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Let’s do a little personality test, shall we? Let’s find out what kind of streamer you are. Are you a streaming superfan, a student of the old-school, or a thrifty freeloader? No matter which category you happen to fall into, there is no shame. We all stream movies and TV series differently!

What is your favorite way to watch movies and TV shows? Maybe you are a diehard for the big premium streaming sites. If so, you probably have a subscription … or at least maybe a parent or exes password … to the most popular premium streaming services. That’s right, I’m talking about Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus. Perhaps you are even more advanced when it comes to your love of these sorts of streaming services. If so, maybe you have an account to HBO Max and Peacock as well. If this sounds like you, guess what, you fall under the Streaming Superfan category!

You probably cut the cord a while ago and have had access (in some form or another) to Netflix since back when they were still delivering DVDs. The Office is probably one of your favorite shows (hence why you had to get a subscription to Peacock). And you can’t get enough television, even after a 12-hour binge. Am I anywhere near the mark? I am going to go ahead and assume that I am, seeing as I’ll never know if I am not (and assuming that I am right is one of my favorite pastimes).

The next streaming personality type is the proud student of the old-school. If you fall into this category, there is a good chance that you are 40+ years old. You grew up with basic cable and, so, live cable TV still has not lost its luster for you (even in the days of streaming). The Proud Student of the Old-School most likely still has a traditional cable box (still refuses to cut the cord). That or he has crossed over to YouTube TV or Hulu Live. Maybe you even take advantage of the streaming sites of your favorite cable channels, like Comedy Central or Cartoon Network.

If this doesn’t sound like you, but you know in your heart of heart’s that you are, indeed, a Proud Student of the Old-School, I am going to go out on a limb and say that you still have either traditional cable or a streaming equivalent because of sports. Hey, let’s face facts: you can’t watch the game on Netflix or HBO Max, right?

Finally, that brings us to the Thrifty Freeloader. Now, let’s be clear, “freeloader” is not meant to be a shameful designation. It is my hope that you don’t focus on that word in your title and, instead, you focus on the “thrifty” aspect. You are clever. You are sharp. Why pay for streaming services when there are plenty of free movie streaming sites out there to choose from, right? That is your philosophy.

It makes a lot of sense, too. When you add up all of the free streaming sites and freemium streaming services that exist, you end up having access to thousands of high-quality TV series and movies. So, why pay for something when it is not necessary? There is a good chance that you were never a huge TV or film buff to begin with. Maybe you didn’t even own a TV until recently (perhaps this was a point of pride for you, too, in your younger years).

This method can work well enough. Unless, that is, you are a fan of Asian cinema and TV series. Sure, anime is easy enough to find for free online. But if you are a fan of Korean dramas, Chinese cult classics, and Thai horror films, finding a decent free movie and TV streaming site is not necessarily an easy task.

Well, not until today, that is.

No matter which streaming personality type best fits you, if you can’t get enough of Asian movies and television, I think that you are going to love Asian Crush. It is a newer movie and TV streaming site that specializes only in providing all Asian content. It is both incredibly niche, but also extremely broad in what it offers. Niche, of course, in that it only offers Pan-Asian content, but broad in the fact that it lets users stream free movies and TV shows from an array of nations, genres, directors, producers, stars, etc.

Not only does Asian Crush offer hundreds of free movies and TV shows, but it also does so by implementing one of the best executed, professional, and well put together free streaming sites and apps that I have ever seen. I mean, if we are talking about intuitive and user-friendly design, Asian Crush – excuse the stupid pun, please – crushes the competition. But we will get there in due time.

Asian Crush is easily one of the best free streaming sites when it comes to streaming Asian movies and TV series. And I would even go as far as to say that Asian Crush is one of the best free movie streaming sites and apps, period, regardless of region. But is Asian Crush going to be the best free movie streaming site for you? Well, there is only one way to find out for sure … and that is to take a closer look at everything that this freemium streaming service has to offer. So, let’s dive right in, shall we?


Asian Crush is one of the newer streaming sites of its type on the web. So, I was unable to find a great deal of information on it. However, the little that I was able to discern was that Asian Crush was founded in 2017 and, as of the time of this review, it is still technically in one of its Beta versions. That being said, Asian Crush is very impressive for a beta service. I can only imagine that this free movie streaming site will get even better as it continues to be upgraded.


As I briefly touched upon earlier, Asian Crush is one of the best-designed free movie streaming sites that I have ever seen. Let’s face it, free streaming sites are not exactly renowned for their intuitive, dynamic, or user-friendly interfaces. In fact, the majority of free streaming services out there are notorious for providing a terrible user experience. Nevertheless, Asian Crush’s site design is right up there with that of the biggest premium streaming sites.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Asian Crush emulates the iconic Netflix layout. You will be greeted by an extra-large banner at the top of the site’s home page, offering up a few featured titles. Below that, let the browsing begin! You will find a series of horizontal sections, each with a side-scrolling menu of selections, categorized by content type and/or genre. Browse by New Arrivals. Trending Movies, Popular TV Shows, Asian Crush Exclusives, Award-Winning Films, and so on.

When you hover your cursor over a title, it expands slightly, offering up an enlarged image and a synopsis. Furthermore, once you begin streaming a movie or series episode, you can browse on by checking out some related content below the media player. Add to this a convenient and easy to use browsing function and you have the recipe for one of the best free movie streaming builds out today.

Content and Features

As far as features are concerned, Asian Crush is fairly basic – especially in the free version. However, for not having to pay anything, Asian Crush surely does offer a great viewing experience, as well as a ton of great content.

On Asian Crush, you can enjoy Korean dramas, Chinese movies, Thai horror films (which are some of the scariest movies on earth … so, beware!), anime, Chinese and Japanese comedies, Martial Arts movies, indie films, and much, much more. I cannot get over how many high-quality movies and TV shows are available on Asian Crush.

There are, of course, even more titles available if you decide to upgrade to the premium version of Asian Crush. But we will go over this in more depth in a moment.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

The mobile app, too, is every bit as good as the desktop site. If you love a smooth, flawless, and dynamic mobile experience, the Asian Crush app is definitely the free movie streaming app for you. With a wide cross-platform availability (Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc.), you never have to go without your favorite Asian content, no matter where in the world you happen to be.

Pricing and Plans

Although Asian Crush is 100% free to use (if you don’t mind ads), you can unlock the entirety of this site by upgrading to the premium subscription for only $4.99/month. Doing so gets you ad-free viewing, access to exclusive titles, and full use of the app.

Likes & Hates:
Incredible site/app design
Hundreds of free movies and TV shows
Wide variety of content type
Premium upgrade only 5 bucks/month
Ads are frequent and long on free version