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When it comes to the streaming service, Masterani, users won’t find much information. The brand is practically a ghost. I did an internet deep dive on this website and only found a small Facebook page that was mostly empty. There is no “About Us” section on the website to be found. There are no dates signaling when the website may have popped up, but I did find a Reddit post from 2015 that mentioned the website, so it has been around since then, at least.

The most information I could find from the brand themselves was in their Privacy Policy. Masterani claims to let viewers find their favorite anime links to watch. They also warn users that they collect personal data. They collect IP addresses and browser user agents whenever users leave comments. Supposedly, it helps keep the spambots away. There is a contact form available on the website, but I doubt it works. The contact email available is definitely a fake one.

Website Design

I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the landing page of Masterani. The background of a full-image anime photo really draws users’ attention. It looks polished, clean, and professional, yet fun. The header presents three options – home, anime movies, or anime series.

The organization of the website is pretty good. It’s slightly smaller than most anime streaming sites I typically use. There are approximately 450 titles in the Masterani library. After getting past the home page, the rest of the site is somewhat plain. It uses a night mode theme, like most other anime sites. The logo is simple but visually appealing.

Navigation on Masterani is not the best. The advertisements themselves are not overwhelming. Most of them are in the sidebar or header. They are annoying, but not a deal-breaker. However, trying to click on any portion of the website results in a slew of pop-up ads that prompt users to download suspicious files. If you aren’t fast enough to click the exit button, there’s no telling what would happen to your computer.


The content of the website is pretty straightforward. There are anime series and anime movies available. From what I could tell most, if not all, are subtitled versions of anime. There are over 12 pages of series, but the movies are lacking with only 2 available pages.

There are many genres available on Masterani. Some of them include adventure, action, comedy, crime, drama, family, horror, music, mystery, romance, thriller, war, sci-fi, kids, history, and fantasy. There are a lot of popular titles available on the site like The Promised Neverland, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Yugioh, and more.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The desktop version of this website is not the best. I have seen worse anime streaming sites in my time, but not by much. My first impression of the home page tricked me into thinking the website would be impressive. Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues on desktop and mobile that proved that theory wrong. Navigation on the desktop is terrible. The website is organized, but it does not make a difference because of the number of pop-up ads. The ads are so overpowering it is easy to want to give up and leave the site.

The mobile version of the website is not much better. The home page is squished together and not as impactful in this version. The text is much darker on mobile for some reason. It is close to impossible to read headers. The missing “About” section on the desktop appears at the bottom of the mobile version but is still very useless information. There is no application. Both versions are a pain to use.


There are some really great features Masterani incorporates into their website. One of my favorite parts is the size of the English subtitles. In comparison to a lot of other subtitled anime, the ones on this website seem to have a larger and clearer font. It isn’t obstructive of the animation but really enhances the reading experience.

The video quality is very good. There is virtually no buffering time with Masterani. Within the first ten seconds of video, I had a clear, crisp anime. The night mode really enhances viewing for websites like these. The audio is up to speed, as well. In terms of quality, I would rank the audio somewhere in the middle. The voices were loud enough, but the clarity was debatable.

Information presented about the series is another great feature. The descriptions offer a comprehensive summary of the show, along with classifying its genre, release date, writer, creator, voice actors, country of origin, duration, quality, and ratings. Accompanying the description is a promotional poster of the series.

The home page is the highlight of this website. It is visually stunning! It features a large background portrait of an anime character. The background is the focal point and grabs attention. The colors used are striking and interesting. The organization and navigation from the home page are great.

One thing that I thought about as a positive first is the number of advertisements on the website. There are not very many. They mostly stay in the header and a few in the sidebar. It is not incredibly distracting, but there is a catch – there are overwhelming pop-ups to make up for the low count of ads.


The negatives about Masterani are hidden well, at first. I was fooled by the polished home page. Unfortunately, there are some poor features that I can’t overlook.

The worst part about Masterani is hands down the pop-up ads. The ads were so bad my pop-up blocker didn’t have time to detect and get rid of them. Anytime users click, even if it is not on a specific link an ad will pop-up. There are also a few ads that hover over the videos, disrupting the viewing experience.

A strange note about Masterani – they are unfindable almost everywhere. There is no social media except a mostly empty Facebook. There are no “About Us” pages. They are very mysterious. They even go as far as supplying users with a fake email to contact them if there are any issues with the website. Their Privacy Policy text is a colored font. It is all grey on an all-black background. It is impossible to read unless it is highlighted. I found this slightly suspicious. There are a few questionable lines in it about collecting personal data that made me feel uneasy.

Lastly, for an anime streaming website, the content is very limited. The answer to this could be that compared to other anime websites, this one does not carry very many dubbed English shows. I noticed a lot of popular anime missing from their list. They have a tab to submit requests, but it leads to the same page as the obviously fake email.

Improvements Needed

There are some massive improvements that could be implemented to improve Masterani. Unfortunately, I believe this website is past saving. My advice would be to scrap it and start fresh.

If I had to give suggestions based on the existing website in its current condition I would suggest that Masterani get rid of the pop-up ads and instead use their blank backgrounds to host more ads. I prefer ads I know about over ones that sneak up on me.

I would also suggest that the website host more titles. Currently, there are many more websites ahead of the game by hosting double of the same title. They host the subtitled original version and a dubbed English version. It is an easy way to expand the media library.


It’s very frustrating because there are some great features about the website, but the bad overlaps the good so much it is irrelevant. On the surface, Masterani looks like a professional anime streaming service, but there are many issues that keep it from being successful. In terms of anime streaming, I would not re-visit this website.

Likes & Hates:
The home page is eye-catching
The video quality is good
The audio is good
The captions are large and clear
The information section is useful
The pop-ups are overwhelming
Navigation is not good
There are not very many titles available
There are only subtitled series
The text and font are very difficult to read