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SnagFilms is so committed to providing quality services that the developer has coined a term called ‘Filmanthropy’ – a phrase used to inspire people through powerful content that can inspire the entire community to take action. While that’s quite a thought, to begin with, let’s check if this streaming app is capable of living up to the presumable standards set by its competitors.

What is SnagFilms?

SnagFilms is an on-demand free streaming service that allows users to access over 10,000 movies, TV shows, and documentaries. The reason why it’s one of the most recognizable names in the streaming world is that it has blockbuster content and it doesn’t jeopardize the user experience through haphazard ad-placement.

What should you expect from the SnagFilms App?

There’s a super cool sign-up process where you can join the network using your Google or Facebook account. Even if you don’t want to sign-in, you can guest the platform as a guest. However, I’d advise you to sign-in because then you’ll be able to make the most of the features such as recommended films, accessing the queue, etc. If you sign-up, you’ll be able to download the content on your device in case if you’re into offline content viewing. Another perk of signing up is that the app tracks your stream progress and lets you continue a stream from where you left off.


An aspect that caught my attention instantaneously was the app’s interface. Browsing and navigation are seamless. There are well-designed menus that help you visit the specific page based upon your interest. Content diversification is quite amazing as well which helps you find a movie or a TV show that fits your mood. The categories section of the app has all the genres that you’d find on the website and moving across different categories is not much of a hassle.

Great Compatibility

While I accessed this app using the APK. You can find the movie app on a wide range of platforms such as Windows 8, XBOX 360, Amazon Kindle, Roku, and Smart TV. It was available on Google Play Store, however, it’s been removed recently. The app supports the majority of the devices and the stream playback is quite seamless on all these devices. You can watch HD quality content with little to no buffering.

Multiple Genres

SnagFilms has a lot of genres thanks to its massive content library. There are more than 10,000 titles and thus it’s no surprise that each content is grouped under a certain category. These categories can be classified as a Documentary, Cult Classics, Crime, Animation, History, Short Films, Horror, Science, Action, Biography, Environment, Military, Thrillers, LGBT, and Food.

SnagFilms App Information

SnagFilms has been downloaded over 100,000 times from popular APK platforms such as Malavida and Uptodown. Though it had an official app on Google Play Store, it no longer exists and thus I cannot provide you with that information. The app size is around 30 MB and can differ based upon the version you download.

How to access SnagFilms?

You can either search for the term ‘SnagFilms app’ and click on the first link you find or you can access it directly: SnagFilms. The reason why I’m providing a direct link to Uptodown is that it’s’ much safer to download the app from the portal above than to land on a dicey APK website filled with malware and adware.

If you happen to download this app from a third-party website that isn’t Uptodown, I’d recommend you use a VPN. Using a VPN will safeguard your data and will help protect your device and identity.


SnagFilms has a straightforward design with clean and simple elements. Similar to other free content streaming apps, the homepage is filled with genres and thumbnails divided into various sections. The dark background, blue text, and well laid out thumbnails help the app look clean. There are no more than three thumbnails in a row that comes off clean as compared to apps such as FilmOn.

App Homepage

The homepage on the app doesn’t have any navigation buttons or menus at the top. You’ll find categories such as Filmanthropy, Climate Change, Celebrate Pride, Foreign Films, Music, and Drama. Towards the bottom, you’ll find four options – ‘Home’, ‘Movies’, ‘Search’, ‘Menu’. When you click on the Menu you’ll be able to access various genres and user-related information.

Inner Pages

Once you click on any title, you’ll be redirected to an inner page. The inner page specifically, the stream page is slightly cluttered. There’s a title at the top, followed by an informative byline that features the ‘Runtime’, ‘Release year’, and ‘Genre’. Towards the right, there’s a ‘Queuing’ section and ‘Close’ option. Then comes the stream player which is followed by three buttons – ‘Download’, ‘Add to Watch list’, and ‘Viewer Rating’. Under that, there’s information about the Director, Cast, and Synopsis.


There’s no dearth of content on this platform. With over 10,000 movies and TV shows, SnagFilms has a library good enough to help you stream throughout the year. New and popular movies section is updated regularly and you’ll find content from a wide range of genres. From Crime, Documentary, and Animation to Biography, Comedy, and Romance, you’ll find everything on this network.

Some movies that are close to each other are kept in the collection so you can find them even when they aren’t in the same genre. For instance, movies such as Athletes & their Triumphs, Before They Were Stars, Youth & Education, and History Lessons are clubbed together. Once you watch a couple of movies, the app will start recommending you numerous titles.

Having said that, SnagFilms doesn’t have the latest and the most trending titles like you’d find on Tubi. The options in the menus are smaller, and they cater to a specific audience. On top of that, there isn’t much content for the kids. Below are some titles that you’d find on the app.


Kickin’ it, A Fighting Chance, Sink or Swim: Learning the Crawl in the Maldives, Senegalese Women, Sewing Hope, Letters from the Big man, India’s Hidden Plague, The Iran Job, Out in Silence, Inside Bob Dylan’s Jesus Years, We the People: The Market Basket Effect.

TV Shows & Original Content

There are five TV shows that caught my attention – ‘Women on the Front Line’, ‘Purple States’, ‘The World Cup Project’, ‘Shark Men’, and ‘We The Economy’. As for original content, I’m happy to see that the platform does have something to offer. There are four quality titles that I’d recommend – ‘Teacher’s Lounge’, ‘American Viral’, ‘Don’t Walk’, and ‘Gabe & Max Need Help’.

Desktop/Mobile experience

If you want a seamless streaming experience on the SnagFilms app, I’d advise you to have an internet speed of 5MBPS or above. I have a 32MBPS internet speed and my streaming experience on this platform didn’t have any discrepancies at all. Even though I was streaming content in 1080p, it was a smooth sail. However, I have to say that even at 5 or 10MBPS, based upon your speed and device, 780p or 1080p can give you a hard time.

I’m more than impressed with the streaming capabilities of this platform. I went in with zero expectations and I wasn’t disappointed. The streaming player is not the most advanced, but it does get the job done. You can change the volume, move back and forth, and enter the full-screen mode along with adjusting the video quality. However, there are no subtitle options and so watching a foreign film can be challenging.

Suggestions I have for SnagFilms

While I’m quite happy with this app, I’d love for the developers to expand their horizons. Maybe tie-up with a couple of major studios and get people to stay on the platform. The lack of blockbusters and trending movies is seriously hurting the app. On the other hand, it’s quintessential that they fix the streaming – fast-forward issue along with adding indicators as to when the ads will appear within the stream.


If you want to watch a film or a good documentary in SD or HD quality, SnagFilms is an impressive platform. However, if you’re into mainstream content, you won’t be finding much of that on this platform. Don’t expect Dwayne Johnson, Adam Sandler or the Marvel Cinematic Universe on this platform, because you won’t find it. Other than that, it’s a capable platform that can provide you decent entertainment value.

Likes & Hates:
Decent streaming capabilities
Wide-range of genres
Massive Content Library
Lacks blockbuster titles
Can’t fast-forward the stream
No indication for video ads between streams