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Comic Book Movie

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There are many entertainment websites out there that focus on comic books and pop culture. Comic Book Movie is one of the older ones. The website launched in 2003, around the same time major comic book movies were being produced.

The website claims to be the number one destination for comic books, graphic novel, and anime news. Millions of viewers logon monthly to read; In 2008 the website expanded from only comics to include Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, and more.

Website Design

Comic Book Movie’s website is very underwhelming. The focus is immediately shifted to the advertisements instead of the actual site. As soon as I landed on the home page, I was hit with three advertisements. One ad at the header, one at the footer, and a huge pop-up video distracted me from seeing the website.

Trying to get past the advertisements is futile. I clicked exit on them all a number of times and was only successful with one. There is nothing inherently wrong with ads, but when it negatively affects the quality of the website it is a huge deal-breaker. The website past the ads is not much to look at, so I almost see why they try to hide it.

The webpage is very clunky. It doesn’t look like it has seen an update since the early 2000s. The color scheme is very confusing and off-putting. The branding is also confusing. The logo on the top is not the same as the logo on the browser tab.


The content provided by Comic Book Movies is varied. The topics range from comic books, graphic novels, sci-fi, horror, anime, and more. There are various categories the website offers on their primary menu.

The primary menu on the website offers the following categories: News, TV, Comics, Videos, Features, Reviews, Editorials, Fan Fic, CBM Index, About, and Members. Most of the tabs are your run of the mill entertainment content. It doesn’t seem like the website offers much in terms of a related topics system after reading articles either. There are few backlinks in the articles.

One cool spot on the website is the fanfic tab. In this category, writers create fan casts for upcoming movies. There are also many fan artworks in articles. Another interesting category is the Comic Book Movie Index. Although the format of the webpage is confusing, it is an archive of movies. The archives are done by category. The index helps users find content related to their favorite movies and tv. It has the potential to be a really cool space on the site but isn’t quite there yet.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

Unfortunately, I do not have anything good to say about this website’s design. The desktop version is terrible. There are so many advertisements it is next to impossible to read the content. It feels like the website is hiding their bad content with even worse website design. The color scheme is bad. There is no sense of clear branding to be found at all.

The mobile browser is also a nightmare. Although the titles are spaced out slightly better, the ads still break up the flow of the website. Readers cannot access the articles due to the number of ads. As far as I could find, there are no mobile apps available for the website.


One of the only positive aspects of Comic Book Movies is the content. There is a wide variety of topics available for readers to view. However, saying the articles are entertaining might be a stretch. Most of them are not very long and difficult to view.


Most things I have to say about Comic Book Movies are negative. I’m in shock that the website is operable or that it sees millions of viewers per month. The claim that it is the number one source for comic news is absolutely bogus. I can think of many better sites to get my news.

The website design is clunky and straight out of the 2000s. There has clearly been no attempt to keep up with the times or modernize the site. The theme is so confusing. The background looks grey while the menu uses shades of red, orange, navy blue, white, and more. The social icons in the top right-hand corner only make it worse with added color. The website does itself a disservice by not focusing on reader experiences.

The advertisements are overwhelming. Not only are there footer and header ads, but there are video pop-ups as well. There is an entire sidebar on the righthand side full of ads. This could be better utilized to feature some of the website’s popular posts instead of defaulting the organization to the newest.

Another design complaint is the way the articles are organized. They are squished together so tightly with a barely legible font. The reason they are so crunched together is because of the grey background. The background margins are set much too wide. Instead of leaving wide blank spaces, the website should re-format the space between articles.

The search bar is useless. It does not function as a search bar for the website. Instead, it reveals a google-wide search. This is unfortunate for the website because instead of reading content pertaining to Spiderman on Comic Book Movies the search indicates higher-ranked comic news sites and sends readers there instead.

Improvements Needed

There are so many improvements that need to be made to make this website functional. The amount of work that needs to be done is massive. It might be better to just shut the whole thing down and re-design from the ground up. It would be a huge favor to subscribers and long-time readers to optimize the website and create an app.

If a full re-design is out of the question, there are a few places Comic Book Movies could start. The background taking up too much room should be a simple fix. Most web-designers would be able to fix this issue with little trouble. If the background took up less space there would be more space available for a visually appealing layout of articles.

The sidebar could be utilized better. Advertisements are rampant on this site. If they could sacrifice the sidebar to run featured articles for themselves instead of commercials, it would be much more beneficial. The readers of Comic Book Movies care more about actual content than tax-filing services. The sister websites featured do not look legitimate and the ads for them would make me wary of clicking. This is another example of why the company should rethink their online presence.


Comic Book Movies is an entertainment source for comic book junkies and entertainment news. It is one of the older websites of its kind. Unfortunately, its age has started to show. The website design is straight out of the 2000s and chocked full of unsavory advertisements.

There are next to no positive features of the website. The color scheme and design are bad. The logo is also confusing. It seems like the website has not been changed since it first launched. The source of its success is no doubt the ads, but when people stop visiting the website because of them, what will happen?

I am hoping the Comic Book Movie team sees fit to do a full re-design or re-launch sometime in the near future. The viewership is there, but the functionality is not. The potential for a great website is there, but it is unlikely that they will change anything. Long-time readers deserve a better platform. There are many features the site could fix without tearing the whole page down. For example, the search button could be fixed. The organization would be another quick fix.

Likes & Hates:
The website offers varied content
The content is hit or miss
The website design is the worst
There are far too many ads
The ads interfere with the site’s functionality
The color scheme is unappealing
The search bar does not work properly
The organization is poor