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Gone are those days when you were required to download videos from the internet to watch offline. While you can still do that, these days, nobody wants to fill up their hard disks with content which they aren’t going to watch more than once or twice. The downloading phenomenon has been overtaken by the streaming phenomenon. Nowadays, an increasing number of people prefer streaming over downloading content. Regardless of your approach, there’s one thing that you can’t download – and that’s Live TV.

IPTV – Cable TV & Satellite TV’s nemesis

To be able to watch Live TV, you are required to tune into your Cable TV or Satellite TV network. However, with the advent of IPTV websites, you no longer need to rely on those sources as you can stream the content online for free. Thus, if you want to catch up with what’s happening on the BBC, you can tune in using a website called TVopedia. Similarly, if you want to watch content from channels such as ABC, Fox, MSNBC, it can help you access all the content for free.

What is TVopedia?

TVopedia is an IPTV website that acts as a content aggregator allowing you to watch over hundreds of TV channels from across the globe. Not just TV channels but radio stations can be accessed via this platform as well.

Why should you stream on TVopedia?

With TVopedia you can access up to 1800+ international channels and radio stations from anywhere in the world. All you need is an active internet connection. Not only does it enable you to watch programs, but it also helps you do so in your favorite language (if the channel has the variation). For instance, if there’s an ETV Hindi available on the website, you’re most likely to find ETV Urdu as well.

A huge number of categories

It’s quite clear than 1800 channels cannot be about a specific niche, they have to belong to different categories. TVopedia provides you nine different categories to choose from. These include Music, Government, Religious, General, Weather, Sport, Educational and Webcams. Ultimately, you have to choose the category you want to watch and TVopedia will direct you towards the live stream.

Tailor-made content

Many of the IPTV websites are directed towards a specific set of audience. We’ve seen that in the case of USTVGO or Yupp TV, both catering to the needs of the US and Indian audiences respectively. With TVopedia, you have access to over 1800+ channels and chances are that you’ll find a channel from your country. Thus, whether you’re from Afghanistan or from Zimbabwe, you’ll find something familiar on the network.

Social Networking

A distinctive aspect of TVopedia is that it works as a full-fledged social media platform. It allows you to drop a like or a comment, communicate with fellow viewers. By creating an account just like you do on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ll be able to become a part of the TVopedia community. Your ratings and comments matter as they help users to track the channels and their performances.

Adding New Channels

Most of the IPTV websites allow you to watch live television. However, TVopedia goes a step ahead, it also allows you to add or suggest TV channels which you know aren’t featured on the website. Adding a channel is super easy. All you have to do is click on the ‘Suggest a Station’ option in the main header. Once you do that, you’ll be directed to a page where you can leave your suggestion.

Quality Categorization

Most IPTV websites are shambolic when it comes to content categorization. Every piece is placed in a haphazard manner where you need to spend time to find a particular channel. With TVopedia, content is well-bifurcated based on options such as country, continent, and genre so you can navigate easily.


While the content and the functionality of the user-interface is laudable, similar cannot be said for the design. Sure, there are some standout visual features but the website as a platform falls flat in terms of graphics. The grey, red, white and blue color combination is just too much. Additionally, in some places, the content is too cluttered.


Though I’ve bashed the design, I really like the top half of this website because there’s some thought process behind it. Especially the header section where you can see five main options on the left – TV Stations, Help, Contact Us, Suggest a Station and Private Zone. Towards the right, you can find an RSS button and a search bar. Both of which are placed well and look clean.

Hero Section

The upper part of the hero section adds to the user experience while the lower part instantly erases everything that’s good about it. First, let’s discuss the good part – Continent Selection drop-down option to help you find the best channels from your region. Not only can you choose a country but also a state. Right next to the location box is a GDN banner (A straight red mark) pushing the user to misclick. On the right side, you can find the categories tab which has seven options – Business, Education, Entertainment, Music, News, Religion and Webcams. Right under that, there’s yet another leaderboard advertisement.


Body section similar to the lower part of the Hero section is bland. It’s also the section where everything feels too cluttered. There’s a never-ending list of channels that goes on and on before you reach the footer. On the right, you can find a Facebook plug to a page called LIVE TV and under that, you can find different keywords in various colors that kill any sense of color combination that existed.


After an over-the-top body section comes to the footer which in my opinion is the second-best section after the hero section. It has five options – Online radio, Online games, About us, Chrome, and useful links. Under each of these options, you can find several useful links to access the data you need.

Inner Pages

Inner pages yet again follow the lack-luster content placement seen in the body section and it’s quite identical in terms of layout with the only addition being a leaderboard ad at the top.


I know that the design section must have really turned out off but here’s the section which is more than capable of pleasing you – THE CONTENT. With over 1800+ international channels and different categories such as Business, Education, Entertainment, Music, News, Webcams and Religious, TVopedia does have something for everyone. The only thing it lacks is the sports channels. Thus, if you’re not into sports, that shouldn’t be a very big deal.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I browsed TVopedia on my laptop first before using my mobile phone. The experience on both devices was average. Primarily, because there were too many ads. While I can manage the ads on my laptop, I have a hard time keeping up with those on my phones.

Yes, I know you might be thinking, why don’t I use an ad-blocker? You’d find it funny but I actually like to watch ads on these websites. I kind of treat these websites as ‘Skipping Stones’ in Takeshi’s Castle and challenge me to start a stream without falling onto a soft piece i.e. the advertisement. I prefer this over Google’s T-Rex Runner.

Suggestions I have for TVopedia

I’d urge the developers to tone down the number of ads on the website. In addition, I’d love to see a better design that complements the amazing functionality that this website has to offer.


TVopedia could’ve been a great website if it had an intuitive design. Nonetheless, its stronghold lies in its content and if that is what you seek, you should at least visit the website once. Especially for news and entertainment lovers, there’s plenty of content out there.

Likes & Hates:
Massive Content Library
Great functionality
Decent Streaming Capability
Easy Channel Search feature
Community-based platform
Ability to add or suggest channels
Too many ads
Poor body section
Lacks designing edge