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Streaming these days isn’t just restricted to movies, tv shows, and anime. In the past decade, the gaming industry has witnessed an enormous rise in respect to members becoming a part of the community. Fans love to watch their favorite streamers. If you’re on YouTube and you like gaming, the chances are that you’d be synonymous with streamers not just on YouTube but Twitch, Mixer, and Facebook watch as well.

What makes live streaming, so epic is that everything happens in real-time. The creators don’t have time to manipulate anything, and so in case they end up doing something weird, the fans latch on to that. There’s a specific term dedicated to people fudging up on live streaming, and it’s called LiveStreamFail. And so naturally, Reddit became the platform where a subreddit by this name was created. LiveStreamFail aims to capture unfortunate streaming moments that are hilarious, wacky, weird, emotional, and at the same time, lunatic. Like memes, LSF is a culture in itself.

Today, we’ll be reviewing one of the most in-demand subreddits – r/LiveStreamFails. You’ll find the funniest, weirdest, and most bizarre content on r/LiveStreamFails.

My recent experience on LiveStreamFail

My recent experience on this subreddit was upvoting the latest twitch update. Apparently, a lot of people have been unhappy about the creators playing back their VOD’s to attract a larger audience. As per the post, I read, ‘Twitch updated community guidelines to stop live rerun Valorant VOD’s occurring.’ Viewers lauded this move as they felt it’s for the greater good. They were keen to learn about Valorant’s real viewership and are expecting them to plummet a lot.

About LiveStreamFail – Community & Members

r/LiveStreamFail is one of the most exciting communities on Reddit. On this subreddit, you’ll find almost all the trending Livestream related content, including mishaps, outbursts, rant, and any other unfortunate event. Almost all the content on this subreddit is sourced from Twitch. There are more than 800,000 members on this page, and at any given time, 10-20k of them are active. LiveStreamFail started its journey on Reddit on Jun 7, 2015, and since then has been adding over 200,000 members every year.

How to access LiveStreamFail?

If you’re already a Reddit member, you can simply type ‘r/LiveStreamFail’ in your search bar and follow the subreddit. On the contrary, if you’re new to the platform, get started by signing up and verifying your email address. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to follow subreddits, comment on posts, and even post anything on any of the subreddits.

Moderators of LiveStreamFail

LiveStreamFail is a large community. Sure, it’s not as huge as r/videos, r/MovieDetails, and other video-based communities. However, 800,000 is not a small number, and thus, it’s only fair to classify them as a major subreddit. Since there are hundreds and thousands of posts updated every day, it’s important for mods to keep track of the content and ensure that none of the posts are violating the content guidelines in any way. At the time of writing this review, there were ten mods on r/LiveStreamFail – ‘ChanmanVXXIII,’ ‘HalfOfAKebab,’ ‘ImNATT,’ ‘livestreamfailmods,’ ‘livestreamfailsbot,’ ‘Good_Guy_Dev,’ ‘Ocypodelol,’ ‘Jisifus,’ ‘stunt_pilot,’ and ‘Isflairbot.’

Why should you follow LiveStreamFail?

Tons of content is posted on this subreddit each day. You can easily spend half an hour every day on this subreddit and won’t run out of posts. On any given day, the top post on r/LiveStreamFail attracts 8,000-10,000 upvotes within 24 hours. Brace yourself for a feed filled with IRL content, Drama, Cringe, and funny moments from live streamers on twitch. Recently, Alinity – a Twitch streamer who has been attracting a lot of attention because of controversial videos was banned.

Community Engagement

LiveStreamFail is a super active community. The amount of interaction that takes place on this subreddit is crazy. If you were to count the cumulative upvotes on each of the posts, the number would easily surpass 500,000. It’s not just the upvotes that make it special but the comments and shares as well. Each post attracts anywhere between 30-70 comments – far greater than many subreds with over a million members.

