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The world of Videography has transformed over the years. The industry is growing in new and exciting ways thanks to the introduction of amazing technology that offers tremendous mobility. In this past decade, we’ve seen the rise of GoPro, the use of drones in Videography alongside your standard video assistance apparatus. The improved technology allows creators to test their limits, explore new ways of shooting awesome videos. These days, cameras are unimaginably portable, tough, and have excellent attention to detail.

In the past few decades, due to the overall enhancement, we can also see the incorporation of amazing special effects, sound quality, and quality end-product. Today, you have the flexibility to even work the average shots to look amazing in post-production. However, as a videographer, you certainly despise this idea as you want to get the best raw footage, so you don’t have to edit it extensively.

Today, we’re reviewing one of the lesser-known subreddits, which is amazing for all the budding and experienced videographers out there. I’m talking about r/Videography.

My recent experience on r/Videography

My last interaction on r/Videography was with a question post that I upvoted. Basically, the user wanted to know the best hybrid video/stills camera. And it was not just his question that impressed me but his detailed specifications as to what he was expecting in recommendations. He shared that he had GH4, and he is unhappy with the low light performance and lackluster stills. On top of that, he is unable to get good wide-angle coverage.

Further, he specified that he shoots landscape photography and narrative video. He doesn’t have an inventory or lens loyalty, so he is free for any suggestion in the range of $2000. Within a few hours of this post, he received quite a few recommendations – Panasonic S1, APS-C: XT3, Panasonic G9, Lumix G9, and Sony a6500.

This goes to show that even on the post with extremely low interaction (just two upvotes), you’ll find someone who is capable of answering your questions and providing you amazing recommendations.

About r/Videography – Community & Members

r/Videography is a community for videographers of all skill levels across various fields. It doesn’t matter if you do wedding shoots, events, music videos, live performance, TV, live-streaming, sports, real estate, or YouTube, you’re welcome to join this community. The community has 109,000 members, out of which 300-500 members are online at any given time. This subreddit was created on April 11, 2009, and has developed into an amazing niche community. For this particular community, I’d rather not judge on the basis of members because, for such a niche subject, 100,000 is not a small number.

How to access r/Videography?

If you’re already a Reddit member, you can simply type ‘r/Videography’ in your search bar and join the subreddit; however, if you aren’t well-versed with Reddit and are not present on the platform. You’ll need to create an account and confirm your email address. Once you do so, you’ll be able to follow subreddits, comment on posts, and even post anything on any of the subreddits.

Moderators of r/Videography

r/Videography is an active sub. There are hundreds of posts added each day with people asking questions, providing recommendations, reviewing products, and sharing their personal experience. Amidst all these, there are fringe elements that, for some reason, want to create a nuisance and don’t want to maintain the decorum. That’s the reason why there are nearly a dozen mods on r/Videography.

At the time of writing this review, I found ten moderators on r/Videography – ‘jorel314’, ‘psychosid,’ ‘phloating_man,’ ‘thelocalproduction,’ ‘AnthonyWithNoH,’ ‘calomile,’ ‘AutoModerator,’ ‘smushkan,’ ‘pcgaminglisted,’ and ‘Psynapsis.’

Why should you follow r/Videography?

You’ll find all types of content on this sub. From technical questions such as ‘What’s the minimum Laptop specs you would edit in?’ to a general user guide ‘Used gear to purchase’ or ‘How to Buy Gear Without Paying Full Price?’. You’ll find useful content on r/Videography. This is such a diverse community, and thus videographers from various sub-niches do contribute a lot to make this an amazing all-inclusive platform.

Community Engagement

Given that Videography is for a specific niche similar to that of Animation, r/Videography stands pretty at over 100,000 members. It’s a respectable community with cooperative members looking to help and provide valuable suggestions. Sure, it doesn’t have a staggering engagement rate, but as far as you’re getting 4-5 people to engage with your post and get feedback, I feel it’s all worth it. On average, a regular post on this sub receives 10-15 upvotes and the best post of the day racks up between 30-70 upvotes. As for comments, 5-12 is the average number I saw on today’s posts.

Browsing & Navigation

A benefit of being a part of a small community is that you can have an amazing browsing experience. Subs with millions of followers and video content are impossible to browse on an internet connection. Even if you do, you will lose all your data within an hour. And though r/videography is substantially small, it does have a considerable amount of video content. Nonetheless, I checked the page on WiFi as well as a data connection, and after 45 minutes of surfing, I only spent 55 MB.

Free Asset Repository

The most amazing aspect of this subreddit is that it provides videographers with a free asset repository. So, if you’re new to Videography or are looking for some packs, plugins, and inspiration, this is the place where you’ll find it. In the sidebar, you have a section where you can download free content – Music, Sound Effects, Footage, and even After Effects Templates. How cool is that? Just click on the button below, and you’ll be redirected to the repository post.

Reddit Gold

Given the size of the community, r/Videography does have generous members. When browsing the top posts of the year, I found more than ten posts and several comments that were awarded gold. It was such a breath of fresh air to see members from a small community being able to reward their peers for outstanding content.

Important rules you must know before joining r/Videography?

If you’re a budding videographer or someone who’s fascinated by the art of video production, you’ll likely follow this page. But before you do so, there are certain guidelines and rules that you must follow to avoid getting banned from this page. Here are the rules that you need to abide by:

1. Be respectful of other users

2. Posts must be on the topic of Videography

3. No excessive self-promotion

4. Affiliate Links must be disclosed

5. NSFW content must be tagged

6. No feedback requests as posts

7. No Sales, Advertising, or Promotions

8. No Piracy or Suggestion of Piracy

9. Anything Goes Sunday

10. No posting of free assets – Please instead use our resource thread


r/Videography has a clean interface. It has all the standard Reddit menu features alongside an impressive sidebar. If you’re a videographer, you certainly want to check the sidebar before you check the posts. I love the community icon where the Reddit mascot is holding a video camera. On the right side, you’ll find the ‘Join’ button. Everything other than that is quite standard.

Most Upvoted Content on this subreddit

1. Bought a used Redmag yesterday… And there was still footage on it… SFW – 1,100 upvotes

2. For all you who have been in the game for a minute. Enjoy – 929 upvotes

3. This is dope 🙂 – 870 upvotes

4. Travel video bros after discovering LUTs – 845 upvotes

5. Really love seeing other creatives succeed – 832 upvotes

Most Upvoted Content 2020

1. I put a gimbal on a roomba.. No dolly needed – 811 upvotes

2. Focal length and perception of speed – 812 upvotes

3. Well, at least she could work from home – 768 upvotes

4. It’s likely they knew! – 788 upvotes

5. Totally stoked about filming inside this video cube tomorrow – 752 upvotes


If you’re an experienced videographer looking to share your knowledge or you’re a budding videographer wanting to trade a trick or two with advanced professionals, this is your platform. You’ll find people from around the world, sharing their art, love for cameras, technical equipment along with other offerings. There’s a lot you can learn on this subreddit within a few weeks. As a beginner, this community can propel you towards reaching your full potential. Why? Because you’ll receive honest feedback. Nobody will keep your heart unless your work is good enough. So, in a way, r/Videography can prove to be a great learning curve for you if you want to choose it as a career or a hobby.

Likes & Hates:
Creative community
Free repository
Amazing recommendations
Great for knowledge
Lack of upvotes
Not as active as one would like