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JagoBD (IN)

3/5 User rating
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When it comes to free live TV streaming sites, quality can be elusive. It can be hard to find a site that lets you stream live TV for free that also offers decent site design, a mobile friendly experience, plenty of features, and reliable HD streaming without endless buffering.

So, then, where does the Bangladeshi free live TV streaming site, Jago BD fall on the spectrum from the best free live TV streaming sites to the worst? Well, let’s take a look, shall we, and see for ourselves!


It can be said that a website’s first impression is made by its site design and layout. This is, after all, the first thing that a user will notice when they visit a site, how the site presents itself to the world. Anybody who has spent any amount of time searching for free live TV streaming sites (or free streaming sites of any kind) knows well that good site design and streaming free TV do not often go hand in hand. Sure, on an all too rare occasion maybe I will happen upon the mythical free live TV streaming site that offers an intuitive, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing build, but they are few and far between.

I wish that this could be a way into discussing how Jago BD is a beautifully designed site that is every bit as effective as it is easy on the eyes. However, I am beholden to the truth. Therefore, I am, unfortunately, not going to be able to find much to say in the way of compliments when it comes to Jago BD’s site design. In fact, I will even go as far as to say that it is downright bad. Not awful. Not the worst free live TV streaming site design that I have ever come across, that is for sure, but far (far) from the best.

I don’t want to be overly negative. In that spirit, allow me to preface my critique of Jago BD’s design by pointing out a strength. If there is anything nice to say it is that Jago BD offers a nice, clean, and organized layout. There is nothing confusing about the site whatsoever. Everything has its place, and every section of the site is easily accessible without any unnecessary confusion or too much clutter. This is definitely something worth celebrating. There are a lot of free live TV streaming sites, after all, about which not even that much can be said.

Now, onto the scathing criticism. Just kidding, I’m not going to be too harsh. Jago BD does, after all, make it possible to stream live TV for free. So, you know the old saying, beggars can’t be choosers, right? Honestly, my biggest beef with Jago BD is the fact that it just doesn’t look good. The site is simply not up to par with modern site design standards. Perhaps by the standards of, I don’t know, 1999, Jago BD would be a decent build. But this is 2021, the bar for sleek, responsive, dynamic, and immersive site design has been set extremely high by other sites, both in the streaming industry and elsewhere.

Therefore, by comparison, Jago BD is just plain. It is boring. There is nothing in the way of user experience whatsoever. All you will find when your browser lands you on Jago BD’s home page is a site menu bar, and 3 lists: Bangla TV, Bangla Radio, and Bangla Newspaper. Oh, and at the very bottom of the page, for some reason that I can’t quite figure out, there is another, longer list, allowing users to access every free live TV channel available on Jago BD.

My question is this: why wouldn’t they just make it so that you could access all of these channels from the main section at the top of the page labeled “Bangla TV?” Wouldn’t that make more sense than including 2 separate TV menus? I am at a loss…

Once you get past the weird layout decisions and the overall bland look and feel of Jago BD, however, there are some charms to it. While you are streaming live TV, for instance, I like that there is a complete list of channels conveniently located right beside the media player. This allows for something like channel surfing (a rare experience in the streaming age).

On the whole, though, I really think that Jago BD could benefit from a wholescale redesign. Honestly, if I ran this site, I would probably just scrap this design and start from scratch. It’s high time for a bit of a design upgrade, wouldn’t you say?

Content and Features

Sadly, this site is also not very rich in features. I mean, it does what it is meant to do: it lets you stream live TV for free. But that is about all that it lets you do. Other free live TV streaming sites will let you add certain channels to your favorites list, recommend series and programming based on your viewing habits, provide on-demand streaming of the shows and movies you may have missed when they aired live, etc. Jago BD, however, is free live TV streaming, and that is all it is.

Well, okay, maybe that is an oversimplification. There are a couple things that Jago BD offers that you won’t find on every free live TV streaming site. For instance, in addition to streaming live TV, you can also stream live radio. So, that’s a nice touch. Plus, the site links to reputable Bangladeshi news sites. Essentially, if you find that you really like Jago BD, it could be your one-stop shop for all things current events in Bangladesh.

Other than that, though, there is not much to Jago BD. It is a very straightforward site. Stream live TV free. Stream free radio. Read the paper. If ever there was a site to compliment your morning cup of coffee, it is this one.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Not to sound too incredulous or anything, but holy crap … Jago BD actually has a mobile app, if you can believe that!

I didn’t believe my eyes at first. It is incredibly rare for a free live TV streaming site like this to have a mobile app, let alone one with what looks like relatively amateurish and dated site design. The site doesn’t exactly look like it would be employing any kind of cutting edge (or even modern, for that matter) technology. But, lo and behold, there is a Jago BD free live TV streaming app available on the Google Play store – free download and everything.

I was even more surprised when I saw that the Jago BD app was actually quite good. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s no Netflix or anything, but it is also one of the better free live TV streaming apps that I have seen. It is relatively sleek, intuitive, and smooth – it is kind of the antithesis to the desktop site.

Other viewers seem to agree with me, seeing as Jago BD has an average user rating of 4.2 on Google Play (Android users are not easily impressed with streaming apps usually). The only downsides here? For one, people seem to not be fond of the fact that the app only allows for HD streaming; so, if you are low on data or have a lousy connection, you may find it difficult to actually stream live TV. On the other hand, though, the fact that it allows for HD live TV streaming on your phone at all is pretty awesome.

Secondly, sorry iPhoners. There is not currently a Jago BD app for iOS. Maybe that’s in the works (fingers crossed).

Unfortunately, though, I do have some more bad news about Jago BD.

If you have used free live TV streaming sites in the past, then chances are that you are already aware of the fact that they can sometimes (okay, okay, oftentimes) be pretty riddled with ads. Jago BD, sadly, is no different. There are far too many ads for my liking (I mean, ideally, of course, there would be none). You’ll be hit with popups, popunders, margin ads … they’re going to throw pretty much every ad in the book at you. So, proceed with caution.

The worst part of this? The site also annoyingly requires you to disable your ad blocker before providing you with the full free live TV streaming experience. There will be a pesky gray filter that overlays the live TV stream with “please disable ad blocker” written across the center of the screen. So, if ads are a deal breaker for you (as they are for me when they are this prevalent), perhaps Jago BD might not be the best free live TV streaming site for you after all.

Likes & Hates:
Dozens of free live TV channels
Solid app
Free radio streaming and online newspapers as well
Way too many ads
Site makes you disable ad blocker to view content
Dated, boring site design