Impact on the audience

A special point that I want to cover in this video is that LiveStreamFail is not for everyone. The page is notorious and thus has a negative side too. It doesn’t just affect the fans but the streamers as well. Stream viewers love controversy and drama concerning Mixer and Twitch stars. So, in case if any streamer is having a bad day, this subreddit would aggravate it by rubbing salt on the wounds. And trust me, streamers ain’t Keanu Reeves, so nobody is coming to their rescue. It’s highly likely that this subreddit will help shape up your bias for certain creators and turn you against some if you follow the bandwagon effect.

Reddit Gold

You won’t find posts getting enough recommendations on this subreddit. However, if you have a dank presence in any of the threads, expect to collect gold. The popular threads on this subreddit might get you addicted, and all you’d want to do is scroll and look for the next best comment. The most popular subreddits are the ones that have a savage fanbase. And LiveStreamFail is definitely amongst those.

Filter by flair

Finally, after reviewing a couple of pages with no filter by flair, I was happy to see this option on r/LiveStreamFail. Towards the right section, under Community information, you’ll find ten options – ‘CODE 238242’, ‘Wholesome,’ ‘IRL,’ ‘Aris,’ ‘Dr. Disrespect’, ‘Summit,’ ‘xQc,’ ‘Drama,’ ‘Win,’ and ‘OfflineTV.’ Using these filters, you can check content based upon your preference. For instance, if you just want a post relating to Drama, you can choose that option, and your feed will be filled with r/LiveStreamFail Drama posts.

Important rules you must know before joining LiveStreamFail?

Being a part of any subreddit is exciting, especially if you want to be active in the threads. However, most of the time, users forget to read the rules and end up violating them unintentionally. If you’re joining r/LiveStreamFail, there are several rules (as set by the moderators) that you’d need to follow. These include:

1. Don’t be a dick 2. Follow the guidelines 3. Use the flairs 4. No self-promotion 5. No duplicate submissions 6. No clickbait titles or flairs 7. No clips about racist donators or chatters 8. No politics or personal agendas 9. No banned streamers


Design-wise, r/LiveStreamFail is as basic as r/entertainment and r/scifi. However, it does have an amazing channel cover with purple background and text that calls out the subreddit’s title i.e., LiveStreamFail. The ‘Join’ button is towards the far right corner, primarily because the title is too long. In the header section, you have four categories – ‘Posts,’ ‘Discord,’ ‘Twitter,’ and ‘Website.’ You can click on any of these options to navigate to the particular platform. Under these options, there’s the ‘Create Post’ section followed by sorting features.

If you want to learn more about the community, you can check the sidebars. First, there’s the ‘About Community’ section followed by ‘Filter by Flair,’ ‘r/LiveStreamFail rules,’ and ‘Moderators.’ Expect to see a couple of adverts in your feed as well as a few of them on the sidebar.


5 Most Upvoted Content on this subreddit:

1. Kid baits NBA camera and flashes free Hong Kong shirt – 94,300 upvotes 2. American University Hearthstone team holds up ‘’Free Hong Kong, boycott Blizzard’’ sign during Collegiate Hearthstone Championship. Blizzard quickly cuts their broadcast – 65,100 upvotes 3. Korean streamer takes character customization to a whole other level – 64,600 upvotes 4. Google issues account permabans for many of Markiplier’s users during a live youtube stream for using too many emotes. This locks them out of their YouTube and Gmail accounts. Google refuses to overturn the bans, and Markiplier is pissed. – 46,900 upvotes 5. Doc spotted at the NBA Finals Game 2 in Toronto – 46,100 upvotes

5 Most Upvoted Content 2020:

1. DrDisrespect and Timthetatman square off – 44,900 upvotes 2. Alinity is banned – 42,800 upvotes 3. Worlds worst apology – 42,300 upvotes 4. Deadmau5 says he will no longer partner with or stream on Twitch due to the platform’s double standards on censorship and suspensions after receiving a ban – 41,000 upvotes 5. Streamer’s mom shares secret with chat – 30,700 upvotes


If you love watching streamers, I’m sure you’re already a part of this community. However, if you’re new to live streaming and love watching funny and weird content, you’d surely have fun on this subreddit. Before you join, make sure to read all the rules.

Likes & Hates:
Fresh Content
Filter by Flair features
Super active community
Controversial Content
Twitch video playback is broken sometimes