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Sport-Stream is a sports streaming website that offers users access to a wide range of live events such as Football, Hockey, Baseball and Basketball. Apart from the live coverage, you can checkout different statistics options made available on the website. I see this as a handy addition with rankings for different sports such as Formula 1, ATP, Rating WTA, FIFA, and UEFA Rankings.

Why should you stream on Sport-Stream?

Sport-Stream allows you to watch a wide range of sports events such as Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Tennis. Each of the events that take place in the most popular leagues is available on the network. For instance, in football, the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League are the most streamed competition. However, Sport-Streams is not just restricted to EPL, it also allows you to watch La Liga, Serie A, Eredivisie, and Bundesliga.

Ranking & Ratings

Free streaming sites just provide the links and that’s all you get on most of those websites. However, Sport-Stream provides you up-to-date ranking from different sports so you don’t have to check them on separate platforms. A few of the many important ranking tables you can find on this website include FIFA Rankings, Formula 1 Rankings, and ATP Rankings.

For a casual viewer, this might be a handy guide when you want to start watching a sport you haven’t seen before. For instance, I didn’t know about Ronnie O’Sullivan and Judd Trump, but after I got the information, I started following Snooker religiously and fell in love with that sport.

News Updates

The second-most impressive aspect after streaming is the news and updates section on this website. You get all the updates in real-time, thus you can be off twitter or google updates and still find the latest news on this website. Quite recently, I was waiting for UEFA President’s stance on Euro 2020 amidst Corona outbreak, and luckily I got the update when I was checking this website. Since then, I’ve bookmarked this website and keep checking it from time to time.

Impressive Search bar

Sport-Stream has one of the most impressive search bars I’ve seen on a far streaming website. You can search not only a team but also a particular player. For instance, if you want to read recent news regarding Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, you can just type the name and you’ll get access to all the trending content regarding those players. These include injury updates, contract information, match details and other inputs from those stars.

Detailed fixture section

I really like how the developers have provided in-depth detail about each fixture. There’s a comprehensive table with options such as Sport, Teams involved, Score, League, Timing, Video and Embed Link option. Sometimes, when you’re too busy and aren’t aware of the timings of a particular fixture, this table will help you stay up-to-date with every fixture that has happened or is about to happen in a few days.


I’m a big fan of the Prussian blue color and since this website adopts the blue/white color combination straight away. The colorful background with different icons looks a little clumsy but is overtaken by the white overlay which has black text. All the main menus are in Prussian blue color whereas the text keeps interchanging between black and white based upon the background.


In the header section of this website, you’ll find five main categories – Menu, Football, Hockey, Basketball, and More Sports. When you hover on the menu section, you’ll find five options – home, news, time zone, advertise with us and copyright holders. If you hover on the football section, you’ll find six options – World Cup 2018, Champions League, Europa League, Euro 2020, UEFA Nations League and Championships. Similarly, you can find drop-down menus in Hockey, Basketball and More Sports categories as well.

Hero Section

The hero section on Sport-Stream has a search bar on the left and fixture list on the right. Using the search bar, you can browse a team, player, or a competition. You can also use the sort options above the fixtures so to find the matches from the sport you want to watch. The sorting option also helps you check out live, completed and upcoming fixtures.


The body section is divided into two parts. The left section is quite narrow and features column-based news and articles. Towards the right, you can find all the main fixtures from different sports. The list continues all the way till the bottom and stays the same throughout the day whilst the left section is updated every few minutes.


There’s no footer section on Sport-Stream. The only element that you’d find at the bottom is a link to a website called

Inner Pages

The inner pages on this website have a layout similar to the homepage. However, instead of the fixture list, you can find details about different competitions. For example, if you want to check the Top teams in FIFA Rankings, you can click on FIFA Ratings and find the details about the same. Towards the left, you have the search bar where you can search for a club or a particular athlete.

Content provides you links to all the major sports from around the world. Though the content is in the Russian language, google does a good job of translating it so you don’t have any confusion. From sports-related news to rankings and streaming details, you’ll find crucial information on this website.

There’s no shortage of content on this website as it provides in-depth information on sports such as Football, Hockey, Tennis, and Formula 1. Apart from streaming, you can check out stats and news, which is quite a valuable addition to the website.

Desktop/Mobile experience

My streaming experience on Sport-Stream wasn’t a great one. First, the translation on my desktop took a few seconds. Though navigating and browsing around the website is hassle-free, the streaming page is filled with ads. Additionally, when you reach the streaming page, you get a pop-up suggesting that the Flash Player is blocked. In my experience, whenever I see such a notification or the website asking permission to send notifications, I tend to bounce off right away.

On to the meaty part, I couldn’t watch any match on this platform as there was no media player. And that defeated my entire purpose of visiting the website. Nonetheless, I don’t have any hard feelings as I walked away with a lot of crucial information in the form of news and statistics.

Suggestions I have for Sport-Stream

I don’t understand why the developers would list the website as a streaming portal when there’s no video player support. I don’t know if it had that in the past or if it’s just a spammy website. If the developers of Sport-Stream are reading this, try and add multiple source links for each fixture so we don’t get a misleading notification suggesting that Flash player is blocked.


If you want to stream live, this website is definitely not the go-to-option. However, if you want to check out stats and find text-updates to be sufficient, you can go ahead and give this streaming site a try.

Likes & Hates:
Great content coverage
Real-time Newsfeed
In-depth stats
Decent Layout
Text-based update
No streaming links or video player
Intrusive ads