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IPTV Lightning

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Choosing an IPTV may sound simple but surprisingly most IPTVs are unable to fulfill the basic needs. At first, everything looks cool but just after a week, you experience buffering, no clarity, channel blackout among many other problems. Thus, finding a proper IPTV service is not as easy as it seems.

Today, we’ll be reviewing IPTV Lightning, which is quite the opposite of everything that I’ve mentioned above. IPTV Lightning is a well-known premium IPTV platform known to offer commendable services.

What is IPTV Lightning?

IPTV Lightning is a new IPTV streaming site geared towards fulfilling the needs of today’s IPTV viewers. It offers a diverse range of channels that can be viewed on any device. This easy to use service helps users to watch channels in HD quality with no buffering. With IPTV Lightning, you have access to 12000+ channels along with hundreds of on-demand content in the form of movies and tv shows. You can stream most of the content at 60fps and thus you can watch your favorite movies and tv shows in the best possible quality.

Why should you stream on IPTV Lightning?

There are various reasons as to why you should be streaming on IPTV Lightning but I’ve narrowed it down to a few which convinced me to sign-up for this service.

On-demand content

IPTV Lightning provides you access to over 3000+ blockbusters, latest releases and tv series on the go. The website is updated monthly and allows users to access thousands of channels and an ever-increasing library filled with movies and the latest content. Video-on-demand along with IPTV channels takes the viewing experience to a whole new level.

International Channels

With IPTV Lightning, you can watch the best channels from around the world. Every quarter, IPTV Lightning adds a new country with unique channels. As of now, you can find channels from the ‘US’, ‘Canada’, ‘Turkey’, ‘India’, ‘Australia’, and ‘United Kingdom’, other European countries. Regardless of where you are, you can access channels from any of the aforementioned countries and stream as per your preference.

Stable Server

IPTV websites have a hard time managing the traffic. But almost all of them do a decent job in comparison to local satellite and cable tv service providers. IPTV Lightning with its SSD Balance servers provides a buffer-free experience allowing you to experience lag-free streaming.

Streaming quality

Most of the content that you’ll find on this website is available in HD quality. With 60 FPs and 1080p as the standard quality, you get the best streaming experience on your device. This IPTV service ensures that there’s no room for compromise thanks to its exceptional servers and compatibility. The role of developers cannot be downplayed as they’re the ones responsible for building such an amazing platform.


Unlike IPTV BEE, IPTV Lightning does allow you to stream on multiple devices. This means that you can stream premium content on the network simultaneously. So, if your family wants to watch a premiere and you can’t afford to miss a sports game, neither one needs to compromise. You can connect 2 devices at any given time and enjoy access to all the content available on the platform.

EPG Content Guide

Electronic Program Guide is a valuable addition to any IPTV service. The EPG function allows users to learn about different programming schedules. In addition to that, you can use catch up service to stream content that aired in the last 24 hours. This ensures that you don’t miss out on any crucial content and even if you do, you can watch it while it’s trending.

How to access IPTV Lightning?

You can access IPTV Lightning in many ways. You can find this IPTV website on a third-party network or IPTV feed. If you want to find the service manually, you can search for the term ‘IPTV Lightning’. Alternatively, if you want to access the website directly, you can use the following link: IPTV Lightning.

Regardless of how you choose to access the website just make sure that you’re using a VPN. A VPN will help you browse and stream on the platform without worrying about malware and adware.


The design approach on this website is quite straightforward. There’s nothing fancy on the homepage or on the inner pages. A simple green/grey combination flows fluidly across the website and every element complements the overall design. For instance, the green background with light opacity on the homepage banner gels with the original tone of the website.


I really like the logo at the center. But it’s not the logo that catches your attention, it’s the drop-down menu towards the left. The developers’ effort in keeping it minimal is evident through the ‘search bar’, ‘drop-down menu’, ‘user info’, and ‘cart’ option. Under the drop-down menu, you’ll find the general header options such as ‘Home’, ‘Tutorial’, ‘Payment’, ‘Reviews’, ‘List Channels’, ‘log in’ and ‘Newsletter’.

Hero Section

The hero section of this website has a standard banner with a green overlay which really helps the text to stand out. The main headline in this section reads ‘Discover the Future’. It is supported by a short summary – ‘More than 12,000 live TV channels along with movies and TV shows. On your TV, computer, tablet or smartphone.’ Under the text, you’ll find three buttons – ‘IPTV Lightning’, ‘List of Our Channels’, and ‘IPTV Lightning Pro’.


The body section of this website starts with two rows of channel logos on the homepage. You’ll find logos of channels such as ‘Fox’, ‘OSN’, ‘Travel’, BeIN, ‘Box Sets’, ‘Canal+’, ‘Star Movies’, and ‘Teletoon’. Under this section, you’ll find all the USPs about this IPTV website. Upon scrolling further, you’ll see logos of different compatible devices followed by plans & pricing and all the accepted payment methods.


IPTV Lightning has a clean footer section with as many as seven navigation options – ‘Contact’, ‘FAQ’, ‘Terms & Conditions’, ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Refund Policy’, ‘Shipping Policy’, and ‘DMCA Policy’.

Inner Pages

You can access the inner page by clicking on any option on the homepage. What I like about the inner pages is that you’ll find installation guides for the majority of the compatible devices. I read the ‘How to Install GSE Smart IPTV on Fire TV and Fire Stick’, and I have to admit that I was quite impressed with the in-depth information provided on the subject matter.


IPTV Lightning provides you access to over 12,000 IPTV channels along with thousands of video-on-demand content. You can catch all your favorite movies and tv shows on this network. There’s an extensive content library with various sorting options so you can find the content you’re looking for in a hassle-free manner. This IPTV platform doesn’t lack content at all and you’ll find all the top channels from various niches such as Sports, Entertainment, Reality Tv, Documentary, Wildlife, News, and many more.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed IPTV Lightning on my Asus Vivobook 14 and my Google Pixel 4. I had a great time browsing around the website. As for the service pack, I bought the 1-month pack for $12.97 as I wanted to check the service first before making a long-term commitment. I have to admit that I received the shipment quite sooner than expected and I was overwhelmed with the service. The content library is massive and I was able to access most of the channels via the VLC media player in HD quality.

Plans & Pricing

Though I opted for the starter’s pack, you can go for any of the four plans available on the website. All the plans are similar except for the duration and the prices. The longer the plan, the better the discount you can avail. The smallest plan is the 24 hours plan which is available for $4.99/mo. The other three plans are as follows: $12.97/month, $24.97/quarterly, and $59.97/yearly.

Suggestions I have for IPTV Lightning

I mean I do get the set-top box based IPTV experience. However, more and more service providers are switching towards pure internet-based content. Thus, it’d be great if the developers could work towards eliminating the need for a box.


IPTV Lightning is a great platform if you want to start your IPTV journey. I’d recommend you start with a 24-hour plan and then upgrade as per your convenience. The content library along with streaming capabilities makes IPTV Lightning a cool option in the market.

Likes & Hates:
Huge Content Library
Multi-Device Streaming
Great user-interface
Quality streaming
Lacks 6-months plan
Relies on a set-top box