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Fox Broadcasting Company is a major television and film distributor. They are one of the largest networks on tv. The company is a member of the North American Broadcasters Association and the National Association of Broadcasters.

The network began in 1985 when they announced they would bring a company to compete with daytime television. The bigger competing networks were CBS, NBC, and ABC. FOX formally began airing and challenging the other networks in 1986.

The network would go on to be very prosperous, successful in challenging the other companies. Shows like The Late Show, Married with Children, 60 Minutes, and Murder She Wrote were among the first to air. The network has gone on to host other hit television shows like Masterchef, Masterchef Junior, So You Think You Can Dance, Family Guy, Empire, and many more.

Website Design

The design of the website is fairly simple. The background is black and the theme is monochromatic. The logo is in bold print at the top left. The font is all very readable and white in color.

The menu functions can be slightly confusing because there are so many to choose from. It’s difficult to know where to start. The very top menu allows the viewer to check out any of the Fox network sister sites. Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Nation, and Fox Sports are boxed into the top with their logos.

The second menu reads from left to right – Home, Entertainment, Sports, News, Live TV Schedule. A small distance away from those, the sign in and search bars can be located. Featured programming is in a large window below the menu.

The two menu sections are not difficult to differentiate between. However, the large logos of Fox’s other networks are very distracting. It feels less like they want to show the viewer their content, and more like they want you to click on their other sites.


Fox keeps a very large variety of shows available on their streaming site. They keep everything from dramas to sitcoms, sports, and more. If you are looking for an all-encompassing streaming site, Fox is an okay choice. I recommend trying the Fox network shows on Hulu if they are available there, instead.

The sister sites that are linked at the top are the other streaming sites that Fox owns. The news network is compiled of news articles and video clips pertaining to breaking news. The Fox Business Network is similar to the news one, except it features stories involving businesses a lot more prevalently. It also keeps the stock market rising and plummets in the sidebar. Fox Nation focuses on patriotic American themed content, while Fox Sports features sports news.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The desktop website is an okay way of accessing the streaming service. There are a few negative features to the desktop version. For example, the multiple menu bars are confusing. The initial speed of changing pages is another frustrating part of the website. It has a few redeeming qualities.

The mobile browser version is similarly modeled after the desktop page. The unfortunate number of menus disappears in the mobile version. The top menu is much easier to view, and the search bar is also easily found. A large button prompts us to open the website in the app.

The application for the network is your typical streaming app. However, the login process is very frustrating. The app will not allow you to view anything unless you create an account attached to your email. This is definitely problematic. It is a great way to turn away viewers. The process doesn’t take very long, but to open the app and see half of the content locked should not require an account. Navigation and design on the app are fine.


There are not very many positive features I can include for Fox’s streaming site. It comes up short to networks of the same caliber in terms of streaming. A few positives I can name are the variety and amount of shows is good (if you aren’t locked out of them,) the shows on the website are popular and relevant, and the live broadcast feature is nice.

The network will allow you to have a preview pass for up to 60 minutes. This is a unique way to entice viewers to get a membership and one of the only real positive features for me. Under the live broadcast, the menu for what is upcoming shows. Otherwise, the site is very lackluster.


Negatives of this streaming service are aplenty. Firstly, before previewing the site, my hopes were high for a network like Fox. They are one of the biggest and best on tv. However, they really let us down with this poorly managed streaming service.

The navigation from the homepage is not wonderful, and when you do manage to make it to the show you’d like to watch be prepared to waste about thirty minutes of your life watching ads. I am no stranger when it comes to ads; they don’t bother me very much. However, going into the show you are greeted with two ads. Not a problem, two isn’t a large number.

When you view the load bar of the video there are six commercial breaks in the programming. That’s just breaks! When it comes down to the actual commercials there are yet again, six commercials. Six breaks with six commercials a piece are absolutely ridiculous.

Apart from the ad issues, the load time for the website is poor. Changing from one page to the next is a horrible experience. Another strange thing about the website is its choice in unlocked episodes. Instead of locking the most recent episodes, it is common for Fox to lock the first episode of a series. They also habitually leave only the fifth and sixth episodes of shows unlocked. The choice is a very strange one.

The underwhelming performance of this streaming service leads viewers to believe Fox would rather push their sister sites. Upon review of them, the layouts and functionality of those sites look like they received much more attention than the streaming counterpart.

Improvements Needed

So many improvements need to be made to make this website a contender for the best streaming experience. Currently, the website and app are lacking and riddled with issues. I would not consider watching streams from Fox unless changes are made to the website.

One of the first changes that would be simple to incorporate would be to push the sister site menu to the bottom. Featuring the sister sites so largely at the top of the page prioritizes them instead of viewing content. It also feels like Fox is pushing their other sites on viewers to get a large number of clicks and traffic to the other sites.

The number of advertisements should be taken into consideration. The number of commercial breaks and advertisements within the breaks are so long it almost equates to the same amount of time as the television show itself. Not to mention, the ads are glitchy and stall stealing even more viewing time.


For such a large company, Fox Broadcasting Company really misses the mark in terms of streaming services. The website design is not the worst in terms of style and themes. However, when you look closely at overall features, the company comes up short.

The double menus are annoying and peddle the company’s bigger agenda. They relentlessly suffocate viewers in advertisements and commercials. The viewing experience is so unpleasant, I would not recommend this service to anyone.

Likes & Hates:
There is a large variety of shows to choose from on the site
The shows are popular and interesting
Watching live broadcasts is a nice feature
Advertisements are longer than the shows
The amount of commercial breaks is ridiculous
The navigation is not good
The load time for web pages is very slow
The free unlocked episodes make zero sense