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It is not always an easy task, trying to find the best free movie streaming sites on the web. There are so many areas in which these kinds of sites can go wrong. If you have spent any time whatsoever browsing the web for free movie streaming sites yourselves, then you probably know well what I mean. Finding a free movie streaming site is difficult as it is; finding a legit free movie streaming site, on the other hand … well, that can sometimes seem as if it is next to impossible.

Impossible, though; it is most definitely not. It just takes a little time and commitment. You have to weed out a lot of bad sites along the way. For every 50 free movie streaming sites, there is one hidden gem. If you are willing to put in the time and energy, however, it can be all worth it in the end. Although certainly a rarity, when you find the best free movie streaming site for you, it can be a real game-changer.

Lucky for you, I have done already done all of the hard work … the countless hours of searching the internet high and low, looking for nothing but the best free movie sites in existence. I am proud of my efforts, which is why I am more than happy to share my list of the best free movie streaming sites with the rest of the world.

Man, there are some terrible streaming sites out there, though. The things that I have seen … It’s a miracle, honestly, that I visited every free streaming site that I could find – even the worst of the worst – and my computer made it out alive. As you may already know, free streaming sites have become notorious for containing malware, trojans, ransomware, and all sorts of risks to your computer, data, and privacy. This is why it is very wise of you to come to and take a look at my reviews of the best free movie streaming sites. I would never knowingly link to a malicious website.

No, my main focus is to provide you with only the streaming sites that are worth knowing about. If I ever detect anything fishy on a site, I will be sure to let you know. However, if a site comes off as too sketchy, I will neglect to even write a review about it. Why review something if it doesn’t have any redeeming qualities whatsoever?

That being said, my shade detector did go off, ever so slightly, when I first visited AntsMovies. It may sound somewhat counterintuitive, but I actually became skeptical of the site due to its sleek, professional, and modern-looking site design. Weird, right? In my experience, though, the best free movie streaming sites – the legit ones that are safe and work properly – do not frequently have dynamic site designs like this. A majority of the time, a site that looks like this is going to pose as a free movie streaming site and then ask you to register for a premium account in order to view any content.

As I clicked around the site, though, and attempted to play a couple of movies, it became immediately clear that this was, in fact, not the case. Instead, AntsMovies is actually the rare breed of free movie streamer that understands the importance of good site design and user experience.

Unfortunately, I was unable to discern precisely where AntsMovies sources its content from. Therefore, I cannot speak to how legitimate or above board these sites may be (AntsMovies does not host any videos itself, it links to other sites). That being said, you may wish to keep this in mind should you become a regular AntsMovies user (even though this is the case with 9 out of 10 of these free movie streaming sites – their sources tend to be a mystery).

What is it that you can expect to stream for free at AntsMovies? Well, naturally, you will find thousands of movies from a diverse array of genres. You will also find movies from all around the world and decades of release dates. Movies, though, are not all that you will find on AntsMovies. Stream free TV series here as well – once again, the list of available series is also impressive.

As a newer site, AntsMovies has not yet passed the test of time … but it appears to show a great deal of promise, nonetheless. “Our main goal,” they write in the footer text of the site, “is to give you a free opportunity to watch movies. You do not need to register on our site or pay for a subscription; just find the movie you want to see and watch it for free! We do not use annoying ads so that you can navigate the site without any problems. We do not store files on our servers, because we use free video hosting. We wish you a pleasant viewing.”

Is all of what they say here actually true? Well, there is only one way to find out for sure … and that is to take a closer look at AntsMovies. Let’s find out if this site truly has what it takes to become your new go-to free movie and TV streaming site.


As I just mentioned, AntsMovies is a relatively new site. Having launched in 2019, there is not much yet known about where this site came from or who created it. There is an About Us page on the site, but the only word found here is “Soon.” So, sadly, I was not able to find any more information on AntsMovies’ origin story. Less important than where it came from, though, is how well the site functions in the present. So, onward and upward!


I know I have already typed your ear off about AntsMovies unexpectedly superb site design, but I am about to do it some more. Like I said earlier, this site defies nearly every design stereotype of a free streaming site. Usually, streaming movies for free comes at the cost of a subpar user experience or far from intuitive and responsive layouts. At AntsMovies, however, we have proof that this does not need to be the case.

At the top of the page, you’ll find a banner that automatically carousels a few featured movies for you to try. Alongside a high-resolution cover image for the film, you’ll also be able to preview a brief summary before clicking on it. Below this sits a list of movies, separated by category (not entirely unlike the iconic layout of Netflix). Browse by Featured, Latest, Top Viewed Today, Top IMDb Score, and more.

The intuitive user experience is only extended when you scroll up to the site menu bar. Here, you can browse by Movies, TV Episodes, TV Series, Coming Soon, Country, Year, or Genre. From top to bottom, AntsMovies offers an excellent look, feel, and functionality.

Content and Features

One thing that I would have liked to see more of, however, is user features. I always prefer it when a free movie streaming site lets you create an account. AntsMovies, on the other hand, prides themselves on the fact that they do not provide logins. Being able to become a registered user, though, is not always an inconvenience, especially when it comes to sites that you plan to use frequently.

Missing is the ability to add movies and episodes to lists. Missing is a function that lets you “like” or rate movies. Missing is any sort of watch history or customizable recommendation algorithm. Missing is a comments section and/or forums. AntsMovies has already provided a great free movie streaming site, now may be time for them to consider adding on some useful features to create more repeat visitors.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

There is not an app for AntsMovies (which is to be expected). However, the mobile site is decently optimized to warrant mobile use if necessary. The one thing that I do want to mention here, though, is the fact that on my PC, McAfee flagged some of the movies as potentially hazardous. McAfee is not always right when they flag web materials (they frequently flag content that I know is safe). I watched a few movies anyway, and I was fine, but I still wanted to let you know.

Likes & Hates:
Intuitive, dynamic site design
Thousands of free movies and TV shows
Mobile friendly
No app
No user features
McAfee does not like this site