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Bigo Live

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From a mere trend to an international obsession, apps and platforms have taken over our lives in this past decade. So much so that very few among us can claim that they’re not present on social media.

Success defined in numbers

The number and its impact are quite evident in the 1 billion mark – touched by platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp with Instagram edging ever closer. While the domination by those platforms doesn’t come as a surprise, the rise of apps from the Asian subcontinent does. One app which is supposedly making a lot of noise is the Bigo Live app, which has nearly 300 million users. If the numbers seem unbelievable, you can actually verify it through their 35 million reviews on PlayStore alone.

Available in over 150+, Bigo Live drives the majority of its traffic from the Asian market with countries such as Singapore, India, Bangladesh, and South Korea to name a few.

From chatroom to a social phenomenon

Bigo Live, unlike every other platform, didn’t start with the basic chat room or file-sharing feature. It steamrolled in the market by offering a unique proposition – features to help broadcast live and share your personal experience with the world. It offers great leeway to the audience wanting to share their day to day experiences in a creative way which allows the app to become a part of our daily lives.

What is Bigo Live?

Bigo Live is an application that has a live social and video streaming feature. Developed in 2016 by a Singapore based internet company, Bigo app offers an inexpensive social live video broadcasting with VOIP – Voice over Internet Protocol support. In just three years’ time, the app has become a household name in Singapore and in most of the Asian countries. The ability to share your life and not just talent has led Bigo to its stardom.

How does Bigo Live work?

Bigo Live allows you to live stream with a single tap. You can create and post your videos within minutes. You can either register yourself on the app or sign-in using Facebook or Google ID. Through Bigo Live, you can access new, popular to nearby content. You can either watch a live stream or join a chat. You can even share a stream on social media.

If you love a particular streamer’s work, you can even send them gifts in the form of beans. Beans similar to ‘Gold on Reddit’ indicate the popularity. You can even trade those beans for real cash. Furthermore, this app is not just about streaming but also levels and ranks, thus allowing users to gain XP by staying active on the platform.

Why should you use Bigo Live app?

There are many ways why you will probably get hooked to this app. I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite reasons for using the Bigo Live app.

Ability to Broadcast Yourself

The primary reason why I love this app is that it allows me to go live and watch live streams. Whether I’m talking, playing games, singing or dancing, I can share my experience with the world within a single click. After the facial recognition is complete, you can even apply the beauty effect when video chatting. The best part is that you don’t need to have the talent to get more followers, just a decent story is good enough to get you started.

Watch Live Streams

I love watching other people’s content and what they’re up to in their lives. Bigo Live provides you access to millions of individuals including talented singers, dancers, comedians and teachers who use the platform for the greater good. Additionally, there are streamers playing ‘PUBG’, ‘Fortnite’, ‘Dota 2’, ‘RoV’ and ‘LOL’ which is addictive to watch. You can even interact with these broadcasters, join live events, earn rewards and send virtual gifts.

Free Voice & Video Chat

You can video chat for free with anyone. You can even create a group video chat and talk to up to 9 people in a multi-guest room. If you wish to talk to a stranger, you can choose different chat rooms and filter based on topics and the location.

Use Gaming Center

If live-streaming isn’t something you love, you can take a break and enjoy different games on the game center. There are many games which you can play with your friends and families, these include Sheep Battle, Snakes & Ladders and Ludo.

Watch Educational Streams

Bigo Live is a great app if you want to hone your soft skills. There are many creators who provide training classes through live streams. Thus, if you want to learn English, Mandarin, Hindi or any other soft skills, you can use the Bigo Live app in a productive manner.

Seek Astrology Consultation & Relationship Advice

Believe it or not, there are professional astrologers on Bigo Live. You can ask them any questions regarding your Education, Finance, Career, Marriage, Health or your relationships. Not a huge fan of this feature since I’m not too much into astrology but yes if you are then you’ll have a great time on this app.

Why you shouldn’t download the Bigo Live app?

After sharing all the positives of this app, I would like to point out that the app is not used as productively as one would like. Though you can make use of all the above features and bring positivity, sadly, that’s not how most users see this app. They use it to promote violent and sexually explicit content. Especially, with the AI age verification which can be fooled quite easily, most of the users on this app might not even be 17. This app clearly attracts the younger audience and it goes without saying that most of its audience involves scantily clad teenagers. If you don’t believe me, just do a random search on google and the results you find will be disturbing. The worst part is most of these apps even use such content to promote their app on YouTube and in-app videos, which is quite disturbing.


The Bigo Live app has a clean design with dynamic streaming options. It is easy to navigate thanks to its user-friendly interface. Visually it is as good as any other platform in the market. Its interface is super clean and streams are of decent quality. Normal and video chats are up to the mark and there are no discrepancies upon connection.

The turquoise and grey/white color combination looks attractive and is designed to attract teenagers and young adults. The homepage of the app has a search bar on the left followed by three menus – Popular, Explore and Game. On the right, you can find the notification icon.

As for the main content, you can see small mosaic tiles with not so decent user thumbnails. Under the tiles, you can find five options – Live, Location, Broadcast, Videos and User Account which is quite standard in major communication apps.


There’s no dearth of content on this app. You’ll find entertaining videos from over a million users across the world. You can watch tons of content including book and movie reviews, dance performances, make-up tutorials, and mukbangs (people eating and chatting). You can follow your favorite streamers and receive updates whenever they’re online. You can send virtual gifts such as stars, candies, lollipops, and hearts.


Though the app itself is extremely user-friendly, the content on it is objectionable. Bigo Live is available across all platforms on Android, iOS, and Windows. It works perfectly on any mid-range device. It’s easy to vlog yourself even if you’re not a seasoned vlogger. In terms of functionality, Bigo Live is as good as any top app on PlayStore or App Store.

Suggestions I have for Bigo Live

I don’t have any problem with this app except its age verification system. Asking users to reveal their age, location and gender is not safe for young teens. The content circulating on the network is not the best and users cross the line to collect beans which converts into real-world cash. My suggestion to developers would be to make this app safer because though it’s a free app, it can cost young teens to lose much more than just money.


Overall, it’s a great app mostly being used for all the wrong reasons especially in the developing countries. Bigo Live is already one of the biggest social media platforms out there, and it is worth a try. Though you won’t find a date or get intrigued by the platform, you can use it as a way to kill some time. That’s all.

Likes & Hates:
Easy to use interface
Good quality streaming
Group chatting
Virtual gifts
Live stream
Questionable content
No option to adjust video quality