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You can’t possibly stick to your TV throughout the day. That’s the reason why mobile streaming is booming these days because of its portability. Capitalizing on the recent surge in mobile content consumption, various platforms such as NBC, CBS, and DIRECTV have launched apps for users. Using the app, users can get a TV-like experience right on their phone. Whether you have an Android or an iOS device, you can stream TV at your own convenience.

Today, we’ll be reviewing the DIRECTV App. Now, as an AT&T user, you’d have tons of confusion between DIRECTV, DIRECTV App, and DIRECTV NOW. So just to clear the confusion, here’s what you need to know. AT&T took over DIRECTV. Now, every other vertical except the DIRECTV app has been replaced by AT&T moniker. So you have AT&T Now which is an internet-based streaming platform and you have AT&T TV which is the direct rebranding of DIRECTV. It’s just the app that’s still available on the platform as DIRECTV App.

What is the DIRECTV App?

The DIRECTV App is a premium streaming app that allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on-demand. It allows you to access over 45,000 movies and TV shows and enables you to stream on up to five devices simultaneously. If you’re already subscribed to AT&T wireless, you need not pay any additional cost or data coverage to access this service.

DIRECTV App – An extraordinary experience

Some features in this app are straight-up fire. For instance, if you want your DVR to record a new program, you can use the app to carry on the following task. You can set your DVR remotely using your device and it’ll record the content whether you’re near it or not. The app allows you to view various programs on your mobile device. You get access to live streams along with on-demand content on your mobile device.

Flexibility is contagious

DIRECTV app allows you to use your tablet and iPad as a mobile streaming device. I can’t believe how far this app has come in terms of functionality. It is no longer a traditional, clicker app but rather an intuitive touch-based one. It offers a comprehensive solution to your streaming questions. The best part is that the app helps you enjoy entertainment without relying on television or your desktop.

What should you expect from the DIRECTV App?

The apps have evolved significantly over the years. The iPhone, Android, Windows apps are no longer the same. The entire streaming experience has intelligently evolved and has never been so user-interactive. If you’re not yet exposed to the digital ways, you’re going to find it hard to shake off the rudimentary view-only way to watch content. In 2020, you access content within a couple of clicks, in HD quality and can even interact with the community.

Recorded Shows

Using the DIRECTV app on your Android or iOS device, you can stream recorded content anywhere you want. You can personalize your playlist and watch it on the go. With the 72-hour rewind feature, you can catch up on shows that you missed 2 days ago. This is great for people who miss out on shows due to workload. Selected channels on the app do allow you to consume catch-up content.

Comprehensive streaming

Unlike other apps where only the major shows have all the seasons, DIRECTV provides all seasons of every show on the network. Once you finish watching a particular episode, the next episode will play within 20 seconds. If you want to watch the content right away, you can tap the play button. The reason why I’m referring to this app as a comprehensive streaming service provider is because it allows you to stream on multiple devices simultaneously. And not just that, you can also make the most of ScreenSwitch – Send the content from your mobile screen to your TV.

DVR Scheduling

You don’t have to be home to record your favorite event. Say a huge football match is around the corner, but you’re busy with work. All you need to do is use the DIRECTV app and schedule the DVR to record the content when you’re not there. Using the iPhone app, you can not only view but even edit the recordings in one go.

Voice Recognition

Using Siri on iPhone or Bixby on Samsung, you can set up voice input and access various functionalities in the app. Using the voice commands, you can play/record channels from your DVR. Based upon my personal experience, 80-85% command is accurate and you won’t face any issues. However, if there’s a lot of background noise, then it might be a problem.

On-Demand Content

Having access to a platform where you can access on-demand content is really a blessing when you’re stuck somewhere. Be it traffic or the airport routine, streaming on-demand content can help you kill time thereby making you less frustrated. With over 10,000 titles in its on-demand library, you really have it all on your phone. Sure, the streaming won’t be pristine with data pack connection but the pixelation and audio breakage is not something you’d experience.

DIRECTV App Information

The DirecTV App for Android and iOS is quite contrasting. Android users despise the app whereas iOS lovers can’t seem to show any more compassion. The app has been downloaded by over 10 million users from the Google Play Store and is just under 75 MB. On the contrary, on the App Store, the app size is 206 MB and requires iOS 10 or above for compatibility. This shows that not only the app size but even the features on both these platforms have massive differences.

How to access DIRECTV App?

Since DIRECTV is a legal app, you don’t have to worry about downloading it from a third-party website. The DIRECTV App is available on Google Play Store as well as the App Store. Download the app from there and install it on your phone.


DIRECTV App sports a clean and unique interface. The dark theme looks cool and really helps the other elements with blue accents to stand out. The dark background with light gray buttons and blue highlights look amazing. Even the way the entire content has been laid out provides the homepage and inner pages with sufficient breathing room. Thus, at no point in the app, you’ll feel that the section is cluttered.

App Homepage

There’s a drop-down menu towards the left. A search bar at the center, and Chromecast option towards the right. There are various sections and thumbnails for you to choose from. There are two tabs under the search bar where you can choose between ‘Watch on Phone’, ‘Watch on TV’. Under the section, you’ll see numerous sections filled with thumbnails. There are as many as four thumbnails in each row accompanied by the title, release year, and runtime.

Inner Pages

There are several inner pages that I’d like to discuss here. First is when you find a page using the search query. For instance, when I search for Modern Family, I’ll find a thumbnail followed by all the essential information and two CTA buttons – ‘Watch’, and ‘Record’. Under that, you can find synopsis and details about the cast and crew. Other than that, you have the remote functionality, using which you can operate your DVR. And finally, there’s a channel section wherein you can choose to stream Live TV on your phone.


DIRECTV app has an extensive content library. It allows you to access over 45,000 movies and TV shows and enables you to stream on up to five devices simultaneously. You can stream content and even record the content on your DVR. You’ll find popular shows along with the latest releases from premium channels such as Cinemax, HBO, Encore, STARZ, and Showtime.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I accessed DIRECTV TV on my iPhone 8 as well as Google Pixel 3a. And I have to admit that my experience with the iOS app was much better than Android. I’m pretty sure the stark difference between the capabilities of both these apps has translated into a positive user review on App Store and negative user reviews on Android.

Overall, the streaming was steady on both these platforms. However, the iPhone just offered a better user-interface and had more personalized options than Android. Also, at certain places, the Android app would freeze for a while and crash but that never happened with the iOS app.

Suggestions I have for DIRECTV App

We all know what AT&T intends with the DIRECTV App. With AT&T NOW being marketed like it’s the only capable streaming platform on the internet, DIRECTV’s days are numbered. In no time, AT&T will transition these existing DIRECTV App users to AT&T NOW and that’ll mark the end of an era.


DIRECTV app has come a long way and before anyone could wish them taking it to the next level, they cashed in. Nonetheless, AT&T hasn’t ruined the experience and is trying to make the content available to audiences in more than one way. So, my suggestion to you would be to enjoy this app while it lasts.

Likes & Hates:
Great user interface
Extensive Content Library
Amazing DVR Capabilities
Seamless Streaming
Part of a premium package