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Streaming services are taking over the world. Mobile content consumption has become the need of the hour, and an increasing number of people are relying on their mobile devices and laptops for content consumption. People today don’t wish to shell out $80-$100 per month on a traditional cable or satellite service provider. They’re more likely to lean towards streaming services.

Even in the streaming category, there are many who can’t afford individual subscriptions of each streaming service, which totals up to $50-$60 per month if you choose services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu + Live TV, HBO, CBS All Access or Fubo TV.

People are fed up with paying prices for each individual network. Especially when you see where the industry is heading. Even the likes of NBC and CBS have started their own streaming networks. Thus, people are eager to find a comprehensive application that can provide them the entire experience in one place without having to pay any price. That’s where apps such as Cinema Box come in.

They solve your content hassle by providing you the best movies, cartoons, and TV shows in crystal clear quality. The best part about this app is that it supports both android and iOS. Trust me; there are only a few free quality streaming apps that are available for both these platforms.

What is Cinema Box?

Cinema Box is a free content app that allows you to watch the latest movies, TV shows, trailers, reviews, and news on your mobile device. You can stream content in HD quality via this app without spending a dime. The app is filled with amazing features which help to elevate your overall streaming experience.

You’ll find content from a wide range of genres, such as action, adventure, drama, comedy, romance, animation, Sci-Fi, Sport, Mystery, Family, Music, and much more. Not only can you stream the content but also download the content to watch it offline. There’s just so much to this app that you’ll only understand once you download it and use it yourself. But to give you a fair idea, we’re providing you with the following section.

What should you expect from the Cinema Box App?

Free streaming can prove to be costly if you end up choosing the wrong website. Many APK websites share files that are filled with harmful viruses and adware that can impact the performance of your device. In addition to that, you can also lose your data to hackers. Here’s where the Cinema Box App becomes reliable because of its presence on Uptodown. Since you have a trustworthy website, you don’t need to rely on any other third-party APK providers. Just download the app and stream it without worrying about any malware.

Frequent Updates and content sources

There’s nothing better than a developer who cares for the audience. Frequent updates are a sign that the developer is invested in the project and is continuously working towards improving the user experience. The content on the Cinema Box app is updated regularly, and for each title, you get multiple links so you can access the content if a particular link is broken. Having alternative options is good when you’re short on time.

Dedicated Kids mode

Haven’t seen many free apps integrate this feature into their app. While it’s a standard feature in the premium apps, it’s not available in most of the free streaming apps out there. The content produced these days while it’s good for you can be harmful to your children. Through Kids mode, you can separate the regular content from the cartoons and animations which are kid-friendly. Through this feature, parents can block the content which appears inappropriate for children, thereby easily protecting their child from obscenity.

Content Download

In today’s time, the option to download content on your device is shrinking. The best you get with a premium service is the chance to save the content offline. Even with that, most of the content expires after 30 days. With Cinema Box, you can download any content that you find on the platform in HD quality. This is a great feature if you’re willing to spare some internal space for the content.

Subtitles & Compatibility

Cinema Box offers comprehensive subtitles support. That’s something that distinguishes it from the rest of its competitors. Users can turn the subtitles within the app and can even add custom subtitles. Other than this cool feature, you’d also be pleased to hear that Cinema Box is compatible with a wide range of devices such as Chromecast, Apple TV, Wi-Fi Sharing, other than your regular smartphones.

Cinema Box App Information

Cinema Box is not as popular as Cyberflix TV. However, it does have a considerable following. As per Uptodown, nearly 500,000 users have downloaded the app thus far. The app is available in more than 26 languages and has been running successfully for over four years now.

How to access Cinema Box?

You should access Cyberflix TV from the following website. Since the app doesn’t have its own designated website, it’s much safer for you to install it from a reputed APK website such as Uptodown. Doing so will save you from malware, adware, and spyware. Most of the devices slow down because of malware, and there’s also a risk of data getting stolen. Thus, it’s safer to opt for a trusted APK website.

