, Latest Tv Series, Popular, Genres, A-Z, Release Year, and Add a movie. Using these options, you can navigate to any particular section. For instance, if you just want to check out New Releases, you can click on that option and head towards that particular page. Above these categories, you’ll find a search bar towards the right, you can use it to perform Advanced Search.

Hero Section

The Hero Section though not as compelling as xMovies8 does a decent job of providing you all the necessary information. There are 10 thumbnails in each category so you can access the content quickly. Under that, you’ll find the ‘New Release Movies’ section which has five titles in each row.


The good work in the hero section flows towards the body section as you can find five thumbnails in each row. Each of the movie thumbnails is accompanied by the title, rating and genre. ‘Latest HD Movies’ is the first element in the body section. Towards the right, there’s a skyscraper ad that doesn’t hinder your browsing experience. I really like how the developers have extended the body section to add depth. Thus, you’ll be able to reach the footer in no time.


The footer section of features three key options – DMCA, Privacy Policy and Contacts. This particular part is a let down as there’s no navigation button as you’d find on other streaming sites. It’s through the footer section that you can understand the partnership between 5movies, Tinkle Pad and Movies25.

Inner Pages

If you click on any content title, you’ll be directed towards the inner page. This page has the title followed by information such as synopsis, genre, release year, views, directors, and starts followed by an IMDb rating. Right under the information section, you’ll find the streaming window. For each title, you will have multiple links. For instance, for Dolittle, there were 10 different streaming links for me to access.

Content has no dearth of content. You’ll find the best movies and tv shows on this streaming site with plenty of links. To show you its content prowess, I’d like to share some of the popular movies and TV show titles from each category:

Featured: Emma, The Photograph, Fantasy Island, Sonic the hedgehog, Ordinary Love, The Rhythm Section, Birds of Prey, Clemency, Gretel &

Hansel, The Turning, Bad Boys for life, Seberg, Underwater, Like a Boss, The Gentlemen, 1917 and Just Mercy.

New Releases: Chiwawa, Cat Café, Dead Fred, The Jack in the Box, And Your Bird Can Sing, The Secret Ingredient, The Neighbor in the Window, Brown Paper Bag, Fantasy Island, Virgin Genocide, Z-O-M-B-I-E-S, Isi & Ossi, Elcano & Magallanes, and The Mystical Treasure.

TV Shows: NCIS: New Orleans, Good Girls, God Friended Me, The Simpsons, The Circus, Our Cartoon President, Duncanville, The Aquarium, Batwoman, Bob’s Burgers, Power, Star Trek: Picard, Utopia Falls, The Blacklist, Homeland, Harley Quinn, Vikings, Strike Back and The Punisher.

Popular TV Shows: The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, The Flash, Arrow, Grey’s Anatomy, Family Guy, Empire, Supernatural, Power, Gotham, The Vampire Diaries, Law & Order: Special, The Blacklist, Criminal Minds, Cops, Vikings, The 100.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I have mixed feelings describing my experience on this website. Yes, you will find the content you’re seeking but I prefer streaming this website from my laptop or desktop over a mobile phone. The streaming quality is quite decent on both mobile and desktop but the full-page pop up from time to time is hard to deal with on the mobile phone.

I browsed and stream 5movies using my Pixel XL and I switched to my laptop after an hour or so. Not that the experience on mobile was poor, I just want to have more functionality and freedom for stream control.

Suggestions I have for 5movies

I’d love for the developers to add some kind of interactive elements on the website. There are social media buttons but they are of no use. Additionally, I’d advise the developers to prevent the full-page pop-up from appearing frequently as it might cause a user to bounce off.


5movies’s simple user interface and well-placed content really help you to find content in a hassle-free manner. Its streaming capabilities make this site one of the go-to-options when you want to watch the latest movies and TV shows. I’d recommend using as it will offer you a memorable experience.

Likes & Hates:
In-depth content library
Fresh Content
Commendable Streaming
Social Sharing
A full-page popup can be annoying
Not every link is functional
No interaction section such as a forum