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Over the years AccuRadio has played with various slogans that described its services the best. Some of the popular slogans in the past include ‘’The next generation of radio”, ‘’Internet radio you control,’’, ‘’Crafted by music lover and not by a computer”, “Radio that accurately reflects your tastes” and finally it settled on a tagline which matched perfectly with its brand image and that was ‘’Better radio for your workday”. As opposed to regular radio channels, AccuRadio’s demographics are quite different.

Since the rebranding, AccuRadio saw a steep rise in its active monthly listeners and was amongst the top streaming services in 2015. In fact, a couple of years ago, AccuRadio in terms of popularity was ranked #12 in U.S. Digital Audio Networks and Services by Triton Digital. Within a year’s time, the number of daily listeners increases from 10,400 to 14,000 users which is a rise of 35%. During the same time frame, sessions increased from 2.1 million to 2.5 million which is an increase of over 21%.

Unique demographics

As mentioned earlier, what separates AccuRadio from other radio streaming networks is that it caters to the 35-to-64 age group. On the contrary, services such as Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music as mostly geared towards millennials between 18 and 36.

The demographics of all these platforms vary based upon the specifically curated playlist. For instance, Prime Music’s “Classical Dreamtime” is among the most popular playlists alongside its “Classic Rock Dinner Party” playlist. A list of good songs where the listeners can just sit back and relax can have a profound impact on the audience.

What is AccuRadio?

AccuRadio is a multichannel radio site – a free streaming music service that provides music from a wide range of genres. AccuRadio has over a million users a month which has grown x3 times than that of in the year 2015, where they had 300,00+ active monthly users.

Their success can be accredited to its large catalog which has over 50 genres which include Country, Love, Classical, Oldies, Adult Rock, Pop, Rap, Dance, Chill and even some niche genres such as French Pop and Native American. All of these genres can be further bifurcated into sub-genres which makes its media library quite vast.


AccuRadio based in Chicago, Illinois is a multichannel internet radio which works independently. It was founded in the year 2000. It has over 1000+ music channels that cover a wide range of genres and subgenres. From pop, rock, folk and urban, to country, new age, jazz, electronics, and oldies, you’d find almost anything and everything on the network.

It wasn’t like this since the start. Since AccuRadio started off as an independent network, it began its journey with three channels only. These were ‘’Piano Jazz’’, ‘’Swingin’ Pop Standards”, and ‘’Modern Rock Classics”. The success of these channels meant that AccuRadio had the base upon which it could scale its operation. Currently, AccuRadio reaches out to 2 million listeners every month and racks up 500,000 hours of listening hours every day.

Why should you stream on AccuRadio?

Unlike other online radio streaming services, AccuRadio is, in fact, a proper content provider and not just an aggregator. It has all the features that you’d get in a premium music app and that is the reason why over 2 million people stream it every month. It has a website followed by a dedicated app that allows you to maintain your listening history and also save your favorite music so you can access it later.

Ratings & Reviews

I like how you can actually rate songs and unlock your own channel. The feature of rate a song got really popular at the start of the decade and then died down. With AccuRadio however, you can continue to do so in your bid to unlock your own ‘’Five-Star” channel. Though consider these ratings and reviews to be biased since it is coming from just users and not critics – it’s still a fun feature to have.

Premium features

You won’t believe that this streaming service allows you to skip as many songs as you want. Not just that, you can even ban artists and songs from a specific channel. This goes to show the extent to which you can go to customize your channels. I had a hard time understanding these features but after 3 years of radio streaming, I can now understand why. Nonetheless, everything I mentioned is offered as a premium feature in most radio streaming sites and some of these features aren’t even available.

Sharing capabilities

AccuRadio has a great community. Sometimes, even though we get good service, we neglect the app thinking that we can’t form a community. However, with AccuRadio, you already have over 2 million active monthly users. Thus, chances are that you can share your favorite channels and songs with your friends and family because they might have AccuRadio too.

How to access AccuRadio?

You can access AccuRadio in two ways. First, you either type the keyword AccuRadio in the search engine. You’ll probably get the website on the top of the first page.


AccuRadio has the most distinctive color combination in the entire radio streaming industry. The purple background with orange accents really stands out from all the services out there. Having said that, color cannot help the website to stand out alone. The elements on the website matter too and that is where the website fails in my opinion.

There’s just too much happening in the hero section itself and though it can be useful for some, that comes at the cost of design. Five mini thumbnails cluttered in rows just kill the entire homepage vibe. What’s interesting is that the website doesn’t have an inner page for its content. You can access almost all the content from the homepage itself.


AccuRadio’s header section has a logo with the slogan “Better radio for your workday” on the left and Sign Up, Login and a search bar on the right.

Hero Section

The Hero Section of this website is divided into three segments – On the left, it has Today’s features followed by genres which go all the way till the body. In the center, it has the most popular channels with five mini thumbnails and the name of the channels. This section has the top channels such as HitKast, Smooth Jazz and Today’s New Country to name a few. On the right, there’s a GDN banner followed by a small video player underneath.


The body section of this website continues the same format, list of genres on the left and thumbnails in the middle section. The only change happens in the right section where a video ad plays continuously.

Inner pages

AccuRadio doesn’t have dedicated inner pages for content. If you click on any genre on the homepage, it’ll list the most popular channels from the genre on the homepage itself. So, there’s no in-depth customization as we’ve seen on another website. The only dedicated pages you’ll find is through the footer section, where you learn about the brand, advertise on the network, Submit Music and check out themes.


AccuRadio has a standard feature format with three main headings – Connect, Apps and About. Under Connect, you can connect to the platform via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Under the same category, you can even Contact AccuRadio or Logout. The second category is the apps category which has iPhone/iPad, Android, Roku, Sonos, and Kindle. Finally, the About Us section has Our Story, Help, Advertise, Submit Music, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Cookie Preferences, and Themes.


AccuRadio’s well-curated playlist based upon channels is something that attracts a lot of new users. Some of the popular playlist on the network includes – HitKast, Listener’s Top 100, Today’s New Country, the 1970s & 80s Lite hits, Lighter Sunny Hit Mix, 1980s Hits, Classical Relaxation, Smooth Jazz, AccuClassical and 2000s Country to name a few.

Desktop/Mobile experience

The streaming is quite seamless both on mobile and desktop. I heard some 80s classics and top hits from today. I didn’t face any trouble except a couple of 30-second ads. Is it too much? Maybe. But is the platform worth streaming? Yes. What I like about this platform is that it also offers compatibility with Roku and Kindle. Thus, it is more compatible than most of the radio streaming services out there.

Plans & Pricing

AccuRadio is free to use. There are banners and non-skippable pre-roll ads that you need to watch to continue streaming.

Suggestions I have for AccuRadio

Though I like AccuRadio as a free service, I don’t like a couple of things on this platform. First, the ads – both display and pre-roll are quite annoying. I’d urge developers to work towards a premium feature that can help users to get rid of it. Maybe $4.99 can be a good idea. Second, the website needs a visual overhaul.


If you want to listen to classic songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, this has to be a platform you should totally check out. Even if you’re into current music, then you should try channels such as HitKast as it offers the biggest hits from the last few years.

Likes & Hates:
Free streaming
Ability to ban an artist or a channel
Powerful search engine and user-friendly website
Unlimited song skipping
A lot of banners and pre-roll ads
Website isn’t appealing
Registration can be complicated
An extended loaded time when traffic volume is high