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It is much more difficult than, in my opinion, it needs to be in order to find a solid entertainment or pop culture news site these days. You may have heard the adage before that, when it comes to digital media, “content is king.” And that is certainly the case. Nothing drives online traffic to your website quite like a great copy – articles or blog posts that are well-written, thoughtful, unique, interesting, and, ideally, highly sharable – the more potential for something to go viral, the better, especially when it comes to making sure that people are likely to notice your site out of the countless comparable sites out there.

This can be a rather difficult thing to do, though, and there is one big problem at the core of the “content is king” maxim. And that is the fact that, well, people seem to have extremely varying definitions of what it means to host quality content (not to mention what people think will be sharable versus what visitors will actually be interested in reading. The result of this discrepancy, of course, takes the form of an endless slush pile of “content” that is, for lack of a better term, little more than sensationalized clickbait. Find yourself a headline that stands out and, so the philosophy goes, you can more easily lure people into your site; thus, increasing click-through ad revenue.

The whole thing seems a little bit back in time if you ask me. As you probably already know, more often than not, clickbait articles are never as enthralling as they promise to be with their wild and outrageous headlines. Unfortunately, when it comes to written content, what you are more likely to find is barely legible, unimportant, or grammatically atrocious examples of what some like to call “word soup,” where the authors just cram a bunch of promising keywords together with no attention paid whatsoever to whether people will truly want to read the content or if it is useful or stimulating in any way.

I won’t lie … I have fallen prey to clickbait articles one too many times. I am all too familiar with that game. And it is always a little bit annoying – to find an article that seems to have so much potential online and then be rerouted to a site that has little of nothing to offer in terms of quality. We have all been there. These links are traps. They are time-sucks. Nothing more, nothing less. And that’s why, when it comes to entertainment and pop culture news sites, I care a great deal about providing you, dear reader, with honest and (I hope) interesting reviews. Your time is valuable, I want to help make sure that you don’t waste it on subpar film and TV news sites.

It is not always readily apparent, either, whether a particular site is going to waste or enhance your time at first glance. Sometimes you can spend nearly an hour perusing a site before you realize that, sadly, you have been suckered into a den of clickbait once again. This is, in my opinion, absolutely unacceptable. That’s why I (not to toot my own horn) try to provide you with nothing but high-quality content, and it is also why I choose to dedicate much of that content to help you discern the sites that are worth your clicks and the sites that try to trap you with them (honk).

There are scores of great sites that specialize in Hollywood related news and movie reviews. We all know and love sites, of course, like Rolling Stone, Roger Ebert, People, TMZ, Hollywood Reporter, Pop Sugar, Indie Wire, Us Magazine, etc. But what options are there for fans of Bollywood? Well, unfortunately, sites (not to mention good sites) that specialize in Bollywood news are few and far between. And it is a shame, too, because Bollywood is – next to Hollywood, of course – one of the most famed and popular hubs of popular entertainment.

Today, though, I am prepared to present you with a site that promises to provide a dependable and regularly updated feed of news pertaining to Indian movies, television, and pop culture. Today, the site that we will be taking a look at is the Bestinforoom. So, let’s delve in, shall we, and see if this site is truly one of the Bestinforoom, or if it is merely another wormhole of clickbaity and insignificant, subpar content.


Unfortunately, I was not able to find a whole lot in the way of historical information on Bestinforoom. All I was able to find was the most basic pieces of the puzzle. I have no clue, for instance, who is responsible for this would-be authority on Bollywood news or what their motivations were, etc. All I know is that Bestinforoom launched on July 22nd, 2013 and the fact that it is owned by a digital media magnate known as Cloud Flare Inc (which is also responsible for sites like Medium, Canva, Instructure, Media Fire, and, interestingly enough, Chaturbate.

But the origin story of a site like this is seldom anywhere near as important as where it’s at currently. So, even though little is known about where Bestinforoom came from, what is really important is how it functions at the present moment as a source of Bollywood news and reviews, and where it appears to be headed in the future.


Bestinforoom does not look terrible. That being said, it also does not look great. It is one of those sites that is somewhere in between, in terms of its design. It works well enough, sure, and it does not make you want to immediately switch gears when you land on it, but it also doesn’t look so good that you’ll be rushing to your phone to tell your friends about it or anything like that. On the whole, the site is just okay. Exceedingly mediocre is the phrase that comes to mind.

At the top of the page, as is expected, you will find a large thumbnail alongside the “latest” feature. Besides that, in four smaller squares, you have your trending stories. Pretty standard layout. Scrolling down the page will reveal additional stories for your reading pleasure. A site menu bar, too, at the top of the page is there to make browsing the site a little more convenient. Here, you can choose between Home, News, Articles, Reviews, Celebs, Videos, and Privacy Policy. Disappointingly, though, there is nothing interactive or experiential about the site. It just is what it is.


So, it is time for the million-dollar question … is Bestinforoom populated with vapid clickbait, or does it contain thought-provoking op-eds, film reviews, and substantial, meaty content? Well, I suppose the answer to that question really hinges on what you find interesting. But if you want my honest critique … I would say that it is a bit of both. You do have some useful news articles on all the happenings in Bollywood, but these appear side by side with articles that are clearly meant to lure people in and purely generate clicks.

That being said, the nature of the clickbait on Bestinforoom is comparatively enticing. I am usually not easily suckered into clicking on a sensationalized headline, I can usually tell the difference right away, but Bestinforoom did manage to get me with one of their more clickbaity headlines, which read “10 Ways to Find Inspiration for New Ideas.” So, although some of Bestinforoom’s content can be described as clickbait, hey, at least the clickbait is good, right?

Desktop and Mobile Experience

One thing that I will say about Bestinforoom is that they have done quite a good job optimizing the site for smartphones and tablets. Actually, I might even like the mobile experience better. Scroll down and down and down, one story at a time. This creates a bit of a more immersive experience, in my opinion.

Suggestions that I have for Bestinforoom

I would like to see Bestinforoom step it up in terms of the quality of content. Also, while we’re on the subject, the quantity as well. Clicking into “Reviews,” for example, reveals a grand total of 3 movie reviews. As a writer, I would suggest, emphatically, that this site hire more writers. Good ones, at that.

Likes & Hates:
Decent enough site design
Mobile friendly
A rare source of Bollywood news
Some articles feel clickbaity
Not enough content
No app