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If you’re spending $80-$100 per month on your cable or satellite tv package, now’s a good time to reconsider those options. You no longer need to pay the hefty amount and at the same time. With IPTVPoint, you get the best content in great quality which you can watch on any device and from anywhere in the world.

What is IPTVPoint?

IPTVPoint is a popular IPTV service known for offering a large catalog of channels along with on-demand content at an affordable price. They act as a reliable cord-cutting alternative mainly due to their content prowess. However, this particular service is not just limited to content, you get much more than just the titles. You can stream in full HD and even 4K quality if you have a supporting device. There are more than 7500+ live tv channels along with a content bank filled with your favorite movies and tv shows.

Why should you stream on IPTVPoint?

IPTVPoint has taken the IPTV industry by a storm. The users who are active IPTVPoint subscribers have a lot of positives to say about this network. From its content capabilities to its compatibility. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about this service. Based on my experience, I’d like to share some of the valuable points with you.

Laudable streaming quality

An IPTV service builds its trust-based upon its streaming quality. And IPTVPoint doesn’t disappoint in this section. You get the pristine quality and clarity across with viewing resolution. Whether you’re viewing a title in HD, Full HD, or 4K quality, if you have a good internet connection, you’re going to have an amazing time on this streaming site. Crystal clear picture, crisp audio, and lag-free playback are few of the many things that you can expect from this service.

Affordable pricing

Most of the cable, satellite, and premium streaming services cost around $50/month. If you compare that figure to IPTVPoint, you can save up to $600 per year. Not just that, you can also access nearly 10 times more channels and on-demand content which you normally wouldn’t find on a single cable, satellite tv or a premium streaming network. There are many packages for you to choose from and this flexibility is what makes IPTVPoint a beloved IPTV service.

Lifetime Updates

Once you subscribe to IPTVPoint, you no longer need to pay for any updates. You can make most of the tutorials ranging from the installation process to the updating process. As a premium member, you get also the updates for free and customer support 24/7. IPTV Point’s server automatically refreshes the platform to add new channels and improve viewing capabilities so you can enjoy without worrying about manual updates.

How to access IPTVPoint?

You can access IPTV Point in two ways. First is simply by searching for the term ‘IPTVPoint’ in your search engine through which you’ll find the website on the first page. If you want to access the website directly, you can use the following link: IPTVPoint. Before accessing this IPTV website, just make sure that you’re using an active VPN so to protect your identity from hackers as well as your device from adware and malware.


I really liked what I saw on the website. The green and white color combination throughout the website looks super cool. It looks very professional and the layout doesn’t miss a beat in any section. From the hero section on the homepage to the blog page, elements follow the same brand guidelines.


The header section on the website has six key options – ‘Home’, ‘Tutorials’, ‘Blog’, ‘Reseller’, ‘Contact’, and ‘Subscribe Now’. All of these categories are self-explanatory. If you want to learn more about the brand, you can click on the categories and move towards the inner pages. For instance, if you’re new and would like to learn about IPTV and how to get started, you can refer to the tutorials section.

Hero Section

A simple banner with a vignette effect and a dark transparent layer really helps the text to stand out. Apart from the beautiful background banner, you can find a headline that reads ‘The #1 Recommended IPTV Subscription Service’. Under the headline, you have a short summary followed by pointers and CTA buttons – ‘Subscribe Now’ and ‘Learn more’. All the crucial information has been shared in this particular section which builds trust among the prospective buyers.


The body section of the IPTVPoint is filled with content. As you scroll down, you’ll find a small paragraph helping you understand the benefits of choosing an IPTV over traditional service providers. Under that paragraph, you’ll find four static cards – Channels, VOD, Compatibility, Support. Each highlighting USPs of IPTVPoint. Under this section, you’ll find flags of different countries from around the world that highlights IPTVPoint’s global coverage.


In the footer section, you can find six key options – ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Terms’, ‘Refund Policy’, ‘FAQ’, ‘Reseller’, and ‘Contact’. You can click on any of these options to navigate to that particular page. Reading about the refund policy will help you make a concrete decision.

Inner Pages

The inner pages are designed as well as the homepage. For instance, on the blog page, you can find four different cards showcasing four different blog posts. The layout matches the design-approach we saw on the homepage. These blog posts help new users to learn how to install the service and learn about different players and channels. If you’re an experienced streamer wanting to start your own IPTV website, make sure to check out the reseller page.


There are more than 7000+ IPTV channels from countries such as the UK, the US, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, China, Japan, Brazil, and India to name a few. You’ll find channels from not just English-speaking countries but from Latin America and Arabic countries as well. Thus, regardless of where you are in the world, you’ll find a channel from your native country in the best possible quality.

Movies & TV Shows catalog

Though this aspect would have easily been covered above, I feel it deserves its own recognition. With IPTVPoint, you get to access premium movie titles including the blockbuster hits along with the recent releases. You can access the latest release, classics, and blockbuster titles at just $14/mo. Other than movies, you can also binge-watch your favorite tv shows from major television networks. So whether you’re into comedy sketches, dramas, soap operas, or adventure, you’ll find something on this network.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed IPTVPoint on my HP15 laptop and my Google Pixel 3a. I had a great time streaming movies and tv shows on these devices. My streaming experience was seamless without any major hiccups. The best part about this IPTV site is that you can stream on a wide range of devices. And that’s the reason why I decided to add the following point.

Great Compatibility

IPTVPoint similar to other IPTV services gives you an escape route from annoying cables and set-top boxes. Go cordless, as IPTVPoint allows you to enjoy over 7000+ channels, movies, tv shows, and sports events just with your internet connection. Other than your primary device, you can stream IPTVPoint on various devices such as your Samsung or LG Smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick, MacBook or even your iPhone.

Plans & Pricing

As for Plans & Pricing, there are four different options. With every plan, you get access to VOD, Full HD Channels, 24/7 Live TV, 7000+ channels, EPG + Catch Up content. The four different plans are as follows: $14/mo, $34/Quarterly, $54/half-yearly, and $79/yearly.

Suggestions I have for IPTVPoint

I like everything about this website, however, I’d advise the developers to bring down the monthly price point. Let the user try for a month if the service is that great. Don’t keep it free but at the same time, $14/mo is something you don’t pay for Prime Video & Hulu combined. So that doesn’t really make sense to me.


Overall, IPTVPoint has all the ingredients required to make it a delicious IPTV service. You can enjoy all the top shows and movies in full HD quality for a ridiculously affordable price.

Likes & Hates:
Huge Content Catalog
Great Streaming Capabilities
Laudable Compatibility
Monthly package is too expensive