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There are plenty of premium sports streaming services out there to choose from. In fact, the world of online sports streaming has become so specialized that, no matter what sport you happen to be obsessed with, you will probably be able to find a high-quality premium streaming service that caters to it. Nearly every individual sporting league, too, has its own HD streaming service – some of which even offer access to live events or pay per view specials (and discounts at the very least). No matter what your sport of choice may be, this is truly a wonderful time to be alive!

Still, though, there is no guarantee that the premium sports streaming service that speaks to your particular niche will always be worth the amount of money that they charge per month in order to subscribe. As is the case with any sort of streaming site or app, there is a great deal of variance in terms of quality, diversity and amount of content, and usability. So, you may be an American football fanatic, for instance, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the NFL’s streaming service is automatically going to give you everything you need.

What is more often the case is this: you may need to consider a combination of multiple streaming services in order to get precisely the digital media experience that you crave. To piggyback off the football example … maybe, should you find that the NFL’s over the top streaming service is not quite cutting it in one way or another, you could consider pairing it with, I don’t know, ESPN Plus. This way, you are almost guaranteed access to all the games you need to see, as well as top-notch stats, analyses, and postgame highlights. The key is to be as strategic as possible when it comes time to decide on which streaming service (or streaming services) you are going to commit to.

However, when it comes to sports with a little less mainstream appeal, you may just find that all you need is a single service. Usually, the one that directly relates to your more niche sport of choice. Luckily for us, almost every sport known to man has its own streaming service dedicated to it. So, we are free to get as specific as need be when choosing streaming sites. And if you find that you just can’t get enough of the Motorcycle Grand Prix, then Moto GP Video Pass may be just the service you need.

That being said, Moto GP Video Pass still may not be for everyone. So, why don’t we delve into the service and what it offers to see whether it will be worth footing the monthly bill?


The first time that a motorcycle race was held in a Grand Prix fashion was in 1949. And ever since then, the sport took off with abandon. Although it may not be the most popular racing sport in the world, it has proven to be one of the longest-running and most captivating to watch, by far.

Traditionally, there have been several races at each GP event, each in various motorcycle classes. These classes are based on engine size; there is also one for sidecars. In the infancy of Moto GP, classes existed for 50 cc, 80 cc, 125 cc, 350 cc, and 500 cc (for solo bikes); as far as sidecars were concerned, you had two classes: 350 cc and 500 cc. For much of Moto GP’s history, four-stroke engines dominated the contests. However, in the 1960s you began seeing a lot more two-stroke vehicles in the smaller classes.

Throughout the history of Moto GP, there have been many changes to the official rules. In 1969, for example, it became required for all vehicles to be restricted to six-gears and two cylinders (four cylinders for the 350 and 500 cc classes). This led to a huge walkout of the league by makers like Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha. This skewed results tables for quite some time, at least until Yamaha and Suzuki returned in 1973 with two-cylinder designs.

In 2012, another huge breakthrough occurred. The engine capacity was increased once more, making room for a new class: 1,000 cc. And this relatively recent expansion has fueled a renewed interest and enthusiasm for the sport, as these 1,000 cc engines are beyond remarkable in their power and speed. And today, with a fresh premium streaming service on their hands, Moto GP has the opportunity to appeal to a whole new generation of would-be enthusiasts. If the service has what it takes, that is.


It looks like Moto GP Video Pass is off to a strong start when it comes to the way the site and app are designed. They have opted for a classic black and red theme, fitting, it seems, for a racing site. There is a certain speed to the feel of the design, quickness to the no-nonsense layout that provides a convenient and hasty user-experience. Anyone could log in to this streaming service and immediately figure its intuitive design out and be watching races.

Moto GP Video Pass also offers a viewing experience unlike any I have ever seen before. Not only can you watch the normal Moto GP camera angles as the race occurs, but this service puts you behind the wheel, so to speak, in how you watch the races. choose from several different points of view and rearrange multiple stream windows as you see fit. So, for instance, if you want the largest media player to stream the bird’s eye view, you can drag and drop that angle to the main media player.

There are also three smaller media players, though, onto which you can drag and drop other viewing options – such as specific driver POVs, helicopter view, commentary view, or ambient. You can watch every race exactly as you see fit with Moto GP Video Pass. This is, in my opinion, the level of customizability that every streaming app should offer, especially when it comes to live sports events.


In addition to having access to every single live Moto GP event, you will also be able to view warmups, exclusive pre-race interviews, and special commentary content not available anywhere else. Another place where Video Pass really starts to prove its worth is in its robust archive of historical race footage. Enjoy instant, on-demand access to every single filmed Moto Grand Prix race.

Another cool aspect of Moto GP Video Pass is the way in which you can pause live races and create your own instant replays. There are also video markers that allow you to skip through prerecorded races and see exactly where the action occurs. Add to this huge list of features the fact that you can view races from a 360-degree driver’s seat camera if you so desire, and you begin to see why Moto GP Video Pass is one of the most versatile and unique sports streaming services on the market today.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Another thing to love about Moto GP Video Pass is the fact that you can enjoy it no matter where you happen to be. Not only can you make the most of this service on your desktop computer, but with the accompanying apps that are offered, you never have to miss out on a moment. Moto GP Video Pass works just as well on your laptop as it does on your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or Roku device.

Pricing and Plans

This is maybe where fans might flinch from Moto GP Video Pass. It isn’t the cheapest premium streaming package out there, that’s for sure. Video Pass offers a few different ways to pay, none of which are particularly affordable. Nevertheless, here is the breakdown:

-Pay by season: $151 gets you unlimited access for the year (until November)

-Pay by season (in 4 installments): $31.99, quarterly

-Pay by month: $21.67/month.

So, as you can see, even though Moto GP Video Pass has a lot to offer, it certainly comes at a premium. However, if you can afford it and you are a huge Moto GP fan, this is definitely going to be the best way to keep up with the races.

Suggestions that I have for Moto GP

Well, leading off of that, I really wish there was a way to make this service cheaper. I even wouldn’t mind it, personally, if they added another payment tier. Perhaps for half the price of the monthly payment (around $10/month) they could offer a partially limited or ad-included version of the service.

Likes & Hates:
Awesome customizable content
Great design/layout
Very cool, unique user experience
Live races, huge archive
Exclusive content
Could offer additional plans