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The demand for premium IPTV services is at an all-time high with an increasing number of users tempted towards the service. As opposed to traditional tv service providers, IPTV platforms provide 10x the content and at an affordable price. If you’re on a cable or satellite TV network, chances are that you’re paying somewhere between $20-$50 per month for the channels you get. Not to forget that you can’t access all the premium channels in this price range.

What is IPTV BEE?

IPTV BEE is among the lesser-known IPTV services based out of Panama. It provides a wide range of channels and VOD content to its audience. Its massive catalog of channels helps you watch the most sought after content from around the world. IPTV BEE in a short amount of time has built a strong reputation thanks to its infrastructure, content and streaming capabilities. In addition to its quality services, the brand emphasizes on privacy and data security of its users and thus you can trust this IPTV service.

Why should you stream on IPTV BEE?

IPTV BEE as a service provider has certain strengths and weaknesses. Today, we’ll be uncovering those points as to why you should or shouldn’t stream on IPTV BEE.

Great interface

IPTV BEE has a great user interface. From the header section to the homepage and inner pages, every element gels well. None of the design looks out of place or lacks visual appeal. The ‘BEST IPTV PROVIDER’ section with drop-down FAQs is one of the most refreshing things I’ve seen in a while.

Massive Channel list

No IPTV service will attract the attention of the end-user without having a sizable channel list. IPTV BEE offers 3000+ channels from around the world. Thus, content is one aspect where this service won’t fail you. You get access to the best channels from the US, the UK, Canada, along with many Asian and European countries. Other than normal channels, you can also access Adult and VOD content which is available in abundance on this website.

In-depth installation guide

I appreciate the efforts taken by the developers to simplify the information for new users. With an in-depth installation guide, IPTV BEE helps users install the service on various devices such as ‘MAG Boxes’, ‘VLC Player’, ‘iOS Devices’, ‘StbEmu’, ‘Enigma2’, ‘Openbox V8s’, ‘SS IPTV App’ and ‘Smart IPTV App’.

Ad-free experience

The best part about streaming on premium IPTV services such as IPTV BEE is that they deliver ad-free experience. There are no intrusive banners or annoying pop-ups bringing down the overall streaming experience. I’d rather shell a few dollars on an ad-free platform than paying pennies to stream on a website filled with ads.

How to access IPTV BEE?

You can access IPTV BEE in two ways – First, you can search for the term ‘IPTV BEE’ in your search engine and you’ll probably find the website on the first page in search results. Alternatively, if you wish to access the website directly, you can use the following link: IPTV BEE. Before you click on the website just make sure that you’re using an active VPN to protect yourself from hackers.


IPTV Bee does have an eye-catching interface. The yellow and black color combination looks different from everything that’s out there. The compact sliders along with intuitively designed FAQ and pricing section stays with you for a long time. Also, I really love the logo of this website, that’s definitely an element that I’ll remember for a long time.


The header section of the website looks cool with a yellow background and black color. There are seven main options – ‘IPTV Packs’, ‘Tech Support’, ‘IPTV Test Request’, ‘IPTV Channel list’, ‘FAQ’, ‘Installation Guide’, and ‘Demo Stream’. Above the primary header section, there’s a user button on the right followed by the cart icon. Above those buttons, you have three currency options – ‘Euro’, ‘Pounds’, and ‘Dollars’ to assist you during a transaction.

Hero Section

The first banner, if you’re a football fan, catches your attention instantly. There’s Ronaldo, Bale, Messi, and Lewandowski on the left followed by a headline and a CTA button. The headline reads ‘All World Football League Non-Stop on your screens’. It is followed by a summary text and a ‘Subscribe Now’ CTA button. Other than this football banner, there are several other banners highlighting TV Shows, Documentaries, and Cartoons.


