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When it comes to streaming services and particularly ones that focus on anime, there aren’t premium ones that allow you to watch all the trending and the classic content on a single network. Here’s where free anime streaming sites gain an advantage over the premium ones. One particular website that we’re going to review today is a free anime streaming site called ‘Chia-Anime.’

What is Chia-Anime?

Chia-Anime is a free anime streaming platform that allows users to not only stream but even download the content from their website. Chia-Anime works as a content aggregator/directory which provides users with links from across the web. For each episode in any series, you’ll find up to 4-5 links which will help you to watch the episode. Providing multiple links is beneficial as it will help the users to stream in case 1-2 of them aren’t working.

Chia-Anime has been in the free streaming space for a long time. People who want to watch anime without spending any money love this platform. Sure, there are numerous advertisements across the website but most users don’t mind it as they don’t have to pay for the content. This is kind of a downside as you’re required to be alert as a user. When there are ads on a website, you have to make sure that you don’t fall for click baits or scams which the website has no control over.

Why should you stream on Chia-Anime?

There are many reasons why people love this website. Firstly, it has complete seasons of the best anime series. Other than the content strength, the design is quite eye-catching and the user-interface complements the overall design. Properly organized content followed by sync feature across numerous devices makes Chia-Anime an interesting proposition which is hard to turn down. Let’s dive deep and learn about various aspects that make Chia-Anime so great.

Download feature

The first point had to be this one. While the majority of the anime streaming websites purely focus on streaming, Chia-Anime goes a step ahead by providing you downloading options. As a user who doesn’t have a stable internet or the time to watch the content in that particular time frame, a downloading option turns out to be handy. It’s great for users who like to watch anime while commuting or for those who can’t afford to stream in go because of an unstable internet connection.

Soundtrack add-on

Chia-Anime is one of the very few anime streaming websites that allows you to download soundtracks as well. Anime series are filled with iconic tracks and scores. It’s obvious that as an anime lover you want to have these tunes in your device or even set them as a ringtone. While there’s no denying that you’ll find most tunes on YouTube, they can’t actually carry the same quality as the ones you’ll find on Chia-Anime.

Massive Content Library

With 1000+ anime series and cartoons, you can access a huge catalog providing you enough content that you can binge-watch for years. Other than normal series, you can even find drama and movie titles on this network. The most fascinating part about the website is the manga list. If you’re not interested in watching anime, you can download manga and read them online.

User interaction

Once you become a part of the platform you can actually interact with the fellow streamers through comments. Each anime episode has a comment section under the video player. Using the section, you can drop your opinion about a particular episode. Not just that, if you face certain streaming issues, using the comment section will help you troubleshoot simple problems for which you can’t find a solution.

Decent interface

One thing I appreciate on an anime streaming website is that they really care about the user experience. Even on an ad-filled website such as Chia-Anime, the developers have ensured that the ads aren’t obstructive. Ad placement and the selection of banners can aid the streaming experience in more than one way.

How to access Chia-Anime?

There are various ways in which you can access Chia-Anime. However, I’m going to share only a few of them with you. The first way to access the website is by searching for the term ‘Chia-Anime’, once you type the keyword, you’ll probably find the website on the first page of your search results. An alternative way to access the website is by using the following link: Chia-Anime.

Before you access the website, make sure that you have an active VPN to protect you from hackers.


Though there is an enormous amount of ads on the website, none of them are intrusive. I appreciate the ad placement on this website. Design-wise, you may or may not like the website based upon your perspective. There’s just too much happening on every page of the website. First, there are vertical banners on either side that aren’t responsive. But that’s not the only flaw. Let us dive deep and understand the different sections on the website.


The header section can be divided into two parts – primary and secondary. The primary section has a logo on the left, four options – Home, Popular, New Anime, and Recent Episode at the center and a search bar towards the right. The secondary header again has four options – ‘Anime List’, ‘Manga List’, ‘Anime Movies’, and ‘Anime Mobile’. If you want to access any specific form of content, you can click on the available options.

Hero Section

Suggesting that the hero section is cluttered would be an understatement. There are banners everywhere. There are various third-party play store links right under the header. On either side, there’s an advert to an online game. Towards the left, you have yet another skyscraper ad. It’s fair to say that the adverts dominate the hero section. The first sign of content is when you see alphabets allowing you to find the anime you’re looking for.


The body section has the same cluttered approach. There are five small thumbnails in each row along with the title and upload time. Under this section, you’ll find two banner ads. Even in the body section, you’ll find the skyscraper ads on either side, which isn’t pleasing, to say the least. Again, none of these adverts are actually intrusive so blaming the developers won’t be right either.


Similar to the header and the hero section, there’s a lot happening in the footer section of this website. There are five different columns in the footer section – ‘Feature’, ‘Popular’, ‘Hot’, ‘Support’, and ‘Chia-Anime’. Under these options, you’ll find plenty of useful navigation options such as ‘Directory List’, ‘Movies’, ‘Soundtracks’, ‘Manga’, ‘Asian Drama’, ‘Help!’, ‘Staff’, and ‘Facebook Support Page’.

Inner Pages

The inner pages on the website can be accessed by clicking on any option on the homepage. In terms of density, the inner pages are equally cluttered as the homepage. The framework is the same except the video player at the center. What’s funny is that this page actually has more adverts than the homepage. But once again, none of the ads are intrusive.


There are more than thousands of anime titles on this website. Apart from series, and movies, you can even access manga. The sheer content volume of this platform can be understood by the wide range of genres it has to offer. You can choose from a multitude of genres such as ‘Adventure’, ‘Comedy’, ‘Drama’, ‘Erotica’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘Horror’, ‘Mystery’, ‘Psychological’, ‘Science’, ‘Romance’, ‘Thriller’, ‘Demons’, ‘Magic’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘Ninja’, ‘Mecha’, ‘Military’, ‘Space’, ‘Music’, ‘Aliens’, and ‘Sports’.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed Chia-Anime on my Asus Vivobook 14 and had a great time. I watched Episodes 21-30 of Death Note on this network and I didn’t face any streaming issues. There were negligible pop-ups here and there but they didn’t redirect me as I was able to cancel them easily. Having said that, the amount of ads on the website is bizarre, It’s just too much to handle especially if you’re streaming from your phone. I tried streaming the website from my Pixel 3 but gave up within a few minutes and resorted to streaming on the laptop.

Suggestions I have for Chia-Anime

Just trim down the number of ads that appear on the website. It’s just too much. Sure, they aren’t intrusive and don’t pop-up but just the mere presence of so many banners is enough for the users to bounce off.


Chia-Anime is a good streaming platform if you’re used to dealing with ads. There are plenty of adverts on all pages and thus you’ve to be cautious when streaming. Other than that, the website does have a simple interface and great content depth. So, I would recommend you to stream on this website even though it’s too cluttered. Why? Because the end result is worth it.

Likes & Hates:
Extensive content library
Good streaming quality
Download feature
Soundtrack availability
Cluttered design
Too many ads