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The NBC Network is one of the giants in the television, movie, radio, and entertainment industry. They are one of the biggest and best in the business. When it comes to streaming their television shows on the NBC TV Network, they give it the same attention as their other projects. The passion and dedication really show on their website.

An interesting fact about NBC is that they have a website chronicling their growth as one of the largest stations in the world. The website can be found at and lists the various accomplishes the network has made throughout the years. After reviewing the timeline, it is apparent that the growth of the company is thanks to the phenomenal hard workers behind the scenes.

NBC has aired many noteworthy events and shows over the course of its long life. The Macy’s Day Parade was first aired in 1939 and became an annual tradition in many American households. NBC was one of the first networks to air color television. The network was almost an entire decade ahead of the other providers.

In 1959, the first color western Bonanza came from NBC. The show aired for 14 years. Another popular show for the network was Golden Girls, which aired in 1985. Both shows are still re-run regularly. Some other well-recognized shows that came from the network are – Law and Order, The Office, Parks and Rec, and many more.

Website Design

Looking at television networks that provide online streaming service, most end up being mediocre, at best. However, NBC does a great job. The company prioritizes viewers and doesn’t overload the website with advertisements.

There is a large slideshow under the main menu with featured shows in the slides. The menu is simple and easy to read. The search bar is a bit difficult to find since it is in the shape of a magnifying glass without text. The color scheme is a monochrome black and white. Overall, the website design is fine.


NBC is known for the massive amount of media it puts out. There are countless films, radio broadcasts, and shows. NBC TV Network focuses on streaming its television shows.

The website hosts an enormous library. It is compromised of shows from the many smaller networks that NBC owns. Some of the networks that offer programs include Bravo, CNBC, E!, MSNBC, NBC, Oxygen, SyFy, Telemundo, Universal Kids, Universo, and USA.

There are so many shows it can be hard deciding where to start first. NBC has quite a few lists on the home page with categories like Throwbacks, Trending, and Bingeworthy. There are numerous genres and decades. Although the streaming service focuses on the series the number of movies available is impressive. They offer three free locked episodes to anyone who creates an account. So even if you do not connect your television provider you can unlock the most important content you want to watch. Creating a profile only takes a few minutes.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The desktop website is easy to navigate. It is very plain, but that is not a negative. The search bar is not very clear on the desktop, upon first glance. It is disguised in the corner as a small magnifying glass.

The mobile browser version is in the same boat. It isn’t exactly bad, but it has a couple of hiccups. For one, it takes quite a while to load the page in a mobile browser. Next, most shows force you to download the app to play the media. The button promoting the app is somewhat small and hovers around the bottom of the browser.

The application uses Bluetooth to connect with nearby televisions. Visually, the lists are the same, but the color scheme is very different. The app uses a vibrant purple background for its homepage, a grey one for it shows category and a dull pink for the search page. The app loads a lot better than the other options.


In comparison with the other large network’s streaming sites, NBC blows the competition out of the water. They offer a very reasonable amount of content for free while keeping some things locked for paying viewers with active subscriptions. They also offer options to view three free locked episodes for creating an account with them.

Another positive of using this service is the ease of navigation. The menu is formatted well. One of the best navigation tools is the menu from the episodes. It allows you to access fun facts about the cast, trivia, and other information about the program.

The advertisements are very few. There are only two to three breaks in between shows. Even so, there are only two ads per break, usually amounting in around one minute or less. Another helpful feature is the autoplay at the end of the episodes.

Typically, I do not click on FAQs or help guides unless something is wrong, but I was curious and checked NBC’s. The reason I checked was that it was in a very visible place on the website. The section was very helpful and had valuable information regarding their streaming site and common troubleshooting.


NBC TV Streaming Service is mostly a very positive experience. It is very hard to choose something wrong with the site. If I had to choose some negative aspects, I would say the load time is not up to par.

Whenever you attempt to click on the show you want to watch there is no response. The page is loading, but nothing signals that to the viewer. It is frustrating to click multiple times and not even see a loading icon. By the time you attempt to click something else, the page will load and leave you even more annoyed.

Another small issue is the search bar. It is not a huge deal, but I could not locate it at first. When looking for the search bar, I usually look for a little bubble that allows you to click and type or even the word “search.” In NBC’s case, their search button is a small magnifying glass. A lot of services use the same glass, but often accompany it with large text.

The video quality on the desktop browser is terrible in the first few minutes of streaming. After it has the chance to buffer, the quality is very good. However, I waited up to three minutes in a stream before the quality balanced.

A related issue to the video quality is the lagging in the advertisements. In total, the amount of ads NBC shows is minimal, but when they lag or do not load properly, it delays the stream. It is an unfortunate negative that I hope is worked out soon.

Improvements Needed

There are not very many changes that need to be made to NBC TV’s streaming services. However, there is always room for improvement. The major changes need to be made on the desktop browser. The app is close to perfect.

The biggest issue for me is not being able to easily recognize the search bar. It is the first thing I look for on any website. I imagine other viewers do the same. It could easily be resolved by separating it from the main menu. It would be even simpler to write the word search next to the symbol.

Initial load times need to be much faster. It is extremely frustrating to click and click for nothing to happen. The quality of the video should also not take as long to balance out either. Finally, the buffering problems with the advertisements would be another great thing to improve.


The broadcasting giant, NBC has always been a prevalent network in the media world. When it comes to streaming services, they do a phenomenal job. The company keeps the viewer in mind when it comes to the design of the website.

The free content is a great feature, as well as the option to unlock free content by signing up for a profile. The variety of content in their vast library is a nice surprise. They collectively distribute their content, as well as the content of other television channels they own. NBC is one of the better television streaming services on the market currently.

Likes & Hates:
The simplicity of the website enables easy navigation
The live video feeds are nice
The number of networks offering shows on the site is plentiful
There is a decent amount of free content
Logging in to a tv provider account unlocks the full library
The FAQ guide is helpful
There are minimal advertisements
Initial load times are very slow
Starting video quality is poor
The search bar is tricky to find
Sometimes advertisements lag