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Soap Dirt

3/5 User rating
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Soap Dirt is an entertainment and pop culture website. They primarily focus on reality television and soap operas. Content varies from news to possible spoilers. Soap stars often do exclusive interviews and take photos with the Soap Dirt staff.

The website was launched in 2018. Although the website is not very old, there is plenty of content for reality tv and soap opera fans. The site posts daily news and spoilers to satisfy readers.

Website Design

The website design is fairly plain. It isn’t very eye-catching, but there is nothing wrong with it. The color scheme is a plain white background with black text. There are pops of blue throughout the website.

The idea behind the logo was a very good one. However, I don’t believe it was carried out properly. The logo is the text Soap Dirt in a stylized manner surrounded by bubbles. The idea is a pretty good one, but the logo turned out looking more like clip-art than anything else. I would definitely recommend having it redone, as it is one of the first things readers notice when entering the website.

The overall layout is very good. The main menu is plain but gets the point across. The organization is simple but well-executed. Categories are helpful, but sometimes a little bit wonky. Sidebars are utilized well.

There are very few ads on the homepage. For the most part, they are well placed. They do not draw much attention away from the actual content. However, when readers open up articles, there are many more. There is a video pop-up in the right corner that does cover text. It is easy to remove, but there is another moderately sized ad in the middle of the text that breaks up the flow.


The content on Soap Dirt is a very niche category. At first, I thought since the website was relatively new and the topics were limited that there wouldn’t be very much to read. Fortunately, I was wrong! There is a surprising amount to choose from in their archives.

The name Soap Dirt was inspired by soap opera gossip. The main categories on the menu are primarily soap operas. General Hospital, Young and the Restless, Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives are among the most popular titles.

The reality television portion has its own category on the menu. There is a wide variety of which shows are covered. 90 Day Fiance is by far the most popular. There is always ongoing drama attached to the reality stars in this title, so it is no surprise that it is on the front page of this section. Other reality television titles covered are The Biggest Loser, Sisterwives, Outdaughtered, Survivor, Seeking Sister Wife, Life After Lockup, Married At First Sight, and more.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The desktop version of Soap Dirt is good. Everything functions as it should. The layout is good, for the most part. The text size is perfectly readable. One of the most important things – the search bar functions well. It is easy to find and scans through the website’s archives.

The mobile browser version of the website is also good. It is formatted properly for mobile viewing. The layout is changed slightly to accommodate the mobile version. Instead of multiple articles in double columns, there is only one. Mobile browsing feels very streamlined. The main menu is hidden but is not hard to find. The search bar is also in a good place. There is a directional arrow to take readers to the top of the page if needed. The mobile browser version might actually be the best way to view this website. Unfortunately, there is no app version for Soap Dirt.


There are quite a few positives about Soap Dirt. My expectations of the website were blown out of the water with what I found. The niche topics the website provides is their best positive. It is difficult to find a dedicated website that only hosts soap operas and reality television content.

I am convinced that the website is comprised of a team of super-sleuths. There are a lot of spoilers in articles. It is easy to speculate based on rumors, but Soap Dirt goes the extra mile and really investigates. A particular article I read was questioning whether or not a couple from 90 Day Fiance was still together. The article confirmed that they got married and provided a copy of their marriage certificate as proof.

A great part about reality tv is that the people are real and constantly stirring something up on social media. Soap Dirt takes advantage of that and utilizes social media embeds from the stars Instagrams and Twitter to use as content. They write articles based on controversial things that have been said.

I am impressed with the search bar. A mistake a lot of websites make is using google search in place of their archive search. Soap Dirt has an easily recognizable search bar that functions flawlessly. Another small thing that the website does well is using related links. I dislike when websites don’t link more related articles that are similar to their content. Soap Dirt also utilizes links in paragraphs well.


There aren’t very many negatives about Soap Dirt. They started their website only a few years ago and seem to be doing a good job. Their target audience is very specific, and they do a wonderful job of catering to them. There are a few negative things about the website. The content does get repetitive at times. The advertisements on the home page are not bad and pretty tolerable. However, when readers open articles, the advertisements get a lot worse. There is a large video ad that pops up and a few moderately sized ones that break the flow of the text. It isn’t ideal, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

Something weird that I noticed on the website is that they use a watermark on all photos. My guess is that they do it so other content creators don’t use the same image, but it feels somewhat pointless. The photos are not owned by the website, so I don’t understand why they mark up the pictures. It is an eye-sore and does not look very professional.

Possibly the only real negative thing about the website for me is the logo. The rest of the website is very organized and looks pretty good. The logo looks like a piece of clip-art.

Improvements Needed

There are only a few suggestions I have for Soap Dirt. The number one fix should be a better logo. The idea is really clever, but the final outcome of it looks unprofessional. If they could hire an artist to design a proper logo it would look much better.

The next improvement Soap Dirt could implement would be developing an app. It is not a necessity for the website, but could definitely help traffic. However, the mobile browsing version is very good.

Finally, please Soap Dirt, stop placing watermarks on photos. If you must, consider making a smaller watermark on it. The current one is blatant and takes away from the article. I am much more likely to read an article with a polished and clean looking image as the header.


There is no better website than Soap Dirt for reality television and soap opera news. The writers are quick and update frequently. There is endless content. The search bar provides a vast sea of articles in most popular shows. The desktop and mobile browsing versions are both good. Mobile browsing is probably the best viewing option.

There are very few negatives about Soap Dirt. The worst thing is possibly the logo. Another unfortunate aspect of the website is its photos. All of them are watermarked with a large text overtop. It detracts away from the content. There are many more positives than negatives though. Overall, Soap Dirt is one of the best websites to get reality television and soap opera news.

Likes & Hates:
The content is plentiful
The topics are well-researched
The staff members are super-sleuths
The search bar is great
The mobile browsing version is great
There are large watermarks on all photos
The logo is very bad
Repetitive content