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A2zAnime is an anime hosting website. It is relatively new with the construction date around September 2019. The website has a log in the About Us section detailing their growth. Some interesting additions they have made to the website since the start date are the action of favoriting specific anime, adding a search bar, and other improvements.

The website claims to host-specific links instead of providing the streams. Links are collected by staff members and website users. There is a Discord community that makes suggestions on what titles should be added. A2zAnime also has a Frequently Asked Questions section that is quite helpful.

Website Design

The design of the website is very straightforward. There are not very many sections and most of the content runs together. It is not unsightly, but I believe there are better ways the website could break up their titles to be more aesthetically pleasing.

The logo for A2zAnime is interesting. The A2z letters are in red. An anime character portrait is framed in between text with Anime in white on the opposite side. The logo is eye-catching and memorable. It matches the theme of the website perfectly.

The website uses the popular night mode color scheme. A lot of anime streaming sites lean towards this style. It gives a modern and sleek look. There are also no advertisements on this website. The only ads I managed to find were Donate buttons to keep the website up and running. I’m not sure I would classify it as an advertisement, but even those buttons were minimal.


The primary content available on A2zAnime is anime. There are countless shows available. I did an approximate count and found over 3000 clickable titles in their database. Some of the links were labeled as Coming Soon, but most were full series. A large portion of shows was also available in multiple languages. Chinese, English, and Japanese are all languages accessible to watch.

On the primary menu, there is a Schedule feature. It functions similarly to a television guide. There are categories for Today, Tomorrow, and then the following days of the week. In the sections are anime titles listed that release new episodes on those days.

There is a Discord community that belongs to A2zAnime. I joined the server to check out what they had to offer. My initial impression is that the server is well-maintained. There are multiple channels and fun additional content like art, role-playing forums, voice chat, and more. On the more professional side of things, there are channels for feedback, recommendations for animes to watch, and a place to report any technical problems.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The desktop browser is a perfectly fine way of accessing the website. The layout is decent. There are a few confusing sections. It took quite a while to find the sidebar menu. After finding it, some of the buttons attached to it didn’t work either. As for watching the videos, the desktop is okay.

There isn’t an app available, so I tried out the mobile browsing version of A2zAnime. Mobile is actually better than the desktop. At first glance, it looks like it has more features. After looking a little bit more, I believe it is just laid out better. The navigation of it is a little smoother than the desktop. I would suggest mobile viewing when available.


There are a lot of positives about A2zAnime. It is refreshing for a website so young to get so many features right out of the gate. The site has only been active since September 2019 but has grown quickly.

A good starting point for positives is the extensive library hosted by A2zAnime. It is difficult to distinguish exactly how many titles are available, but there are more than 3000 titles that are clickable. Some of them have coming soon in their description but that is very few. The majority of the shows are subtitled, but I have been impressed by the dubs and multiple languages available.

One of the best aspects of A2zAnime is the sense of community fostered in the Discord server. The creator of the website started a Discord to bring anime fans together to chat about shows, movies, cosplay, art, and many other topics. There are quite a few channels to participate in, including feedback for the website, technical issues, and title recommendations.

The website is somewhat lacking in terms of an About Us section, but they make up for it with the Frequently Asked Questions portion of the site. The site answers how to best contact them. Another popular question answered is when will popular titles be uploaded.


Although A2zAnime is a great anime streaming site, it does have some flaws. Most of them will likely be fixed in time. Overall, I am impressed by what the creator has achieved in such a small amount of time.

A frustrating issue I experienced with the website was the load times. They were almost unbearably slow. I am unsure of the reasoning behind the slow load times, but hopefully, it is resolved swiftly.

The organization of the website was very lackluster. The Anime section is underwhelming to look at. The titles are all listed alphabetically on over 30 pages. There are options to filter the titles in a hovering menu bar. It functions well, but breaking categories down further into an aesthetically pleasing layout would be nice.

Another issue on desktop, specifically, is the sidebar menu. It is difficult to find. The theme of the website uses dark colors and the sidebar menu is not highlighted enough to draw attention. Another problem with it is that there are features listed like Community, Staff, and Contact. I realized that these were some of the Coming Soon features, however, it would be best to leave them off entirely if they don’t function or send the user to an error page.

Improvements Needed

There are a few improvements that could benefit A2zAnime. A lot of issues will likely be resolved in due time. Since the website is still young I believe it is in a transitional state of growing pains, but will continue to improve.

One improvement I would like to see from this website is a better layout. As it stands, the current one is very straight-forward. It works, but it is bland and leads the viewer eye in one direction. It is slightly boring.

Another suggestion I have for the site is to expand the community. It is clear that there is a large community behind this website. The Discord is very well managed and maintained. The chats are very active and interesting. Instead of using solely Discord, it would be nice to see that sense of community infused into the website.


Anime streaming websites are growing in popularity. Although A2zAnime has only been operational since September 2019, it is a great option for streaming. The website operates by hosting links from outside sources.

Another great part about the website is its sense of community. The A2zAnime Discord is well maintained and very active. There are many channels on the server to provide tech support and website suggestions. Some other channels available are role-playing, memes, music, spoilers, and voice chats.

Overall, there are only a few negative aspects of A2zAnime. It is a solid choice when compared to other anime streaming services. The positives far outweigh the negatives, and I am sure the website will improve with time. For now, users can participate in the online community to give feedback as it grows.

Likes & Hates:
The website is modern and sleek with a night mode theme
There is endless content available on the website
There are no advertisements
The website provides technical support and answers questions on Discord
The load time on the video is slow
The layout of titles is boring
The organization could be a little better
There is no mobile application