The body section of the IPTV BEE has two main segments – BEST IPTV PROVIDER FAQs and Dynamic banners. In the first section, you’ll find answers to questions such as the compatible devices, simultaneous streaming, accessible countries, payment methods, test streams, and EPG plug. After this informative segment, you can see banners of different content such as sports channels, movie channels, cartoon channels, and XXX banners, and TV show content.


There are no navigation options in the footer section. There’s just a copyright disclaimer but apart from that, there’s nothing. This is perhaps one of the disappointing sections because the footer doesn’t have navigation buttons which generally elevates the browsing and navigation experience.

Inner Pages

Out of all the pages, the IPTV BEE Channel list is the most appealing one after the homepage. There’s a list of all the countries in alphabetical order which you can scroll to choose a particular country. Towards the right, you have a search bar and a list of channels in different columns. There are five channels in each row and based upon the channel count you even have a scroll down option.


IPTV BEE is filled with popular channels, on-demand, and adult content. I specifically want to highlight the content channels that you’d find on this network. Let’s check out some of the top channels from the US, the UK, Canada, and India.

United States: BC, Boomerang, Bravo, CBS, Cartoon Network, CNBC, CNN, Discovery, Disney, ESPN, Fox, FX, Grit, HBO, History, Hallmark, MLB, MTV, MSNBC, NBC, NFL, NBA, Nickelodeon, OWN, RT America, Showtime, Starz, SyFy, Sundance, TNT, TLC, TruTV, USA, VH1, WWE Network, and Zee Cinema US.

United Kingdom: Animal Planet, BBC Network, Blaze, Bloomberg, BT Sport, Channel 4, Comedy Central UK, Food Network, Investigation HD, Discovery, Disney, Disney Jr, Eurosport, Fox Network, History, ITV, Sony Movies, Box Nation, MTV, VH1, and Movies24.

Canada: ABC Spark HD, AMC HD, Bravo TV, Canal D, CBC, City FHD, Comedy HD, Disney HD, Fight Network HD, Disney HD, HBO, FX, FXX, HGTV, HISTORIA, National Geographic, Slice, Paramount, Sports Net One, NBC, NTV, SportsNet 360 HD, Space HD, and OWN HD.

India: &Pictures HD, Aaj Tak, 9XM, Asia Net Plus, B4U Movies, Bindass Play, Colors, Discovery Channel, HBO, Hum Europe, Life Ok HD, IBN 7, Set Max, SAB TV, SET Asia, Sony ESPN, Sony HD, Sony MIX, Sonic Nickelodeon, Sony Entertainment HD, Sony ESPN, Sony Pix HD, Star Plus, and Rishtey.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed IPTV BEE on Microsoft Surface laptop and Google Pixel 3a. I really enjoyed the streaming quality on both these devices. Watching the Bald Eagle documentary on Nat Geo in HD quality was one of the best tv viewing experiences I’ve had in recent times. There was no buffering or crash at any point during the stream. The entire episode was flawless with pristine audio quality. I used VLC Player to import all the channels via the URL and then enjoyed the content on my laptop. Even mobile streaming was free from any major discrepancies.

Plans & Pricing

As for plans and pricing, you can choose from four different packages – 1 Week, 3 Months, 6 Months, and 12 Months. Each of these packages is priced as follows:

● 1 Week – €14.99

● 3 Months – €35.00

● 6 Months – €60.00

● 12 Months – €105.00

IPTV BEE also provides a paid test for 6 hours. For €5, you can use the website for 6 hours. You can contact the developers if you’re interested in a paid test.

Suggestions I have for IPTV BEE

The only thing I’d like the developers to work on is the multiple connection allowance. With just a single connection, IPTV BEE falls flat against other premium IPTV services. By adding one more connection to the mix, they’ll be able to compete with the big players in the industry.


IPTV BEE is a quality content website that offers a perfect combination of style and substance. However, it does lack the multiple streaming options. The connection is restricted to one device at a time, and thus, you cannot stream simultaneously.

Likes & Hates:
Great content library
Amazing streaming quality
Ad-free experience
Well-designed website
Multiple streams not available