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We live in a brave new world, where technology is king, and advancements are occurring at the speed of light. Nothing is the same as it used to be these days. Life in the 21st century is at the pinnacle of convenience. We can get packages shipped to our front doors overnight. We have self-driving cars that run on electricity and perform on par with any gas-guzzling manual on the market. And we are constantly connected, both with one another and with literally any kind of media content and information you can think of.

That might be arguably the most revolutionary change to occur in the last century. The invention of the internet fundamentally changed the ways in which we relate to the world, to one another, and to ourselves. Thanks to smartphones, too, we can access any information at any time in a matter of seconds. All we have to do is say something like, “Hey, Siri, how old is the planet Earth?” And in a heartbeat, our faithful AI companion will respond with a precise answer. “The earth is approximately 4.543 billion years old,” she’ll say.

You could argue that technology has made us infinitely more intelligent than we’ve been in the past. Or, at the very least, we are infinitely more connected to information than we have ever been before, elevating us nearly to the status of a cyborg – no longer merely human.

Internet-ready smartphones have also revolutionized the ways in which people relate to one another. The advent of social media has altered the social terrain forever. People can connect across international borders, video chatting with one another on opposite ends of the earth. In this way, the limitations of time and space have, too, been shattered. Miss, an old friend of yours? No problem, Face Time, Skype, Zoom, or video chat with them on Facebook or Snapchat in a matter of seconds.

The realm of entertainment also looks vastly different than it did, say, 20 years ago. Up until relatively recently, we had very limited options when it came to how we consume our movies and TV shows. For the film, we could do one of the following: go to the cinema to see a new hit movie, rent or purchase the VHS or DVD of a film, or wait years for the movie to be aired on TV. That was about it. And for TV, well, your only real option was to check a TV guide and make sure that you cleared your schedule for a show that you wanted to watch. We were powerless as consumers of media.

Then a little website came around by the name of Netflix, and everything changed. Netflix was one of the first, definitely the most successful streaming platforms. With the launch of their streaming service, our control and access to content were flipped upside down. No longer were a few film studios and TV networks deciding when, where, and how we could watch movies and shows.

Thanks to platforms like Netflix providing hundreds of titles, all for just $10 a month, we were also no longer forced to pay per view or purchase movies. Nor did we have to have a pricey traditional cable plan any longer. With the rise of streaming sites came a shift in power. The consumer was now more in control than ever before.

This sense of agency over the content that we get to watch and the options we had available to us in how we view it was only increased when streaming sites began rolling out their services in app form. Now, not only could we watch just about anything we wanted to watch, whenever we wanted to, we could also do so wherever we wanted as well. We became no longer limited to being in front of a TV. Thanks to premium streaming apps, we could take hundreds upon hundreds of movies and shows with us wherever we went. What a beautiful time this is to be alive.

Nowadays, though, there are so many different premium streaming apps out there from which to choose. Nearly every single TV network and film studio have their own streaming offering, most of which come in app form. Plus, of course, there are the usual suspects: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. How on earth can we be expected to weed through all of the streaming apps that exist and accurately figure out which one will be best for us?

Well, that is, in part, why I started StreamingSites … to make the decision a little easier. Thanks to my lists of reviews, now there is finally a comprehensive collection of all of the options, and you can easily skim through and figure out which streaming apps will best provide you with the content that you love. It often boils down, though, I have found, to content, ultimately. Of course, design and price matter as well … but at the end of the day, you need to ensure that your premium streaming app of choice has the kinds of shows and movies on it that you are most likely going to want to see!

And on that note, today we will be taking a look at EPIX’s premium streaming app, EPIX Now. Chances are, you are already at least a little familiar with the EPIX network (at least if you have had a traditional cable plan at some point in the past) … they are a fairly popular cable network that specialized in playing syndicated movies. Now, though, in addition to their usually pristine lineup of films, EPIX offers original series, too, making EPIX Now a formidable option when it comes time to find the best premium streaming apps for you.


On February 22nd, 2018, MGM Studios (EPIX’s parent company) announced that it was to release an Over The Top (OTT) streaming service for EPIX that was to be marketed directly to non-EPIX subscribers. This OTT service, of course, would end up being known as EPIX Now.

The app officially launched for Apple and Android devices on February 10th, 2019, making it one of the newer premium streaming apps on the market. As the year progressed, EPIX Now gradually rolled out an expansion program, catering to additional devices. Today, over a year later, EPIX Now remains one of the most critically acclaimed premium streaming apps out there.


One of the reasons that people seem to like EPIX Now so much is probably due to its sleek and easy to use design. I love the way the EPIX Now the app is designed. It strikes me as a bit of a classier version of, say, the Netflix app. It presents itself with the same standard black background, though EPIX Now is highlighted with gold instead of red, lending the app an almost elegant look.

Another key difference between the way that the EPIX Now the app is designed versus many other streaming apps is the fact that it offers much larger thumbnails when you are browsing content. The larger thumbnail size gives a little more weight to each title, and, I think, makes deciding on what to watch a much easier decision. The app, too, is not cluttered … it is clean, with selections taking up the majority of the app and a slender menu spanning the very bottom of the screen, allowing you to bounce between Home, Originals, Movies, My List, and Downloads.


The options in that menu pretty much sum up everything that EPIX Now has to offer. You’ll find thousands of syndicated movie titles (many of which, appropriately, are owned by MGM), which cycle occasionally. Of these movies, you’ll find plenty of hits, such as Rocketman and The Hustle. EPIX does its best to provide newer movies alongside a sprawling list of classics.

EPIX Now also offers original series and documentaries. Maybe you have heard of some of EPIX’s originals: War of the Worlds, Belgravia, Slow Burn, and others. Honestly, when it comes to content, I think that EPIX Now is right up there with Amazon Prime Video or Hulu.


You can download the EPIC Now app on any of the following devices:

– iOS

– Android

– Apple TV

– Android TV

– Roku

– Fire TV

Pricing and Plans

Considering that EPIX Now has so many movies, plus original content, the app comes at what I would consider quite a steal. You get access to all of this for only $5.99 a month, making it one of the more affordable premium streaming apps on the market today.

Suggestions that I have for EPIX Now App

I would love to see EPIX Now expand its original content more. They have great series and documentaries … my only problem with it is that I want more of them!

Likes & Hates:
1000s of movies and original series
Great app design
HD and 4K streaming
Not enough original series!