Lastly, if you’re new to downloading APKs, then follow the points below:

– Download the APK

– Go to Settings > Security > Check Unknown Sources

– Install the app


One of the very few apps that sports a clean and colorful design. In a time when 80% of the streaming apps have a dark-theme, Cinema Box provides a fresh experience. Similar to Cyberflix, the menus have been well-segregated along with the thumbnails. There are only three thumbnails in each row with sufficient padding between each thumbnail. Also, the color of the header changes based upon the section you’re browsing. For instance, ‘TV Shows’ has a blue header, whereas ‘Cartoons’ has a green header.

App Homepage

The app homepage is quite simple, with four options – ‘Drop-down menu,’ ‘Category,’ ‘Folders,’ and ‘Search bar.’ Upon clicking the drop-down menu, you’ll find options such as ‘movies,’ ‘cartoons,’ ‘anime,’ and ‘TV Shows.’ You can use the filter section to sort content based upon ‘genres,’ ‘newest releases,’ ‘content-type’ and ‘release date.’

Inner Pages

The inner pages are equally well-designed. By clicking on any title on the homepage, you’ll be able to access the inner pages on the app. You’ll find a video player along with several toggle options such as ‘Play/Pause,’ ‘Volume rocker,’ and ‘Full-Screen.’ In addition to these standard features, you can even play with the subtitles settings and even add a new subtitle if you wish to do so.


Cinema Box does have an extensive content library that is divided between various categories. Each category has its own page. Some impressive titles that I could find on the platform are as follows:

Movies: ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ ‘The Other Side of the Mirror,’ ‘Deadpool,’ ‘Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising’, ‘The Boss,’ ‘X-Men Apocalypse,’ ‘Jumanji,’ ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ ‘Joker,’ and ‘Jurassic World.’

TV Shows: ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Sherlock,’ ‘Arrow,’ ‘The Shannara Chronicles,’ ‘Empire,’ ‘Making a Murderer,’ ‘Flash,’ ‘Narcos,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ ‘Supernaturals,’ ‘Modern Family,’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

Cartoons: ‘Gravity Falls,’ ‘Rick and Morty,’ ‘Steven Universe,’ ‘Adventure Time,’ ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender,’ ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,’ ‘Teen Titans Go,’ ‘Bob’s Burgers,’ ‘We Bare Bears’, and ‘Family Guy.’

Anime: ‘One Piece,’ ‘Dragon Ball Z,’ ‘Naruto Shippuden,’ ‘Dragon Ball’ (Dub), ‘Fairy Tail,’ ‘Dragon Ball GT,’ ‘Tokyo Ghoul,’ ‘Akatsuki No Yona,’ and ‘Death Note.’

Desktop/Mobile experience

The most striking aspect of this app is its speed. I have no idea how the developers manage to pull it off. First, it doesn’t require a super high internet speed to stream. Even if you’re at 8 MBPS, you’ll be able to stream lag-free. However, if you’re watching 1080p content, I’d recommend you let the stream load for a while because, under 16MBPS, that can be a problem on any app. I absolutely love the subtitle support in different languages. Overall, the streaming experience on this app is solid.

Suggestions I have for Cinema Box

I love this app a lot. However, I do feel that if it’s to compete with Cyberflix and other top apps, it still needs to work on its content offering. Other than that, it’d be great if the developers start their own website because that way, they’ll be able to interact with the community directly and maybe earn more through interactive ads.


Overall, Cinema Box is a high-quality app that allows users to stream and download HD content. There are great features, such as subtitles and language support, that elevate the overall streaming experience. With commendable content-depth and great streaming capabilities, this is one streaming app that you must definitely try.

Likes & Hates:
Great Streaming Service
Subtitles Integration
Dedicated Kids Mode
Content can still improve
Needs an official website