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Rabbit IPTV

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IPTV services have taken the world by storm. With the rise of these services, choosing the right one has become more challenging. To find the perfect IPTV for yourself, you need to weigh-in different options and choose what matters the most to you. A high-quality stream with low buffering is a prerequisite, but that’s not all. There are many factors such as the content library, streaming stability, and affordability that separates good IPTV services from the bad ones. Today, we’re going to discuss a quality streaming service in Rabbit IPTV.

What is Rabbit IPTV?

Rabbit IPTV takes pride in calling itself a great cable alternative. Don’t confuse Rabbit IPTV for the popular Rabbit TV USB stick sold on Amazon and other online platforms. Rabbit IPTV is an internet protocol service provider that offers its services through subscription. And there’s no denying the fact that it is filled with quality content. You can watch all the major channels that you currently watch on your tv and much more. Be it programs on NBC or latest shows on FX or SyFy, you’ll be able to find everything on this platform.

Why should you stream on Rabbit IPTV?

Rabbit IPTV is a decent IPTV website capable of providing quality services to its audience. There are plenty of tv channels on offer along with on-demand content. There are many reasons why you should stream on this platform but I’ll only share a few of them with you.

Expansive content library

Rabbit IPTV provides you access to thousands of channels along with on-demand content. You can access almost all the major networks including ‘ABC’, ‘Fox’, ‘NBC’, ‘MTV’, ‘History’, ‘Comedy Central’ and ‘FXX’ among many others. Apart from news, and entertainment channels, you also get access to hundreds of sports channels from around the world. So, whether you want to watch ‘ESPN’ or ‘Sky Sports’, you can access all of them.

Affordable service

RabbitIPTV provides you with quality entertainment without requiring you to shell out hundreds of dollars on cable bills. Sure, it’s not the same as cable or satellite tv service – it’s much better. Not only do you get a cord-free lifestyle but you even get access to 10x the content you’ll generally find on a traditional tv service. On top of that, you’ll be paying just a fraction of the amount you generally paid for those services.

News Broadcast & On-Demand Content

Rabbit IPTV has a broad selection of live tv channels allowing you to watch the latest news and live sports events. There are over a hundred news channels on this platform along with a plethora of sports, entertainment, and lifestyle channels. The on-demand content allows you to watch your favorite movies and tv shows on any device and at any time.

Quality Support

RabbitIPTV offers quality support to its audience. You can use the chat feature on the website to connect with a customer care representative. Apart from that, you can even connect with the developers directly via the email address – [email protected] I tried connecting with them several times and I got timely responses.

How to access Rabbit IPTV?

There are multiple ways in which you can access Rabbit IPTV. If you want to find the service manually, you can search for the term ‘Rabbit IPTV’. Alternatively, if you want to access the website directly, you can use the following link: Rabbit IPTV. When accessing this website, make sure that you use a VPN. Using an active VPN will allow you to browse and stream without worrying about malware and adware.


Rabbit IPTV has a great interface. It’s plain and simple and looks a lot like the default templates that you’d find on Elementor. The pink and black color combination reminds you of many fashion blogs. There’s a simple banner with movie posters blurred out in the background.


The header section on Rabbit IPTV has a logo on the left and four key options on the right. These are ‘Home’, ‘Prices’, ‘FAQs’, and ‘Contact’. The header section though quite plain doesn’t have a lot of white space which prevents it from looking empty.

Hero Section

The hero section has a static banner that features a headline ‘Rabbit IPTV’, followed by the tagline ‘Anytime. Anywhere. IPTV’. Though there’s a single banner, I like how it blends with the website. Instead of choosing general posters with no fade or transparency. The developers have added a grey layer with low opacity which helps the text to stand out.


The body section has different segments – ‘USPs’, ‘Packages’, and ‘Other content’. The USP section is in dark pink color with black vector icons. In this section, you’ll find customer support, multi-platform, and trust icons which are non-clickable vectors. As you scroll further, you’ll find details about various packages in a light pink color. (We’ll learn more about the pricing in the section below).


Here’s where my mood goes sour. RabbitIPTV doesn’t have a proper footer section. There are no navigation options and thus you’ll need to scroll upward if you want to access an inner page. There’s text at the bottom asking you to message if you have any queries. Above that section, you’ll find an email address and a call-out that reads ‘Free 24 hour access for everyone’.

Inner Pages

There aren’t many inner pages on the website. The one page that I like the most is the FAQ page where there’s in-depth information about everything. You find answers to all the simple and complex questions such as ‘What is IPTV?’, ‘How to connect my device to this IPTV?’, and troubleshooting questions such as ‘Channel not showing’, ‘Stream being blank’, and ‘M3U link broken’.


Rabbit IPTV has no shortage of content. You’ll find the latest episodes from top tv channels such as ‘NBC’, ‘ABC’, ‘CBS’, ‘SyFy’, ‘FX’, and ‘FXX’ on this network. Apart from tv shows, you’ll find the latest releases, classic, and blockbuster movie titles on this platform. Most of the movies that you find on this platform are outsourced from Crackle’s free movie section. To access the content, all you need is an active internet connection.

I subscribed to this service primarily for its massive sports coverage. With channels such as ‘ESPN’, ‘BT Sport’, and ‘BeIN Sport’, I could get all the football coverage I was expecting. In addition to that, channels such as ‘NBA TV’, ‘NFL’, ‘NHL’, and ‘NBL Network’ just add to the overall tv viewing experience. While there’s plenty of content, it’ll be unjust not to point out holes in this service. Many channels on this platform are unavailable. I tried viewing them more than a couple of times and I couldn’t access them.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Rabbit IPTV deserves plaudits for its linking efforts. It allows you to watch the IPTV via a diverse range of devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and desktop among many others. Other than the general devices, you can even connect Rabbit IPTV with your ‘Roku’ device, ‘Chromecast’, ‘Apple TV’, and even ‘Amazon Fire TV Stick’.

Plans & Pricing

As for plans and pricing on Rabbit IPTV, you have three different plans to choose from. The longer the commitment the more discount you can avail on the package. The entry-level plan costs €20/month, the intermediate plan costs €65/6 months, and the top-tier plan costs €99/year.

Through the pricing itself, you can understand that if you were to renew the plan on a monthly basis, you’ll end up losing €141. Thus, it’s always advisable to test the service if it’s available and commit for a longer period. If not, then don’t subscribe at all.

Suggestions I have for Rabbit IPTV

How will the general user trust the website when there’s little to no information about the channels available on this platform? As a user looking to buy an IPTV service for the first time, the channel list plays a vital role. I’d advise the developers to add a comprehensive list of channels based upon the location so the users can make a calculative decision.


Rabbit TV is a great IPTV service which is better than what the website portrays. The website design though decent doesn’t justify the service offered by this IPTV platform. Overall, I am quite happy with my experience on this streaming site and would recommend you to try it for a month before making a long-term commitment.

Likes & Hates:
Expansive Content Library
Affordable Service
Quality Customer support
No test trial
Not much information on the website for a general user