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Disney Movie Club

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Disney’s take on providing its audience with dedicated movies is a step we all can appreciate. Disney Movie Club is a great platform for users looking to buy Disney/Pixar/Marvel/Star Wars movies at an affordable price as compared to Amazon or Target. There are many options and the movie mogul makes signing up seem like a lucrative deal. To understand whether it’s really palpable or not, make sure to read this review till the end.

What’s the Disney Movie Club?

A platform that follows a subscription-based model that allows you to purchase Disney movies on Blu-ray and DVD for a discounted price. If you look it up, they’ll provide you four movies at $1 each with free shipping.

Sure, it does sound pretty sweet but once that is over, you’re required to buy movies at a regular price. Not 1, not 2 but five movies. To maintain your membership, you’ll need to buy five movies within two years at a regular price. What’s more? Every four weeks, they’ll send a feature movie which you can choose or skip based upon your preference.

So, though the initial offer is quite tempting, in the long-run you need to pay $19.95 for DVDs and $29.95 for Blu-rays. Also, these prices vary based upon the titles you choose. But just to give you a gist, you can consider the aforementioned prices as your standard reference.

I would also like to share that when you sign-up on Disney Movie Club, new releases might not directly be included in the available section. Thus, you have to wait a good 2-3 months after its release date before they become available on the website.

Towards a new direction

While Disney traditionally is often linked to princesses and animations, I’d like to inform that Disney now owns Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars franchises. Thus, you have a decent collection of movies to choose from. Personally, I’m not an advocate of buying movies from Amazon (Don’t confuse it for my experience with Amazon Prime Video). With that said, the first movie I bought was also my first 4K movie from the Disney Movie Club.

DMC special – No more special?

Disney Movie Club for sure knew how to attract customers. It’s the only place where a Disney fan would find exclusive movies or formats which weren’t available previously. However, since the launch of Disney+ and Movies Anywhere, DMC doesn’t seem to offer anything extravagant. Simply put, it has lost its charm similar to Disney Vault.


Disney’s practice of re-releasing its animated films every several years dates back to the reissue of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ in 1937. Thus, one can say that it’s not a contemporary practice. However, in regard to the Disney Movie Club, they announced Platinum/Diamond editions of the movie which were released on special editions. These movies followed a similar marketing pattern as compared to the Disney Vault.

In the early 2010s, Disney was offering Blu-ray/Digital Copy combo of films under the Disney Movie Club exclusive banner which weren’t made publicly available. That was until 2018 when Disney stopped selling these editions to its DMC members and started offering regular Blu-rays. Disney Movie Club has been adapting to various models since 1980s and 1990s, a period within which we went on from VHS systems to DVD, Blu-ray and digital streaming. With the rise of Movies Anywhere – Disney’s initiative, Disney Vault will soon be over along with the Movie Club – unless operated digitally.


Clean cutting-edge design is the best way to describe the Disney Movie Club’s website and mobile. I got what I expected from the website and I had a good time scrolling and browsing around the platform. The only part I feel was too cluttered was the area under the homepage. Right under the banner, you can see excessive movie titles stacked vertically alongside each other. So much that on the right side, the Toy Story banner is cut in half. Now, that’s something I don’t like. It comes off as shabby and lazy graphic work as I was trying to find a slider button. Apart from this slight hiccup, everything looks nice.

The two supporting pages – ‘How it Works’ and ‘About Us’ carry the same design with a minimalistic approach. Each of these pages have that dreamy vibe that you get on the homepage. Thus, design-wise, I’d like to give credit to the developers.


Disney with its acquisitions is gaining an upper hand in the content fold and is making all the right moves. With the acquisition of Marvel, Pixar and Fox Studios, we can enjoy content from its ever-expanding content library. Titles such as ‘The Lion King’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘Toy Story’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Frozen 2’, are just a few of the many high-grossing titles making a lot of moolah already. Additionally, Disney seems to be finding creative ways to allow movie lovers to explore evolving archives.

There isn’t any shortage of movies under its banner. In fact, it’s a treasure trove of movies filled with timeless classics to recent blockbusters. As a DMC member, you can access the largest library of Disney movies which include ‘Zootopia’, ‘Moana’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Coco’, ‘Finding Dory’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ along with the titles mentioned above.

As a DMC member, you can even get free movies for every recommendation. For instance, if you recommend them to someone, you can get 2-Blu Rays for free. There’s no max cap on the number of people you can recommend. Thus, if you’re an influencer, you may never have to pay for any Disney movie in the future.

Digital Copies are a myth too

Why do I say that? That’s because digital copies though under your ownership can’t be streamed without a solid data connection. Thus, you can own the copy but with Disney, since it doesn’t make the content downloadable, you can’t enjoy it on the go. This can get frustrating, especially when you want to keep your kids quiet while traveling. Additionally, streaming with a poor Wi-Fi connection can be an infuriating experience.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Similar to its visual appeal, DMC’s desktop and mobile experience are above par. It’s not the best when you compare it to the other streaming networks but it’s not bad either. I am quite satisfied with my streaming experiences so far. I haven’t seen any frame drops or constant buffering (which has a lot to do with your internet connection).

One thing I would like to point out is that without a proper internet connection, your movie watching experience can be a bit shaky. Nonetheless, that ought to be the case with every other streaming platform. There are services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix which manage to perform well even in challenging data speed, the same cannot be said of DMC.

Plans & Pricing

As mentioned earlier, the Disney Movie Club doesn’t have a fixed price. Though I’ve given you a tentative figure, it doesn’t apply to every title. Blu-Ray is roughly around $20 whilst DVDs are around $20. If you sign-up, sure, you’ll get the first few movies for free but later you’re required to commit for around nine movies in under two years which will take your total to around $150. So, while the initial membership does feel lucrative, over a two-year period, you’ll end up paying more for nine movies than the entire two-year Hulu membership cost.

The perks of being a DMC member are that you’re enrolled in the VIP program. Thus, you get special details, discounts and offers along with added benefits. I’m not saying it’s a completely bad deal – for kids, you can take a plunge. But if you compare it to the leading streaming networks around the world, Disney Movie Club doesn’t really make much sense. The reason why I said it can be a decent idea for your kids is that you can use the reward codes to get jewelry, theater gift cards, toys/games, and collectibles.

Suggestions I have for Disney Movie Club

I don’t really have much to say because I know that they will scrap it out sooner or later. With the rise of Disney+ and Movies Anywhere, I don’t see DMC staying for too long. Furthermore, the concept is too saturated and viewers aren’t willing to spend such a crazy amount of money on mere 9-titles over the course of 24 months.


To wrap it up, I’d say that you can give Disney Movie Club a try. There’s nothing extravagant nor disappointing about this network. So, if it’s for your kid, it might make sense. But in the future, this concept is going to be irrelevant. Thus, if your child does want to enjoy it, this is the time to do so.

Likes & Hates:
Feels prestigious
Exclusive coverage
Great desktop/mobile-friendly website
Reward codes
Blockbuster content library
Isn’t a viable option
Too expensive
Doesn’t allow offline viewing