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When it comes to free movie streaming sites, finding a good one can be a difficult task. First of all, there are hundreds upon hundreds from which to choose. This fact alone can be daunting. The average person simply does not have the time to spend hours scouring the internet for the best free movie streaming sites. I, however, am not the average person (some have called me media-obsessed), which is why I spend most of my days searching high and low for the best of the best streamers. And free movie streaming sites, although there can sometimes be a great disparity in terms of quality, are some of my favorites.

I mean, honestly, who doesn’t love free stuff? Being able to watch your favorite movies (or maybe even discover some new ones) without having to pay a cent or even register with the site, no strings attached? It doesn’t get much better than that … well, at least in theory. Anybody who has spent any time looking for or using free movie streaming sites knows well that, oftentimes, even though these sites do not ask for any money, they often make you pay in other, less literal ways.

There are some common pitfalls that happen to be shared by a great deal of the free movie streaming sites that are on the web, though. The most obvious flaw that stands out in my mind, one that plagues nearly every free streamer that I have seen, is invasive and annoying advertising. It’s as if every single free streaming site in existence is required to be absolutely riddled with ads of every kind – popups, pop-unders, ads in the margins, ads before and during movies, etc.

This is annoying for obvious reasons (nobody likes ads), but it can also sometimes be more insidious than that. It is not uncommon, for instance, for the ads that are used on free streaming sites to be made to infest your computer with malware and trojans. Some free movie streaming sites are seriously shady. This is why it is so important that you check in with my reviews before visiting websites that could be potentially harmful or risky. I will always be upfront and candid in my evaluations of streaming sites.

Ads and potential malware aside, there are also often more structural issues with free movie streaming sites. It can be very hard to find a free streaming site that is designed well and consistently plays back movies with decent resolution. Today, though, we may just be in luck. is a truly unique free movie streaming site. Not only does it offer a novel approach to what a movie streaming site can be, but it also is an exceptionally good free movie streaming site.

Where StreamDor differs from the typical, run of the mill free movie streaming site is in where it sources its movies. Whereas most sites like this tend to get their movies from a variety of dodgy corners of the web, StreamDor sources all of their free movies from one of the most trusted and respected sites of all time, YouTube. Not many people know this, but YouTube is actually a treasure trove of free full-length movies. However, they are not always very easy to find. This is where StreamDor comes in. They do all of the heavy liftings to find the best free movies that are available on YouTube and then catalog them into a convenient and easy to browse index.

According to StreamDor’s home page, as of the time of this review, there are 31,395 free movies on YouTube, all of which have been linked and embedded onto StreamDor’s simple and fairly user-friendly interface. But full-length feature films from YouTube are not all that you can watch on StreamDor. This site also has a vast and meticulously organized library of music videos, documentaries, kids’ content, and cartoons – all 100% free of charge.

Perhaps the best thing about this site, though, is the fact that, unlike many of the free movie streaming sites that I mentioned earlier, StreamDor is relatively reasonable with its ads. With a halfway decent ad blocker, you should be able to enjoy a fully ad-free movie streaming experience on this site. And if you do find ads at all on StreamDor, the good news is that I was unable to find any evidence that they posed any threat to your computer or data. Hey, this site has to make money somehow, right?

Wait a minute … could StreamDor actually be the mythological free movie streaming site that offers a vast array of high-quality films, decently intuitive site design, minimal ads, and a worry-free movie streaming experience? Well, it is certainly beginning to look that way. The only way to find out for sure, though, if StreamDor belongs in the list of the best free movie streaming sites is to take a closer look at the site and everything that it has to offer. So, without further ado, please allow me to introduce you to


Unfortunately, I was unable to find much information on where, when, or by whom StreamDor was started. This is often the case when it comes to free streaming sites – they seem to just appear out of thin air one day. Although I always find it fascinating to be able to learn about a website’s origin story, I suppose it is not strictly necessary in order for us to be able to discern whether StreamDor is a free movie streaming site that is worth our time, right? All that really matters, at the end of the day, is how the site functions and performs. So, let’s check that out, shall we?


StreamDor offers a very basic site design. There is not a whole lot that is remarkable about it, to be honest, in terms of layout or interface. It is a very straightforward streaming site. In fact, there is little more to it at all besides a white background, a site menu bar, and a seemingly endless gallery of free movie thumbnails to choose from. It may not be the most innovative or aesthetically stunning site there is, but it gets the job done.

Where StreamDor really shines, though, in my opinion, is in its organization and ease with which titles can be browsed. Again, simplicity reigns supreme on this site. To filter and find free movies, simply choose from a handy dropdown of filters. This allows you to quickly browse by genre, decade, country, and/or language. I love a site with a user-friendly and intuitive means of browsing free movies.

Once you click into a movie to view it, it’s basically more of the same – stripped-down and understated site design that is more concerned with efficiency than appearances. You will find the embedded YouTube media player (which is conveniently auto-linked to your YouTube account in case you want to add a movie to your Watch Later list or share it. Other than that, all you have is some basic info on the movie and a rating.

My only complaint is that I wish the different parts of this site were a little better integrated or streamlined. There are no recommended movies, for instance, besides the one you are watching. This results in a fair amount of clicking the “back” button.

Content and Features

So, obviously, StreamDor allows users to stream free movies and videos found on YouTube. We’ve been over this. But it also has a couple of nice user features. You can add movies to customized lists, for example. StreamDor also keeps track of your viewing history, making it very easy to jump back into a movie even if you closed the page. Just click on the “My List” tab, find the movie in question, and hit “continue watching.” It’s not every day that you find a free movie streaming site with any user features, let alone such useful ones.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

There is not a mobile app (as of yet) for StreamDor. This may be a bummer to some – naturally, mobile apps are the preferable way to watch movies on your phone. However, the site’s mobile design is optimized and resized for smaller screens, so you shouldn’t have any issues enjoying a movie on any device.

Plus, there is a really good StreamDor extension for Google Chrome. Browse the site’s library without even having to head to the StreamDor site. Extensions are really hit or miss for me, but I really enjoy StreamDor’s.

Likes & Hates:
Thousands of free movies
All movies from YouTube
Useful user features
Mobile friendly
Chrome extension
No app
Some featured movies are unavailable (removed)