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The ice hockey league is followed religiously across the US and Canada. It is among the most popular leagues in the world, and thus it attracts global attention. For viewers, it can be a pass-time activity or a full-time passion.

People love to write, vlog, and talk about the matches with their colleagues and other sports heads. But more so than doing these things, they love to watch their favorite team in action.

None of us can compromise on our favorite team’s matches, and you’d cross all leaps and bounds to ensure that you get to watch all the action as it unfolds.

What is the NHL?

For people in Europe and Asia, Ice hockey is not a popular sport similar to NBA and American Football. Yes, there are viewers across the globe, but the entire world isn’t fascinated by these sports as much as they’re with soccer/football. This particular section is just to explain the basics of NHL to first-time readers.

NHL is a professional ice hockey league which comprises 31 teams. Out of these, 24 teams are from North America, whereas the rest 7 are from Canada. After a tumultuous season, which lasts for almost a calendar year, the winner takes all – Stanley Cup. The competition is fierce, and over the years, Montreal Canadiens have won it 25 times. However, the recent winners are from North America – Washington Capitals.

What are the different ways to stream NHL?

Now that we have a general overview, let us check out how to catch up live streams in various ways. The simplest way is by subscribing to a cable network. However, with cable services, there are certain exceptions, and you can’t watch all the games. Naturally, you’d turn to stream services. But the problem with those services is that you have to spend over $100/year to watch your favorite team play live.

Even after paying such a large amount, the broadcast rights are still complicated, and so you might not be able to access all local, national, and international games. Thus, the last option people resort to is watching these streams illegally. And that’s where r/NHLStreams comes into play.

What is r/NHLStreams?

Over the past six years, it has allowed NHL lovers to watch any match that they have wanted to, thanks to ubiquitous link sharing. This would help every out of sort NHL lover to watch the game live using illegal streamers. r/NHL has been home to ice hockey lovers from around the world. This subreddit provided details about each and every fixture and how you could stream the content live without spending a single dollar. Fast-forward six years, it’s no longer in operation, and all you’d find is the takedown post from 3 months ago.

How to access r/NHLStreams?

If you’re already a Reddit member, you can simply type ‘r/NHLStreams’ in your search bar and follow the subreddit. In case if you’re new to Reddit and haven’t yet registered, you’ll need to do so. Usually, by creating an account on the platform, you were able to follow subreddits, comment on posts, and even post anything on any of the subreddits. However, since the subreddit has been banned due to DMCA notice, there’s no more interaction. And thus, following r/NHLStreams doesn’t make sense anymore.

Why did r/NHLStreams get taken down?

The official post on the subreddit reads that r/NHLStreams got taken down because of DMCA takedown requests. The mods at r/NHLStreams were sent an official warning, and thus they decided to call it quits before the subreddit would’ve got banned. The exact post title reads ‘IMPORTANT: r/NHLStreams is shutting down.’ In the body section, you’ll find the reason why they were banned and also provided the solution to the viewers.

This usually happens when a subreddit attracts a lot of attention on a particular matchday. People share the links with their friends and family, and in no time, the server becomes overloaded. On the contrary, as the streams get viral, more people know about it, and so it’s a matter of time before one of the authority figures gets his/her eyes on the illegal proceedings.

Where can I find NHLStreams now?

In the same thread that bid adieu to the r/NHLStreams community. The mods have provided a few details as to how you can catch the action online:

1. Use Sportsurge

The moderators have clearly stated that they consider Sportsurge to be a replacement for r/NHLSTREAMS. Sportsurge is a website that covers a wide range of sports, and you’re likely to find links to any game on this platform. It works similarly to this subreddit, wherein the users send the links to the mods, and the mods then share it with the user base. They also pointed out that you don’t need to sign-up with Sportsurge to stream live.

2. Join Discord

Another notable point in the farewell post was that the mods asked the viewers to join the Discord server ‘Hockey Chat.’ By becoming a part of the discord, you’d be able to communicate with the members, and they’d keep you posted about each and every update.

Learning about this shift really makes us wonder as to why people rely on such illegal streaming services. And you’d be cool to think that it is because not a lot of people have a clear answer about the broadcasting rights.

Who owns the broadcasting rights for NHL?

In the US, NBC has the national broadcast rights to telecast NHL. Most of the fixtures are broadcasted on NBCSN – their cable-based sports channel. Having said that, not every fixture airs on this channel, and some even make their way to NBC’s broadcast network.

Big games like the playoffs are broadcasted nationally, and there are overlapping games, and thus in the first round, the broadcasting is bumped to two other channels – CNBC and USA Network. So, if you want to follow your team, you need to be well-versed with the schedule and the channels that are going to feature the match.

About r/NHLStreams – Community & Members

r/NHLStreams grew into quite a massive community for online NHL Streamers. It started its journey back in 2014, and in its six years, it attracted more than 275,000 hockey fans. Even to this day, you’ll find 200-300 members online at any given time. The page is no longer active, and all you’d find is a couple of posts talking about the end of an era.

Moderators of r/NHLStreams

Though this subreddit is no longer active, the moderators are doing a good job of channeling viewers over to Sportsurge. The last time I checked, there were ten mods on r/NHLStreams – ‘CZ-Jack,’ ‘Jackk39’, ‘WondaWheeler,’ ‘Mistraval,’ ‘NHLStreamBot,’ ‘starsky1357’, ‘lordnemak,’ ‘dovedevic,’ ‘nbanickz,’ and ‘Livingston_De11’.

Why shouldn’t you follow r/NHLStreams?

You shouldn’t follow r/NHLStreams anymore because it doesn’t have what you’re looking for. There are no active posts, and the access is restricted due to the recent debacle. All you can do is head over to Sportsurge and watch all the live streams on that page. Even the filter by flair on this subreddit reads ‘RIP,’ indicating that there’s nothing more to offer. One thing I do like about this subreddit is that it has provided users with related links where you can rekindle your love for various sports.

Important rules you must know before joining r/NHLStreams?

Not that this matters now, but I do want to share the rules that were set for being an active member of this subreddit. So, in case if it gets reactivated or you happen to join a similar undercover community on Reddit, you know how to behave.

1. Follow Reddiquette

2. No paid streams

3. Do not make game threads unless the bot has failed

4. Top-level comments must contain a link

5. Do not use URL shorteners

6. Cryptocurrency hashing scripts are forbidden

7. Do not promote communities or plug social media

8. Follow the streamer’s guide requirements


r/NHLStreams sported a clean design. There was a sleek hockey vector under the word ‘Streams.’ Its minimal design at its finest. As for menus and content arrangement, it was pretty much standard Reddit layout. You’d have a usual post section followed by the basic sorting options – ‘Hot,’ ‘New,’ ‘Top,’ and ‘Rising.’


I don’t see any reason why you’d want to follow this subreddit anymore. Most members have even forgotten that they were a part of this community except those 200-300, which I believe come through organic search. r/NHLStreams was a good platform, and with it being taken down, you’re better off with alternatives such as VIPBox, Sportsurge, and other free streaming websites.

Likes & Hates:
Long-serving community
Provided a free streaming alternative
No longer active
Was home to illegal streaming