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FreeeTV as a platform is an IPTV website that has a vast content library allowing users to stream channels from around the world. While many streaming websites often redirect the stream and cast it to their website, FreeeTV either has no content or it keeps pushing you towards a YouTube video or towards FilmOn. The worst part is that even after you’re redirected to that content, the video seems to be broken. For the first time, instead of giving you reasons as to why you should stream on a website, I’ll share reasons as to why you shouldn’t stream on this website.

Why you shouldn’t stream on FreeeTV?

While I’m okay with ads, I can’t stand ads that dominate the website and the content on it. FreeeTV from the get-go looks like a passive website built to make money for the owner. Each and every section of this website is ad-laden and you wouldn’t want to stay on it for more than a few seconds. From banner ads to vignette ads, the developer has inserted all kinds of ads with the perspective of maximizing revenue.

Broken Videos

I spent a good half an hour searching for some content that would actually work on this website. Much to my displeasure, there wasn’t a single video in any category that was playing on FreeeTV. You’d either get a YouTube link or a FilmOn redirect which is either broken or the ‘video is no longer available’ text would pop-up. On most of the streams, I even found user comments suggesting that the link is broken but unsurprisingly there was no reply from the developers.

Dissuading Numbers

While the website claims that it has 1852 television channels, not one of them plays. Forget the popular channels, even niche ones such as webcam, zoocam, and weather don’t have any viewable content. It’s funny how the developers can come up with numbers and even list the channels but have nothing to show up for it.

Why you should stream on FreeeTV?

You’d feel I’m pranking you but that’s not the case. I want to highlight how poor this website is and thus here are the two main highlights on this streaming site.

Search bar

Yes, you heard it right. The search bar according to me is the best feature on the website with little to no irritation. You can search for a channel and then find the channel. At last, a feature that isn’t ad-laden and broken. So yes, if you want to use the search bar to test functionality, you can do so.

Statistics & Live Clock

The second aspect that I like on this website is the live clock along with the statistics. The live clock shows work in real-time based upon your location and the statistics help you learn about the popularity of a channel. I’m assuming that the videos on this website used to work fine and that is when the data got collected. Some of the channels on this website have been watched over 100,000 times, so that feels like an ode to its past presence.

How to access FreeeTV?

I don’t know why you would want to access this website but if you do, here are two ways: Type the word FreeeTV in your search engine or use the following link: FreeeTV. Regardless of how you choose to visit the website, make sure that you have an active VPN to protect your device from malware.


From one end of the poor spectrum to the other. I’ve reviewed websites that have decent content and poor design but still recommended them. But this one manages to throw you off both ways. From the design to its content and functionality, everything is haywire.


The primary header section has a logo on the left and a search bar on the right. It is followed by five categories on the left – Home, America, Europe, World, and Category. Adjacent to it, you can find a supporting tagline which reads, ‘Watch Free Online Channels’, yeah sure! Quite surprisingly, each of these categories even has sub-categories in the form of a drop-down menu. Let me mention all of them:

America: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, United States of America and Venezuela.

Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom.

World: Afghanistan, Africa, China, India, Iran, Japan, MidEast, Russian, Ukraine, South Korea.

Category: Entertainment, Financial, General, Local, Music, Movies, News, Shopping, Religious, Sport, Webcam, Zoocam, and Weather Channels.

Hero Section

The hero section has a main headline that reads ‘Today You Will Find 1852 Online Televisions’. I’m sure he/she meant to say ‘1852 television channel thumbnails. There are logos at the center, ads on the right and different categories and countries placed vertically. The categories are exactly what we saw in the section above.


It’d be safe to say the FreeeTV doesn’t have a body section. There’s just a huge leaderboard banner ad followed by supporting text.


If you thought to witness zero content in the body section was dicey, wait till you hear this. ‘FreeeTV does not have a footer’. Yes, there’s no footer and the only thing you’d find in that section are social media icons that are placed oddly. You will find nine social media icons each one just prompting you to share their ‘content-packed’ link to your feed.

Inner Pages

Inner Pages are even worse than what you saw on the homepage. So, the left section has the same category and countries option. If you happen to click on any category, per se Music, you’ll be thumped with hundreds of music channels in the most unpresentable manner. Just a never-ending list with the title and the location information. When you click on any of them, it takes you to the magical streaming page.


It would be worth talking if you could actually stream anything on the platform. If it’s a legal battle or some kind of ongoing issue, I do understand what the site is going through. Thus, if it manages to overcome it and is able to fix the links, you can access content from the following categories: Entertainment, Financial, General, Local, Music, Movies, News, Shopping, Religious, Sport, Webcam, Zoocam, and Weather Channels.

Desktop/Mobile experience

If I were to describe my experience in numbers, I’d give this website 2/10. Honestly zero but I can see the efforts put into the website to make something out of it. But everything falls flat because none of the streams work. I tried browsing and streaming FreeeTV on my desktop, after failing to find any streamable content in two weeks, I called it quits.

Suggestions I have for FreeeTV

I’m sure that at this time, even if the developer manages to fix the links on the website, I would consider that to be a turning point. I’m not expecting the ads to go away or the layout to be fixed. But just get those links to work and that’s it.


If you are an avid streamer and like to spend time checking all kinds of websites, feel free to test your patience with this one. For general viewers, I’d recommend you not to waste your precious minutes. So far, this has been one of the most disappointing streaming sites that I have reviewed.

Likes & Hates:
Search bar
Real-time clock
Poor layout
Intrusive ads
Broken links
Constant Redirection