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Wasn’t life simple back when the only real streaming service that you had to keep track of was Netflix? All you had to do when it came time to stream tv or movie content was head over to and browse whatever it was that they had to offer at the time. There was no confusing list of release and expiration dates to keep track of. There was no deciding between which streaming platform to use today. It was easy – go to Netflix, choose from what’s available, watch. Done deal. Nothing more.

Today, however, as many of you are already all too acutely aware of, I’m sure, there is no such thing as simplicity when it comes to choosing what to watch from our favorite streaming services. Not only are there so darn many to choose from (all of which, of course, come with their own individual price tag), but each one offers such a limited scope of content now. Each one, at least the big three, offers its own original content, plus a constantly cycling list of syndicated programs as well.

I don’t know about you, but I find it nearly impossible to keep track of what service has what show or movie at any given time. Not only is it hard enough to try and remember whether it was Hulu or Netflix or Amazon Prime Video that produces my favorite shows like Righteous Gemstones – oh, wait, but that was also HBO! D’oh! But add to the confusion the fact that each syndicated program and movie is only featured on each service for a limited time and it can be a dizzying affair.

Plus, have you ever tried to Google something like ‘where can I watch Schitt’s Creek?’ It’s not very helpful. Usually, Google has all the answers like some sort of digital oracle, but with questions like this, it is of little to no help. You’ll find your answers, sure, eventually, but usually not without a fair amount of digging and scrolling and clicking around.

If only there was a site that made it easy to figure out exactly how you can watch what you want to watch and where you need to go in order to do so. If only there was a Google-like website devoted only to streaming content, where you can type in any show or movie and it will tell you what platform features it and what will go into watching it (cost if it’s a rental or purchase-only title, etc.).

Well, lucky for us, there are numerous sites like this that exist … and of course there is because if you can think it, chances are it is on the internet somewhere. That being said, not every one of these sorts of sites is created equal. Some streaming site search engines are better designed (naturally) than others. But another thing to keep in mind when choosing a streaming site search engine is how many platforms that the site allows you to search between. Because, honestly, some of these sites have a pitiful list of options.

If you have been thinking about relying on Reel Good, however, for a go-to streaming site search engine, well, you have ‘reel good’ instincts. It is one of the largest streaming site search engines on the web. But it also offers many more convenient features to enjoy. Let’s dive in and take a look at all of them, shall we?


Streaming site search engines (also sometimes referred to as streaming site aggregators) provide services that scans across all of the current content of streaming sites when you search a title. It is important to note, these sites do not host any content. They will merely tell you what streaming service has or does not have a certain show or movie. Some streaming site search engines also provide you with links to purchase Blu Ray or DVD copies of the titles as well.

You usually will not have to register with a site like Reel Good in order to use it for its basic features. However, if you do so (for free), you will be able to access special functions, such as linking your accounts so that you can access all of your favorite streaming sites from one convenient portal.

Streaming site search engines have been around for about as long as there have been multiple streaming sites to choose from. They really began taking off around 2015, though, once the list of streaming sites became a bit overwhelming. And Reel Good has been around the block for a while, a veteran of this digital cottage industry of sorts, has named Reel Good the best streaming site search engine on the market in 2017. Wired has also called Reel Good “The easiest, most powerful universal search engine for all streaming services.”

Design and Content

This is one of the best parts of Reel Good if you ask me. The layout of the site is not entirely unlike that of Netflix … which makes browsing and finding new content an extremely enjoyable and familiar experience. Whether you are just browsing, or you are looking for a specific title, Reel Good provides everything you will need for truly great user experience.

In addition to the ability to browse titles (and watch immediately if you have your accounts linked to Reel Good), the site also functions as a sort of IMDB/Rotten Tomatoes archive of information about each title. Clicking into a movie, for instance, will provide you with everything you could want to know about it.

Alongside where it is able to be streamed currently, you will also be able to see the Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB scores, synopses, cast and crew lists, and some Reel Good-specific scores. Reel Good offers both a stream ability score for the title, as well as an aggregated Reel Good critic score (based on ratings and reviews from around the web).

Plus, if all that wasn’t enough, Reel Good streamlines the experience even further by providing suggested titles based on the one you originally looked up. Browse a lengthy list of “more shows and movies like it,” additional titles in the same genre and subgenres, and a list of movies and shows that users also liked. Reel Good truly has the potential to be the one-stop-shop for any and everything related to streamable content. I may not even go to Netflix or Hulu directly anymore, this site is so useful. I may just start visiting Reel Good first and linking my accounts. I don’t see why not – if you have multiple video streaming service accounts, it truly makes the experience much more convenient if you ask me!

Mobile and Desktop Experience

As much as I love the desktop experience (the in-browser site works just as good on a phone browser like Safari, by the way), the app is also pretty great. Personally, I prefer the in-browser site over the app. Something like this would be, I imagine, rather hard to pull off as an app – and, considering that fact, the Reel Good team does not do a bad job – this is just something that I think requires a computer to really make the most of. I mean, streaming movies itself is sort of the same way, so that makes sense, does it not?

That being said, the app isn’t bad, not by any means. It is just slightly clunkier and a little more difficult to navigate. But not by much. The app, however, is only available on the Apple App Store (sorry Android users), where is has an average rating of 4.3 stars – which I think is very appropriate.

Pricing and Plans

Reel Good, surprisingly enough, is 100% free to use. I say “surprising” because of all that it offers. There is the occasional ad, of course, but that is a minuscule price to pay for all of the great services that Reel Good offers (not to mention the beautiful execution, too, of the way it is designed).

Suggestions that I have for Reel Good

I don’t even know if this would be possible, but it would be nice, just thinking outside the box, if you could view the content directly on Reel Good – not that they would host the content, but if your linked account could be accessed as a sort of pop-up media player in the Reel Good site. Again, it may be too lofty a dream, just brainstorming here. That being said, previews and trailers would certainly be a nice touch as well.


Take the stress out of streaming with Reel Good. It is, quite possibly, the best streaming site search engine out there, and if you have several streaming services to your name, it will make your life so much easier. Try it out today!

Likes & Hates:
Completely customizable to your streaming service needs
Awesome site design and interface
Tons of information
Easy to use
No trailers
No in-site media player