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FilmOn App has had a rough period lately. Not only is the service losing its touch with time, but it also doesn’t seem interested in reviving itself. Even today, you’ll find just 600 channels on the network that was available back in 2017. You’ll find content from popular platforms such as ITV, CBS, and even BBC. Having said that, what should be your expectations bar when it comes to this app? I’d say don’t keep them too high.

What is FilmOn Live TV Chromecast?

FilmOn is defined by its developers as a simple and free way to enjoy TV on your laptop or your mobile phone. It provides you IPTV-Esque experience on your phone, and the developers claim that the majority of the content on the platform is for free consumption. But is it? After digging a little deeper, I found out that if you want the complete FilmOn experience, you will need to spend money. FilmOn, along with having a decent website, also has an app that allows you to check out live events, TV shows from your device.

What should you expect from the FilmOn Live TV Chromecast App?

I’ve already mentioned the numbers above, and I won’t deny that FilmOn does have a lot of content. But it’s more of a quantitative approach with the developer having filled the websites with unknown channels which you won’t bother to watch. Yes, there is content from popular channels as well, but that’s like a fraction of the overall package. Most of the channels and streams you find on this platform won’t even meet your viewing needs.

Genre & Content Addition

While the library in terms of number is impressive, there are a few ups and downs in regard to the content capabilities of this platform. For instance, you can watch content from a wide range of genres on this platform, such as Action, Horror, Romance, Fantasy, Movies, Music, and Entertainment. However, to access the extended library with recent releases, you need to subscribe to the premium network. So, yes, that’s quite a catch when you can compare its pricing with the leading streaming services. Stick around because we’ll be checking out pricing and plans later in this review.

Streaming Quality

While the streaming quality in itself isn’t bad, there are quite a few restrictions. For instance, earlier, you could stream 720p from a free account. However, now you need to subscribe to the service if you want to stream in SD or HD quality. The deeper you dig, the tighter the shackles get. On the flip side, I can stream a wide range of TV channels from around the world, along with the video-on-demand content. But do I want to do it at 480p? Absolutely Not.

Acceptable User Interface

FilmOn may not have the best design in the streaming niche, but it does have a clean UI. Unlike the desktop site, which is slightly cluttered, the app still feels better. Though it’s far from great, I still appreciate the developers emphasizing on enriching the mobile experience. Having said that, based upon its pricing, if FilmOn is to compete with the likes of Netflix or Prime Video, it has an Everest to climb in terms of UI/UX.

Content Diversification

One of the few strengths of the platform is its content diversification. You can choose content based upon the location. For instance, you were choosing networks from countries such as Germany, France, UK, or Switzerland. Other than geolocation, you can even choose content from a wide range of genres, such as sports, education, entertainment, religion, and news, among many others. Additionally, props to the developers for adding an easy-to-use guide and schedule in the app. This handy feature allows you to plan your streams and embed the viewing link to share it with your loved ones.

FilmOn Live TV Chromecast App Information

In my opinion, the root of the problem with this app lies in the developer’s negligence. The app was last updated nearly three years ago in July ‘17. I mean, in an age where premium networks are updating every month, FilmOn’s last update was three years ago. Thus, it’s quite hard for me to imagine how the platform managed to rack up more than 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store. The size of the app varies with devices, and if you have an Android version above 4.4.1, you should be good to go.

How to access FilmOn Live TV Chromecast?

Accessing FilmOn Live TV is quite easy. You can search for the term ‘FilmOn App,’ and you’re likely to find the app on Google Play Store. Click on the link and install the app on your device. FilmOn can be accessed on a wide range of platforms such as PC, Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs, and even OTT devices such as Roku.


One thing I can say for certain is that the app design is much better than the website. But given that the developers think of it as a premium service is quite ludicrous. The homepage of the app has a lot of room for improvement. The layout and the text size appears too big. It looks as if the developers designed it in 2013 and forgot to update it ever since. If you compare the app with the leading streaming apps, it’ll feel quite cluttered. Furthermore, options such as ‘Local TV’ do not help the interface at all.

One more problem I have with this app is that live content plays on the same page, but for on-demand content, the app redirects you to a new page without closing the initial one. Sure, you can find the content that you’re looking for in no time, but are multiple tabs user-friendly? I don’t think so.

App Homepage

As soon as you open the app, you’ll land on the homepage, which has a search bar towards the right and a drop-down menu towards the left. Under the drop-down menu, you’ll find options such as Live TV, Premium, On-Demand, Film You, Recordings, Subscriptions, Preferences, and About. At the center, you have certain keywords – ‘Movies,’ ‘TV Shows,’ and ‘Watch list.’ If you click on any of these options, you’ll find the content section based upon the category.

Inner pages

The inner pages on the app don’t seem quite fascinating. The streaming page allows you to navigate and check out other content while the video is playing, so that’s a positive. As for the design, you have the drop-down menu, Category Title, Search Bar, Sharing Options, and Chromecast right above the streaming window. Under these options, you’ll get the resolution option. Towards the progress bar, you’ll find two additional options – Cardboard and full screen as well.


FilmOn is good, and it allows you to watch channels from across the globe, but most of the time, it’ll fall flat on its face. It doesn’t offer a comprehensive live TV experience. Let me give you an example; you want to watch a really bad match. However, FilmOn’s network TV just works in 14 major US cities, so forget about streaming content in SD or HD quality, you won’t get to stream content at all.

What it lacks in terms of live TV, it tries to make it up via the on-demand content. You can choose content from a wide range of genres, such as ITV, BBC, CBS, EDM TV, Kid Rock’s TV, and many more. But once again, you’d hardly see it as a cord-cutting alternative.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I tried both the free and paid versions of the app, and the difference between both the versions was quite evident. The SD viewing experience was below par as the stream kept adjusting itself between 480p and 720p. On top of that, even the audio quality wasn’t pristine. In premium versions, the difference is palpable, but it’s nowhere near the experience that you get on Prime Video or Netflix. The only positive I can take from the streaming experience is that there were no ads.

Plans & Pricing

FilmOn allows you to choose between two plans – Monthly and Yearly. The monthly plan costs around $19.95/month, whereas the year plan costs around $199/month. So, if you opt for a yearly plan, you’d be getting two months free.

Suggestions I have for FilmOn

If FilmOn wants to stand out in this cut-throat world of streaming giants, it needs backing from major studios. The subscription fee is hilarious, and the overall service is average at best. Forget me; no sane user would be tempted towards their service and happily agree to pay $20/month for vague content.


I wasn’t attracted to the website, nor am I attracted to the app. There’s no reason for you to choose this service over Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video. The platform lacks content, overall edge, and competent streaming. Apart from the user-generated titles, there’s not much you’d get on this platform, and that’s about it.

Likes & Hates:
Global Content
Social Media Functionality
Content Diversification
Overpriced service
Average streaming
Lacks content-depth