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Internet and viral trends are an integral part of Reddit. If you want to be in the know-how, you need to be a Reddit user in today’s time. From the latest fads to the weirdest trends, you’ll find everything on Reddit – one of the world’s biggest social news activators. On this platform, you’ll find people asking questions, discussing issues, sharing links on various Subreddits. The users are the creators on the platform, and that’s what makes this platform so special.

Anyone can join Reddit for free and be a part of hundreds of thousands of Subreddits that they love. The beauty of Reddit lies in these pages. Each page is stacked with thousands of members sharing the interest. Want some horror stories, try r/nosleep, want some real-life experience, try r/askme. Imagine anything you can, and you’re likely to find a thread about it on Reddit. With over 3 billion visits in a month and an astounding 20 minutes session per user (SEMRush), this is the platform where half the world gets their news from.

Today, we’ll be reviewing one of the most popular subreddit, which is called r/Videos. You’ll find the funniest, weirdest, wackiest and saddest videos on r/Videos.

My recent experience on r/Videos

The most recent video that broke me up was of a bus driver who informed the world about the Coronavirus and how serious the threat is. Two weeks after he posted that video, he passed away. Within a couple of weeks, that became the thread’s most popular content of the year. The post was shared throughout the world and even uploaded on YouTube. In times like these, platforms such as Reddit and pages such as r/Videos can turn out to be a savior.

The best part about r/Videos is there’s something for everyone. The community is super active, and thus new posts keep on coming, thereby keeping you informed and engaged.

About r/videos – Community & Members

r/Videos is described as the best place to find all kinds of videos. The community has 22.7 million members, out of which 40-50k members are online at any given time. This subreddit was created on Jan 25, 2008, and has grown tremendously in the past six years thanks to increasing demand for video content.

If you love video content and want to stay up-to-date with viral and not so viral videos, r/Videos is the place to be. You’ll find all kinds of videos on this platform. From Keanu Reeves to Miley Cyrus, from Amber Heard to Johnny Depp, you’ll find videos relating to everyone on this platform.

How to access r/videos?

If you’re already a Reddit member, you can simply type ‘r/videos’ in your search bar and follow the subreddit; however, if you aren’t well-versed with Reddit and are not present on the platform. You’ll need to create an account and confirm your email address. Once you do so, you’ll be able to follow subreddits, comment on posts, and even post anything on any of the subreddits.

Moderators of r/videos

It goes without saying that a massive community of above 22 million cannot be governed by a single person. Thus, there are dozens of moderators of every subreddit. In r/Video’s case, I found 10 main moderators at the time of writing this review – u/doug3465, u/relic2279, u/GuitarFreak027, u/Azberg, u/OBLIVIATER, u/jesuspunk, u/Meepster23, u/TheMentalist10, u/TheSentinel_3, and u/MeltingTeeth

Why should you follow r/videos?

There are thousands of videos posted every day on this platform. Every day, there’s a new video that’s uploaded, and the most popular ones receive between 20,000-50,000 upvotes within 24 hours. It’s fair to say that most of the viral videos root back to Reddit one way to the other. Today, a video titled ‘This was her final for a college-level sign language class’ was trending with 29,000 upvotes and 1k comments. That’s just a single video; there are dozens of such videos shared every day in a bit to garner some attention on Reddit.

Community Engagement

r/Videos might not be the most active community on Reddit, but it still attracts decent numbers. At the time of writing this review, I tried visiting the thread on four different occasions, and I found 20,000 active members at any given time. Moreover, the most popular threads on the day have an average of 1k comment, which shows that people do actively interact on this subreddit.


Since 90% of the videos that you see on r/Videos are originally uploaded on YouTube, there are playback or buffering issues. I watched over 20 videos before sitting to write this review, and not one of them lagged. If you’re interested in what I watched, here are a few titles ‘Rapper Killer Mike impressed with sign language interpreter’, ‘Guy records himself browsing the internet in 1998’, ‘Giant Sulking Dog Hates Bath Time and Does Everything To Avoid It,’ ‘Guy gets mattress into garbage truck only using the claw.’

Reddit Gold

On average, the top post on the day can receive anywhere between 3-5 golds. To some extent, the number of gold determines how rich the audience of a particular community is. Why? Because gold isn’t free. Members are required to pay money to get gold in exchange. They then give gold to a certain post, which they feel deserves it. So, for r/Videos’s top post to receive 3-5 golds might not be much, but it’s not bad either.

Filter by flair

Many Subreddits have a section called ‘Filter by flair.’ On r/Videos, you’ll find five main options – ‘Promo,’ ‘Misleading Title,’ ‘Mirror in Comments,’ ‘Disturbing Content,’ and ‘YouTube Drama.’ The presence of this section shows how committed the moderators are towards delivering the best user experience.

Important rules you must know before joining r/videos?

I’m sure by now; you must be intrigued by the r/Videos and can’t wait to follow it. However, before you do follow it, there are nine rules laid by the moderators. If you violate any of these rules, you’d be kicked out of the subreddit. These include:

1. No Politics

2. No Personal Information or Witch-Hunting

3. Submit Direct Link to Video

4. No Porn or Gore

5. No Solicitation of Votes or Views

6. No Hate Speech

7. No Videos of Assault or Public Freakouts

8. No Third Party Licensing

9. Videos Only


When you land on /r/videos, you’ll find a red icon with a video without the player and a smile – A cute combination that implies Reddit videos. Towards the right, you’ll find a ‘Join’ button. Under the button, you have six options – Posts, New, Controversial, Top, Rating, and Wiki. Under that, you have the sorting feature. You can use it to find tailor-made content. Towards the right, you have a short snippet with information about the community, which is followed by a skyscraper ad.

As you scroll down, you’ll start seeing video content, which is accompanied by Comments, Share, Save, and Hide/Report Option. Towards the left on the gray panel, you’ll see a number that showcases the number of votes a particular video has got.


5 Most Upvoted Content on this subreddit:

1. This is what happens when one company own dozens of local news stations – 281,000 upvotes

2. YouTube is facilitating the sexual exploitation of children, and it’s being monetized – 187,000 upvotes

3. History of the entire world, I guess – 176,000 upvotes

4. Net Neutrality Videos & Discussion Megathread – 157,000 upvotes

5. Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Rap – 153,000 upvotes

5 Most Upvoted Content 2020:

1. Keanu Reeves get heckled in E3 in the most wholesome way – 123,000 upvotes

2. Casually Explained: Reddit – 120,000 upvotes

3. Jason Hargrove, a Detroit bus driver, posted a video about a woman coughing on his bus without covering her mouth. Today he passed away from COVID-19 – 118,000 upvotes

4. For the past six months, I’ve been animating my girlfriend and myself into her favorite movie, Sleeping Beauty. With the help of some local Redditors, I popped the question in a ‘’crowded’’ movie theater… – 114,000 upvotes

5. Sal Khan of non-profit Khan Academy makes a request for donations as their servers are at 250% normal load – 103,000 upvotes


If you want your daily dose of videos, you should be joining r/Videos. You’ll find all types of videos on this platform, and you can sort content based upon your preference. Streaming the videos is super smooth because most of them are hosted on YouTube. Overall, you won’t regret joining this subreddit, and who knows, maybe a video you recorded on your camcorder can receive recognition on this particular subreddit.

Likes & Hates:
Amazing Community
Trending Videos
YouTube hosted videos
Not as interactive as the other subreddits