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In the past few years, we’ve witnessed many IPTV services take the center stage as a cable Tv alternative. They are mainly focused on fulfilling the requirements of the audience looking for ways to stream TV for free.

What is Fomny?

Fomny is an IPTV website which has free-to-air content along with premium channels from around the world. It is a content aggregator platform where users can access content from anywhere in the world. For instance, if you are from the US and you want to check what’s happening in Russia, you can log on to Fomny and check out RTV to stay up-to-date with the Russian news.

Why should you stream on Fomny?

Most of the IPTV services provide free-to-air channels and thus it’s quite frustrating to find channels with little or no information or entertainment value. On the other hand, services like Fomny allow you to access over 1000+ channels and they also accept entries and suggestions from users. Thus, the already massive content library keeps extending every single week.

Availability of premium channels

When I say premium, I’m referring to channels such as Bravo, OWN, BeIN Sports, WWE Network, VH1, BET Networks, and Comedy Central. These are just a few of the many premium channels for which you’d generally need to spend over $80/month. With, you can access the content for absolutely free.

Excellent streaming capabilities

Though reaching a stream is a long road because of the depressing design, once you are on the streaming page, it’s a whole new ball game. Everything just clicks and works as if you’re on some premium website. The streaming quality is great and you can watch any content or channel without any buffering.

Different language options

While many IPTV websites online have content in English, that’s not the case with Fomny. On this IPTV platform, there are many languages in which you can browse the website – English, Spanish, Arabic, French are few of the many options. Apart from that, you can even access content in different languages. For instance, if you want to watch a Liga BBA fixture but in Spanish commentary, you can stream that on Canal+ instead of streaming on any other network with English commentary.

Facebook community

Fomny’s YouTube community has over 25,000 members. This goes to show the following that this massive streaming platform has. You can become a part of the community by liking the page. You can communicate with fellow streamers through the comment section and can even talk to the developers. Thus, there’s not a massive gap between the creators and the viewer’s thanks to the Facebook community.

Content sorting feature

I have to admit that most of the IPTV websites have amazing sorting features. This feature allows you to sort the content based upon your location, type of content you want to watch. Choose a country through the drop-down menu and pick a category before clicking the search button. You’ll get a list of all the channels available for that particular search query.

How to access Fomny?

You can access Fomny in either of the two ways – Use a search engine and type the term ‘Fomny TV’ or you can click on the screenshot of the page on your left. Before you access the website, ensure that you’re using a VPN to protect you from hackers.


If the content is Fomny’s strength then the design has to be its biggest weakness. I kind of feel bad that I trashed Squid TV’s design. After visiting Fomny, for nearly 10 seconds, I was wondering why the site wasn’t loading? Turns out that my internet was fine and that’s how the site actually looks. One word. Horrendous! I mean there’s no design aspect whatsoever which I can share with you. It’s just a basic HTML website that students make in their first form creation class.


The only thing that’s colorful on the website is the logo apart from the flags of different countries. There’s a light and dark grey color combination with ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Submit a URL’ option adjacent to the logo. Under the header, you’ll find flags of different countries such as France, Belgium, United States, United Kingdom, China, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Canada, Russia, India, Turkey, Greece, Iran, Argentina, Pakistan, Macedonia and Hungary.

Hero Section

There’s no clear distinction between the header and the hero section on this website. However, I’ve taken the flags as a part of the header and the drop-down menus as part of the hero section. Apart from the Country and Category drop-down menu, you’ll find a search bar. Under that bar, you have small square thumbnails with flags of different countries – four in each row.


The body section has nothing except flags of different countries. On the right, you’ll probably see a pop-up to protect your computer from viruses and whatnot. But you can ignore that, it’s just a prompt luring you to click on it. As you scroll further, you’ll find the ‘Report URL section.’ Thus, if you find any URL which you feel doesn’t belong on the website, you can report it. Under that, you can find a Facebook page plug. Just by clicking on that section, you can like the page.


The footer section similar to the other section on the home page is pain. There are three rows containing just the names of different countries. Under those, you can find Home, Contact Us and Submit a URL option.

Inner Pages

The inner pages are quite different from what you saw on the homepage. At the top, you will find the logo of the channel accompanied by a categorization menu. Under that, there’s the video player with 4-6 streaming options. Towards the right, you’ll find a YouTube video and under the video player, you have the ‘Report URL’ section yet again.


Fomny is packed with channels from across the world. You get major channels from the USA including the likes of CNN, NBC, CBS, CW, Fox, CNN, and USA News. Apart from those channels, you can also access major Canadian networks. You can also watch live tv channels from countries such as France, UK, China, Germany and more. There are five different categories on Fomny – Entertainment, Movies, Lifestyle, Religion and Kids. There are numerous channels in each of these categories.

Some of the top channels on the website include MTV, NFL, ABC, NBC, Bravo, Sportsnet, TLC, TSN, HBO, StarZ, Showtime, Fox Sports, Spike, TruTV, VH1, Cartoon Network, Disney, FX Investigation Discovery, National Geographic, TVLand, TBS, OWN, TNT, and ESPN to name a few.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed Fomny from my Mac and my Google Pixel 3a. Though I had a decent streaming experience, the browsing experience was quite terrible. Sure, many channels were available in HD quality but the overall experience was mixed. I didn’t like the initial look and feel. Furthermore, you’ve to work hard and move past certain dicey ad-filled sections to reach your goal i.e. a stable streaming link. Though it wasn’t the worst streaming experience, it was still quite underwhelming.

Suggestions I have for Fomny

I’m really confused about this one. I mean there are 25,000 people on Facebook who seem to like the way this website looks. Not me though. In my opinion, the developers need to revamp the entire website and make the content more appealing. The menus need to be better and the header section needs to be separated from the footer.


If you’re from a middle-eastern country, chances are that you’ve already streamed something on this network. Fomny is quite a popular IPTV website in that part of the world. If you’re from any other part of the world, I’d still recommend you check Fomny out for its content. If you prefer form over functionality, then this website is not meant for you.

Likes & Hates:
Massive content library
Availability of premium content
Content list based on location
Horrendous website design
Little to no design value
Frequent Misclicks