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StreamingSites is the one and only list of Streaming Sites you will ever need! 🏆

Hello, my fellow film buffs and couch potatoes! Welcome to, the last resource for all things related to streaming that you will ever need. Whether you are in the market for a new premium movie streaming service, or you just want to find a site that lets you stream TV for free, you have come to the right place. I have spent countless hours and many sleepless nights scouring the internet in order to bring you only the best of the best streaming sites that the web has to offer. And my job is far from done! I am still on the hunt, every single day, for new streaming sites that deserve to be included in my lists.

So far, you will find nearly 800 top-notch streaming sites here, each of which comes complete with its own in-depth review, rating, and quickly accessible pros and cons list (just in case you’re in a hurry). Saving you time, after all, is one of the main reasons that I started Streaming Sites – so that you don’t have to waste your time and energy haplessly scrolling through Google search results and filtering out subpar sites yourself.

Whether you are trying to decide between signing up for Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, or Disney Plus or you want to find a safe and legit free movie streaming site, this is precisely where you’ll want to be. Allow me to guide you through every component that goes into my site so that you can get the most out of

I answer to no one (except for you) 💖

I do not own, nor am I responsible for, any of the streaming sites that you will find here. I am just a cord-cutter who loves finding the best streaming sites that the web has to offer and then sharing them with my readers and visitors. That means that I am not beholden to anybody – except for you, that is, dear reader.

Therefore, I do not give any of the streaming sites that I review here special treatment. This is truly a labor of love. My number one goal is to always provide the most honest and comprehensive reviews and rankings possible. Of course, it is impossible to escape bias entirely; however, whenever personal preference rears its head in my reviews, I will always do my best to identify it as such. Nevertheless, I think I do a pretty good job of remaining as objective as can be.

My filtered process makes life easier

Why not just head straight to Google, you ask, and search for the best streaming sites yourself, you ask? Well, because, I have already done this grunt work for you! Besides, contrary to popular belief, Google is not always the best resource for every web search … especially if you are conducting a qualitative search. Google’s algorithm, in other words, is not crafted to prioritize the best sites; instead, it is made to prioritize the sites with the most related published web content and generated traffic.

I have made, on the other hand, very carefully and meticulously. I work very hard to ensure that this site makes it as easy as possible for you to not only find a massive index of sites to meet your every streaming need, but also – and this is the kicker – that each site is ranked and thoroughly reviewed so that you can easily discern whether a given site is the best streaming site for you!

Let’s face it … not all streaming sites are legitimate, safe, and above board. Thanks to my filtered process, though, you never have to worry about falling prey to a scam site again. Keep yourself safe from sketchy and dangerous free TV or free movie streaming sites by checking my reviews before you put your computer (and/or your sensitive data) in danger.

Daily updates 🔃

It seems as if every day I either hear about or stumble upon a new streaming site of some sort. Nowadays, it’s as if every company in existence wants to get themselves a slice of the rapidly expanding streaming industry. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if somebody told me McDonald’s had their own streaming site in the works … okay, maybe I would be a little taken aback actually, that would be pretty weird. Either way, I think that you get my point – new streaming sites are going live all the time, and I am adding sites to my lists every day just to try and keep up.

Whether you are looking for free TV streaming sites, premium movie streaming sites, sports streaming sites, music streaming services, movie review sites, or anything in between, I guarantee that you will be able to find it here on my constantly expanding index of the best streaming sites on the web!

User-friendly search functionality 🔍

One of the things that I pride myself on is how carefully and intuitively organized my site is. That is why you will find every one of the streaming sites featured here meticulously categorized into separate and easily browsable lists. My goal is to make every step of the process of finding your new go-to streaming service as easy and convenient as possible. All you have to do is locate the category for which you are in the market, scroll through the list, and find the site for you.

Alternately, of course, if you are looking for a specific streaming site, you can always type it into the search bar at the top of the page and find it in no time! I have put a lot of time and effort into making StreamingSites as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Please feel free to reach out if there is any way that you feel the site can be improved!

Ad-free is the way to be 🆓

If there is one thing that every internet user in the world can get behind, it is the fact we would all love to never see an advertisement ever again. Well, on StreamingSites, I have made this dream a reality! Not only is my site 100% free to use, but it is (and it always will be) 100% ad-free as well.

Calling all website owners… 💻

If you own a streaming site of any kind, feel free to contact me. As I said, I am always looking for new streaming sites to review and add to my lists. If you think that your site belongs here, alongside the best streaming sites in the world, feel free to drop me a line. If your site passes my rigorous assessment for quality, you could see it featured here!

Your feedback is always welcome 💌

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I do this for you! If there is anything at all that you think I could be doing better, please do not hesitate to get at me. Does one of the sites deserve a higher (or lower) ranking in your opinion? Is there a site here that doesn’t belong? Know of a site that you simply cannot believe that I somehow missed? I am not perfect (although I strive to make StreamingSites as close as can be)! Feel free to get in touch, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter!

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