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IPTV Stack

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The mobility and accessibility factors in IPTV make it an ideal alternative to cable and satellite TV networks. Unlike those traditional services, you don’t need any hardware, expensive setup or recurring installation charges here. With IPTV, you can watch TV channels on a wide range of devices without having to worry about the receiver and signal strength. You could be an Italian sitting at your home in the UK, or you can be an Indian in the US. IPTV enables you to watch the channels from your native country.

What is IPTV Stack?

IPTV Stack is one of the largest IPTV service providers around the globe. Revered by audiences across the world for its stable and quality service. IPTV Stack provides website viewers, owners, and developers with a stable infrastructure to start their own IPTV service. You get access to crucial management features such as the dashboard, line management, and user-subscription.

IPTV Stack has channels from around the world. Thanks to its secure infrastructure you can access well-bifurcated channels from different parts of the world. Budget-friendly packages allow you to air channels without worrying about the cost. With an accessible dashboard, you can monitor issues regarding your channels by yourself. In addition, you can also seek help from the customer service team which is readily working towards minimizing the disruption in your service.

Why should you stream on IPTV Stack?

IPTV Stack is one of the biggest service providers in the world and that’s the reason why it appeals to a wide range of audiences. Here are some of the reasons why I find this streaming service appealing:

Live-Streaming Channel & Catch-up

With IPTV Stack, you can access a broad channel list wherein you can enjoy the complete EPG list and icons on all your lines. You can access live events and also get to use the catch-up feature. Using this feature, you can record channels so you can watch it whenever you want.

Dedicated dashboard

Each user gets access to a dedicated dashboard once he/she purchases an IPTV subscription from IPTV Stack. You can manage all your subscriptions and services from this dashboard. You can even tweak the IPTV subscription to a favorite MAC Address using a device such as MAG, and Enigma.

Personalization & Security

IPTV Stack allows you to manage your users with ease. With the URL Generator, you will be able to use plugin and generate fresh scripts for any device. You can also personalize the settings, edit credentials at any given time. Using the Report system, you can automatically report issues, unblock IP addresses and run diagnostic tests.

Add members

IPTV Stack allows you to subscribe to a family-package. Once you do so, you can add extra connections and stream the channels from a wide range of devices. Not just that, with each added member, you’ll get a special discount. Its simple subscription scheme followed by numerous benefits that make IPTV Stack a preferred choice among IPTV lovers.

How to access IPTV Stack?

You can access IPTV Stack in two ways. First is by searching for the term ‘IPTV Stack’ in your search engine and clicking on the first result you get. Alternatively, you can use the following link: IPTV Stack to access the platform directly. Before you access the website, just make sure that you’re using an active VPN to protect your device from adware and malware.


IPTV Stack boasts of cutting-edge design. Amazing user-friendly banners and responsive options coupled with well-designed menus and sections make browsing a treat. The blue/white banner along with the purple and green CTA buttons help set the tone of the website. As you scroll down, you’ll find similar colorful elements that add diversity to the rather flat design.


In the header section of the website, you have the logo on the left and five key options – ‘Pricing’, ‘Start a Trial’, ‘Reseller’, ‘Help’, and ‘Sign-in’ button on the right. Unlike MyIPTV Now, each of these options has a dedicated page where you can learn more about the product or service. As a viewer, you can get an IPTV Subscription whereas as a reseller, you can check out different pricing options to start your own IPTV service.

Hero Section

I really love the hero section on IPTV Stack. Especially, the floating features in the banner section. The hero section is diagonally divided into two parts. The upper part with a blue background has headlines and CTA buttons – ‘Reseller Program’ and ‘Subscribe Now’. Towards the right, you can find floating features such as ‘Reseller Program’, ‘Own Dashboard’, ‘Secure Payment’, ‘Trial Options’, and ‘Additional Connections’.


If you’re an IPTV viewer and not a service provider, the text and design won’t make much sense to you until you reach the body section. It’s the body section where you get the much-needed clarity on the homepage. With features such as Secure Payment Gateways, Manage Lines and Users, and Own Brand and DNS, you learn about the service scheme of things.


Impressive website design is backed up by an equally well-designed footer section. There are two main sections on the left – Resources and product, and a subscription panel on the right. Under the resources section, you can find options such as ‘Fixtures’, ‘Help’, ‘How IPTV Stack Works’, ‘Privacy Policy’, and ‘Terms & Conditions’. Under the Products section, you can find ‘Pricing’, ‘Reseller’, and ‘Start a Trial’.

Inner Pages

All the inner pages have in-depth content about the service. From understanding IPTV to IPTV Stacks’ offerings, you can learn about different products and services. You can access the inner pages by clicking on the options on the homepage. If you’re a reseller, you’d want to check out the ‘reseller page’ to learn more about the offering.


IPTV Stack provides you with all the necessary resources to get your IPTV journey started. IPTV Stack allows you to access 4000+ channels and also helps you start your own brand. Each reseller gets his/her own dashboard where they can manage the DNS and sell the service under their own brand. Apart from these fresh features, you can stream premium IPTV channels, get access to VOD content that is updated daily, Catch-up on important channels, Complete EPG source, and add up to five connections.

Desktop/Mobile experience

A remarkable service manages to distinguish itself from the pack. For them, the basics are important but that’s not what they’re gearing towards. With IPTV Stack, providing an amazing infrastructure is the goal as opposed to mere channels. They want users to be in complete control of their subscriptions and if need be, try their own luck as a reseller. As for my experience on this platform, I’d like to highlight four different features that I adore on this platform.

Plug & Play

With the Plug & Play feature, you get support for all the latest media players and streaming devices. This feature helps you stream your favorite movies and tv shows from wherever you want.

Play Game, Stream Live TV

IPTV Stack is compatible with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Thus, you can add that entertainment factor to your gaming console. We’ve seen numerous IPTV services working on making their product compatible with Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With IPTV Stack, you don’t have to wait, as it’s already there. Feel like watching Goal right after winning the Champions League in FIFA 20? Go ahead.


While we’ve already discussed the compatibility, the portability of IPTV Stack deserves a mention too. Since IPTV Stack has an app on the Play Store and App Store, you can stream from any device you want. Be it an Android device or your iPhone, you can use it on the go.


IPTV Stack is a modern-machine learning specimen. It gains insights from your sessions and works towards improving the overall performance in the background. With the most advanced algorithm in force, you get access to an intelligent, user-friendly dashboard curated for the users.

Plans & Pricing

IPTV Stack doesn’t have a tier-based pricing structure. You have to pay €120/year and that’s the reason why they bill you €10/month.

Suggestions I have for IPTV Stack

IPTV Stack is a great platform for resellers and viewers alike. But given the fact that you’ve to pay €120/year, it’s fair to say that it’s not really working towards attracting a general viewer. People who want to resell the service and use it from a business perspective are likely to use this platform.


IPTV Stack is a great platform if you want to watch the best TV channels and on-demand content for €10/month. In addition, to live channels and on-demand content, you can record content and make use of an extensive amount of features offered. Thus, when you see it from that perspective, it doesn’t feel too expensive.

Likes & Hates:
Dedicated Dashboard
Great website design
Commendable infrastructure
Reseller bounties
Slightly Expensive
Not meant for general viewers