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Though the majority of the world is still reliant on cable and satellite tv service providers, the ways in which they consume content are not just restricted to that. Especially, with Digital Library Network Alliance’s users have been using their PC to elevate their content viewing experience. Using the DLNA media server, you can not only connect to various devices but also stream any file that you’d want. These services are much more than just media servers, you can create playlists, import them, rip CDs, sync it with iTunes library, and organize media through a user-intuitive platform.

What is Mezzmo?

Mezzmo is a DLNA media server offered by Conceiva that allows you to enhance your media viewing experience. Once you’ve connected your devices to this home network, all your files and data is synced as per your convenience. Mezzmo provides you complete flexibility and acts as an ultimate media server for listening to music, watching photos and streaming movies to your DLNA and UPnP devices. A fascinating thing about Mezzmo is that it offers the best-in-class media sharing features on the Windows platform.

Why should you use Mezzmo?

As I mentioned earlier, Mezzmo is more than just a personal server. From setting up your TV to your home theater, digital media appliances, and gaming consoles, you can use Mezzmo for anything. Today we’re going to look into several aspects that make this media server great.

Great Compatibility

Mezzmo, as mentioned earlier, works with all the DLNA and UPnP enabled devices such as home theater systems, TVs, Blu-rays, tablets, smartphones, software media players, and other devices. The list of devices that Mezzmo supports include TVs from Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Phillips, Sharp, Pioneer. Apart from TVs, it supports Blu-ray players from Sony, Samsung, LG, and Panasonic. It also supports gaming consoles such as Microsoft Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Apple iPad, iPhone, Android Devices, Windows Media Player and even Chromecast.

Comprehensive Metadata

Mezzmo extracts all the details about the content – artwork and text metadata such as genre, artist, title, description, actors, and directors from media files. Other than the local database it also makes use of external metadata sources such as mymovies.xml, movies.xml, XBMC NFO/TBN Files, series.xml among many others. In addition to usual data extraction, it also retrieves poster and backdrop artwork from various websites.

Extensive file support

Almost all popular music, video and image formats are supported by Mezzmo. Not just these but a wide range of subtitle formats are supported too. In cases where your device doesn’t support the media, it transcodes the file to make it compatible on the go. Thus, you don’t need any extra codec packs or extension to get a file running. Transcoding can be handled by the majority of the systems today. Back in the day, not every PC system could carry on the intensive transcoding process. Even in those days, Mezzmo with its multithreaded transcoding was optimized for 64-bit and well as 32-bit processing.

Easy to use

You don’t need to be technically great to get this service up and running. It’s fairly easy to set-up and use. Once you install it, it automatically finds all the content and organizes it on your computer. All your movies, tv shows, images, videos, and music are stored safely on your own computer or drives. You can also import content from iTunes, WMP, CDs, and WinAmp. Connecting to multiple devices is as easy as setting up. You can even stream ripped Blu-rays, ISO files, and DVDs in a hassle-free manner.

Online Channels & Plugins

There’s Mezzmo and there’s Mezzmo Pro. The difference between both the service is massive. With Mezzmo Pro, you get access to third-party plugins and online channels. This means that you can access services such as TuneIn Online Radio, Twitch, Movie Trailers, TED Talks, and ShoutCast Radio along with being able to access new online channels and other plugins.

How to access Mezzmo?

Accessing Mezzmo is not that tough. You can search for the term ‘Mezzmo’ and you’d likely find it on the first page of the search result. Alternatively, you can use the following link on the left to access the website directly. Don’t get confused by the URL. Mezzmo is the product offered by Conceiva and thus it’s available exclusively on their website.


The design surely isn’t up-to-date with 2020. It looks and feels old. But I’d be wrong if I say that the user interface isn’t slick. The developers have gone for functionality over form and I’m impressed. The website is quick to load and every page is optimized. I love the Mezzmo dedicated page because once you’re on it. You don’t need to step out. All the crucial information regarding the service has been displayed on a single page.


The header section has six options – Products, Company, Support, Buy, Download, and Forum on the left. Towards the right, you’ll find a search bar and above that, you can find the drop-down language preference menu. Again, there’s not much from a visual sense, it’s all plain and simple.

Hero Section

The hero section is packed with valuable information. There’s a primary banner at the top and ‘Table of Content’ guide on the left. Towards the right, you have CTA buttons such as ‘Download’, ‘Buy Pro’, and ‘Follow’. It’s really the left panel that you’d refer to if you landed on this page.

You can choose from a complete guide that includes options such as Download Studio, Mezzmo – Wiki, What’s New, Features, Device Support, Format Support, Screenshots, FAQs, Reviews, Buy, Download, Credits. Other than this complete guide you have options such as Mezzmo Android, Mezzmo Web, Mezzmo for Roku, Mezzmo for Kodi, Mezzmo for Chromecast and Mezzmo for Samsung TV.


The body section of the landing page is filled with content. Everything that you want to learn about can be accessed via the panel you saw in the hero section. For instance, if you want to learn about ‘Format Support’, just click on the text and you’ll be redirected to that page. Thus, you have all the crucial information in a detailed body section.


The footer section has five options on the left and six options on the right. The ones on the left include ‘English’, ‘Japanese’, ‘Privacy’, ‘Site Map’, and ‘Bookmark’. The ones on the right include ‘Products’, ‘Company’, ‘Support’, ‘Buy’, ‘Download’, and ‘Forum’. It’s good to see all these navigation options as browsing around the website becomes more efficient.

Desktop/Mobile Experience

Streaming content on Mezzmo was amazing. Among everything that I tried on this platform, there were a few features that stood out in terms of the viewing experience.

Flexible Subtitle features

Some of the additional features that I love in Mezzmo include the subtitles’ compatibility. You can stream almost any subtitles to all your devices. It supports all the external subtitle file formats along with embedded subtitle formats including the 3D ones. Users can also customize Mezzmo for each device which can allow them to stream different subtitles languages on different devices.

Chromecast Support

Using the Mezzo server and the Android app allows you to stream content through your Chromecast dongle. The service automatically transcodes the incompatible files and runs it on any device. Subtitles, along with metadata and other tiny details make the process of streaming through Chromecast a seamless one.

Plans & Pricing

You have two Mezzmo premium software to choose from. The DownloadStudio 10.0 is priced at $14.97 whereas the Mezzmo Pro 6.0 for Windows is priced at $29.95. Mind you that the price that you pay is a one-time fee and not a recurring one.

Suggestions I have for Mezzmo

First of all, I really believe that the developers should work towards enhancing the platform. I mean the service is great but the website looks outdated. Second, it’d be great if they create a separate website from Mezzmo which is as detailed as the one you find on Conceiva. There’s just a wiki page for Mezzmo and that’s quite confusing. Most SaaS companies avoid creating individual identities but I’d love for Mezzmo to have its own platform.


If you’re looking for an effective software application that allows you to stream media on all your devices, you should look no further than Mezzmo. The majority of us are tired of Windows Media Center and thus Mezzmo comes off as a breath of fresh air. Owing to its amazing flexibility in terms of compatibility and system requirements, Mezzmo is one of the most competent media servers available online.

Likes & Hates:
Excellent device support
Comprehensive platform
Commendable transcoding
Lacks individual platform