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POPSUGAR is an entertainment news website. The mission of POPSUGAR is to inform and entertain readers in an optimistic manner that empowers women. The website reaches millions of viewers and aims to combine data, technology, and story-telling to excite readers.

There are many POPSUGAR labels across the board. The company has three specific brands – POPSUGAR, Beauty by POPSUGAR, and PS Must Have. POPSUGAR is the multi-media platform. Beauty by POPSUGAR is a makeup company that sources cruelty-free ingredients that boast unique modern packaging. PS Must have is a curated subscription box that includes items pertaining to fashion, the home, and beauty, and more.

POPSUGAR came to life in 2005 when the creators sought to bring readers hot celebrity news to the internet, rather than the newsstands. The website made celebrity and entertainment news more accessible to the general public in real-time.

Website Design

The website design for POPSUGAR is pretty good. However, the advertisements at the very top of the page are off-putting. The distracting clothing store and other featured ads take attention away from the exciting news the website offers. However, it is understandable that the ad placements are visible as this is one of the ways the website generates income.

The template for the website reminds me of a WordPress theme. POPSUGAR does a great job of utilizing the strengths of a well-flowing webpage. All of the new headers and featured images are laid out in a pattern that is easy for readers to view.

Apart from the advertisement headers, the actual POPSUGAR header is visually appealing. The stylized text draws users’ attention in a positive manner. The bold typography of the website name is a good choice. The bold font fills blank space and sets the tone for the rest of the website’s fonts and menus.

Menus on this website are clean and simple. The font is considerably smaller than the header text but impactful, all the same. The primary menu offers tabs on the most popular sections of the site followed by a search bar and favorites tab. Apart from the primary menu, there is a collapsible menu on the left side. I am not personally a fan of it, but it contains some useful information like About, FAQ, Settings, and Advertising.

Finally, the website maintains an impressive flow with its footer menus. The bottom menus include useful information like hiring information and other POPSUGAR brands and websites. The categories are organized nicely.


There are quite a few categories of news that POPSUGAR reports. The website contains categories like Celebrity, Fashion, Fitness, Beauty, Family, Living, Culture, Latina, Video, and Shopping. Each category has its own customized page. Each category has a dropdown menu, further organizing the stories.

The celebrity tab goes into detail about entertainment news. Writers document stories about popular actors, actresses, musicians, and media figures. In this category there are stories like “The Decade Belonged To Beyonce” and “All The Celebrities Expecting Babies!”

The favorites tab creates a space for users to save favorite articles and other media. It also keeps track of favorite products. The feature is only available to users who sign up for a profile though.

The video section is another portion of the website. There are a wide variety of topics covered by POPSUGAR. Some titles you can find in this section include “Our Three Ingredient Homemade Tak on Wendy’s Frosty” and “Amazon Holiday Finds For Your Family.”

The POPSUGAR Shop tab is very helpful. It features gift guides, must-haves, and product reviews. The gift guides are very worthwhile, especially around the holidays. There are multiple articles like “30 Hottest Bags Our Editors Love For Fall, From Topshop to Prada.” It is easy to fall down the rabbit hole reading these titles.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The desktop version of POPSUGAR is okay. The website design is solid and navigation is relatively simple. There are a few glitches here and there, but most are forgivable since the content is so plentiful.

The application offers a more personalized feed and allows you to tinker with settings more than the desktop browser mode does. The app’s menu functions are much better. The primary menu consists of home, explore, favorites, alerts, and profile. The alerts feature tracks breaking news as it is reported. The search functions more smoothly on the app, as well.


POPSUGAR is an excellent source for entertainment because of the varied content. There are so many different articles that draw in a diverse audience. The website does a good job of creating content for multiple readers.

Another positive feature of POPSUGAR is website design. There are a few minor inconveniences, but overall the website functions well. An extremely important part of news websites is the ability to easily navigate and aesthetics. POPSUGAR definitely delivers in terms of aesthetics.

I always find it neat that bigger branded websites have sections to apply as contributors. There is a link at the bottom of POPSUGAR’s website that allows readers to apply to be writers. The process for applying is fairly simple, and a cool bonus. Gift guides and product reviews are one of my favorite article types, and POPSUGAR has plenty of them. The articles are well-informed and in-depth. Choose from gifts for her, gifts for him, hottest gifts, and editor picks for curated lists.

The app is one of the best parts of POPSUGAR. It is by far the best way to interact with the brand. The app is a much more streamlined and enjoyable experience. In comparison with the desktop version, it is the clear-cut winner.


Although POPSUGAR is a nice site, it does have a few issues. I believe some of the problems are due to its hosting site but I am uncertain. The glitches cause problems that deter readers from using the site in the future.

One annoying feature of the website is that anytime you are not on a homepage, the site autoloads its next posts. For readers who want to view the bottom footer with the rest of the links, this is a problem. The extra menu I briefly mentioned earlier is the solution to this problem, but it is not an apparent one. This menu contains a redundant amount of information, like the main menu tabs, then includes the same links as the bottom of the website. The design choice is confusing.

Possibly the biggest issue is the search bar function. It is pretty terrible. I’m not sure if there is a glitch in the system, but instead of searching through the website archives, it kicks you off of the page and pulls up Google. There is no way on the desktop to search through the articles from POPSUGAR other than Google.

Improvements Needed

POPSUGAR could benefit from making a few changes. The biggest issue is the search bar on the desktop browser. The glitch needs to be fixed as soon as possible before readers begin to get frustrated. Fortunately, the app does not have this problem.

Another thing the website could work on would be the organization of articles. The menu organization system is flawless. However, once you click on tabs subcategories would greatly help readers. Depending on the chosen tab, the results often look mismatched and unrelated.


POPSUGAR, founded in 2005, is a source of celebrity, fashion, fitness, beauty, and other news. The website hosts videos, gift guides, and a plethora of intriguing articles. The website design is easy to navigate. It’s extremely easy to fall down the rabbit hole and get lost in the eye-catching titles. Although the desktop browser has some issues, the mobile application is a different experience. I recommend readers utilize the app. It offers more interesting features and organizes the large catalog of content adequately.

Likes & Hates:
The varied content is engaging to many audiences
The website design is aesthetically pleasing
Product and gift guides are helpful
The articles are generally entertaining
Readers can contribute as writers
The app is phenomenal
The desktop search bar does not function properly
The organization of articles within categories is confusing
The website has a few glitches