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Today, the broadcasting deals for football leagues such as EPL and NFL runs in billions of dollars per season. However, that’s not the case with sports reporting sites. Sports reporting sites don’t need to spend a dollar and can cover sports events from across the globe. What’s missing? Broadcast, obviously.

Sports attract record-number of readers

There are a plethora of sports news sites out there drawing over 100,000 readers a month for their extensive coverage. Among those websites, SportMargin is a platform where you’ll find comprehensive sports coverage primarily emphasizing football followed by NFL, NBA, MLB, and Rugby.

Career out of sports reporting

Covering different sports is a lucrative avenue. Since sports draw major eyeballs, there are plenty of people who want previews, gossip, post-match takes and additional content. Industry leaders such as B/R Sport & Sportskeeda have become multinational companies using the same approach.

What is SportMargin?

SportMargin is a sports-based news website aimed at delivering the best quality content to their audience. While covering pre-match and post-match coverage draws major attention, they are well-known for providing streaming details. What you can expect on this website are links linking to the premium services. For instance, a couple of weeks ago, I had no idea where to watch the El-Clasico. After searching several websites, I landed on SportMargin where I got my answer – FB Live. I like how instead of plugging to a premium service, they just provided a straightforward answer.

Apart from the streaming prowess, you can stay up-to-date with the world of sports. You’ll find various columns, transfer news/rumor mill and general news from the world of football. I’d like to share that though the website provides details about streaming of different sports, it doesn’t cover any sports as in-depth as football.

Why should you stream on SportMargin?

The premier league in itself attracts over 10 million viewers per week across its 10 fixtures. It is the most popular league around followed by fans from across the globe. However, SportMargin is not just dedicated to covering premier league updates, it provides you detailed information from popular footballing leagues such as Ligue 1 in France, La Liga in Spain, Eredivisie in the Netherlands, Serie A in Italy among many others.

Eye-catching user interface

Following a contemporary news website theme, SportMargin does offer a great visual appeal to its readers. From homepage banners to well-designed news section, you’ll have a great time navigating around the website. Other than the main stories and news articles, you can find important features such as statistics that help you watch the league standings and other important elements within a single go.

Twitter Feed

Twitter has become a hotspot for breaking news. It has been a mouthpiece of politicians, celebrities and companies around the world. Thus, it’s not shocking that this news website has a twitter feed. This feed allows you to get updates from the most influential personalities in the world of football. From pundits to managers, from players to their endorsement brands, you’ll find updates from all the people involved in the football sphere.

Live Sports Streaming Links

Most of the people have their reading resources set and thus they aren’t really looking for a news and scoop site, they just want to know about streaming. For instance, as a Chelsea fan, I follow ‘Pride of London’ and ‘Weaintgotnohistory’ for every detail. However, there are many people who want to watch fixtures other than the ones involving their favorite team and thus SportMargin helps them find different platforms on which they can stream those fixtures.

How to access SportMargin?

There are multiple ways in which you can access SportMargin. First, you can search for the term ‘SportMargin’ and you’ll find the website at the top of the search results. Apart from that, you can use the following link to access the website directly: SportMargin.


As a sports lover, I can really appreciate the design and layout of this website. The homepage banners, news articles, twitter feed, and Facebook plugs have all been placed well. Having said that, this website is filled with ads left and right. There are half a dozen ads on the homepage itself which isn’t healthy for user experience. I’ll discuss this later, for now, let’s just stick to the design.


The header section of SportMargin has six options on the left and a search bar towards the right. The black background with a green accent looks really cool. As for the six options, you have Home, Football, Standing, Fixtures, Results and Live Sports Streams. Each of these categories has a sub-category in the drop-down menu. For instance, when you hover on the ‘Fixtures’ tab, you’ll find options such as the Premier League, Championship, FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League, Europa League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Serie A.

Hero Section

My favorite part of the website is its Hero Section. There are five different banners in this section. There’s one main banner followed by four ‘thumbnail’ like banners. Each cover photo has a grey gradient which allows the text to stand out. Other than these banners, you can find the ‘Facebook Like Button’ on the left, News and Information at the center, and Tweets on the right.


As you scroll down, you’ll get overwhelmed with the number of ads appearing on the sidebar. In this section, you just want to focus on the center as it has all the meat. You’ll find news, feature stories, previews and post-match insights in this section. As you scroll further, you’ll get more articles covering different stories with ads appearing on either side as you scroll.


The footer section on SportMargin is handy because it offers quick navigation options. There are five options in this section – About Us, Writer’s Dashboard, Join our team, DMCA/DCMA, and Contact. I love how the Writer’s Dashboard will help you become a part of the SportMargin writing team. If you’re a football lover who wants to share his views and opinions, feel free to check this section out.

Inner Pages

The inner pages follow the same structure we saw on the homepage. To access the inner page, you can click on any content on the homepage. If you click on the football live streaming section, it’ll direct you towards the inner page. The inner page has one main banner at the center, Facebook button on the left and Twitter feed on the right. Under each banner, you’ll also find social sharing icons if you want to share the details with your friends and family.


SportsMargin is filled with quality content providing extensive football coverage. You can find news, features, predictions, streams, previews and reviews articles on this website. Other than news and gossip columns, you can find streaming details of major competition from around the world.

SportMargin though it doesn’t host the content, still provides you details about streaming different events. You can access this section when you click the ‘Live Sports Stream’ tab at the top. Under that, you’ll find streaming details about 12 different sports – Boxing, Cricket, Football, Formula 1, NBA Live, NFL, UFC, NHL, Darts, Bellator, Rugby, and MotoGP.

Desktop/Mobile experience

SportMargin has a great interface ruined by excessive ads. It follows a classic money-first approach which degrades the user experience. Though the ads are placed well and aren’t intrusive, there are just too many of them to keep your experience intact. I browsed SportMargin on my Dell Vostro and iPhone XR, and didn’t have any difficulty in browsing the website. Apart from the ad discrepancies, there weren’t many loopholes on this website.

Suggestions I have for SportMargin

I’d recommend the developers of SportMargin to reduce the number of ads that appear on the homepage. Other than that, they should consider embedding YouTube videos from sources such as HITC Sports, ESPN FC, One Football, Squawka, and other reputable sources.


SportMargin is a good website if you want to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of football. If you want to get streaming details about different sports events and want to enjoy in-depth news, features, and analysis of different sports, this website is for you.

Likes & Hates:
In-depth football coverage
Streaming details about various sports
Twitter Feed
Well-designed layout
Too many ads
Lack of video content