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There are so many different streaming platforms out there these days. If you have found it difficult to choose just one, hey, I don’t blame you at all. Not only can it be confusing and stressful to try and work through the enormous (and constantly growing, by the way) list of streaming sites that are available, it can also become very time-consuming and expensive. Although, of course, there is a great deal of free streaming sites to choose from, there is also a long list of premium services, all of which come with their own separate monthly fees. If you are a beginner just breaking into the world of online content streaming, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out which sites will be best for what it is that you’re looking to find.

Every streaming service has its own strengths, as well as its own weaknesses. While Hulu, for instance, offers a large variety of streaming models and types of content, they are probably best known for their basic on-demand premium streaming subscription. With the basic Hulu package, users suddenly have access to hundreds of TV episodes and films. They also offer live TV service, for those of you who are not quite ready to fully part ways with traditional cable. That being said, Hulu is often criticized for offering a subpar user experience. Their platform, in other words, could definitely be better designed.

Netflix, of course, is another popular premium streaming option – in fact, it is arguably the most popular one. And for good reason. Netflix has award-winning original content. And they are also especially known for their timeless standup comedy specials. However, Netflix takes down syndicated content far too often for many fans. And it looks as if they are moving even further in the direction of strictly original content in the years to come, making it a little more limiting than many would like.

Lastly, Amazon Prime Video is another big player in the premium streaming space. They, too, have plenty of critically acclaimed movies and TV series that they produced themselves. People have fallen in love with some of their series, such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Amazon also offers a great deal of content versatility, allowing you to add on channels like HBO or Showtime to add to the platform’s already sprawling list of titles. Unfortunately, though, to get the most out of Amazon Prime Video, it will probably cost you a pretty penny. Each channel added to your Amazon Prime subscription will up your monthly bill.

Clearly, every streaming site excels at something and falters in another area. And if you were to try and reconcile all of the downsides to every premium service out thereby adding another subscription to your library, well, you would probably go broke pretty fast. We can’t all afford to shell out $50, $60, in some cases over $100 a month for streaming sites!

Before you give up and resolve yourself to the fact that you just simply cannot afford to stream all the movies and TV shows you want online, consider the fact that there are plenty of free streaming sites available online as well. These can be a game-changer for many of us who are struggling to stay afloat as it is. Free streaming sites can also be the perfect solution for those of us who cannot seem to decide on just one streaming platform, one that will best provide all the content you could want. And, frankly, it is a bit of a myth, to begin with, that there is a single perfect streaming site. They all seem to pick up where the other leaves off.

As far as online safety is concerned, are these sites actually safe to use? I hear a lot of people say that they don’t like to use free streaming sites because they are worried that their computer will contract a virus, or that they will be tracked or have their data stolen by hackers. And what I will say on the subject is this: of course, I cannot speak for every free movie streaming site (I have not been to every single one of them), but I would never knowingly link to a malicious website. Remember, StreamingSites is all about providing you with the best free streaming sites on the web … if there was even a fraction of suspicion about a site containing malware, I would never link to it in the first place.

That being said, there definitely are free streaming sites on the web that could put you in danger. If we’re being blunt, simply being on the internet at all could be said to put you in danger. This is why I recommend to anyone (no matter what you plan to do online) a solid digital line of defense. Find yourself a good Virtual Private Network (VPN), antivirus software, and adblocker extension for your web browser to ensure that you are as safe and protected as possible when browsing the web.

And with that, today I bring you one of the best free movie streaming sites out there: Vex Movies.


Unlike many free movie streaming sites, Vex Movies has opted for a very minimalist approach when it comes to web design. The site, instead of simply letting you browse from a convoluted list of titles, greets its visitors with a Google-esque search bar, their logo, a site menu bar, a few suggested search terms, a few genre tags, and nothing else. It is very sparse, which lends the site a clean and professional feel.

Just type in whatever movie it is that you are looking for and, voila, if they have a link to it in their database, it will magically appear. The search results, too, looks awesome and well-organized. Quickly and easily filter search results by release year and genre over on the right-hand side of the page. I am also a huge fan of how the links are delivered. Similar sites sometimes give you a list of every site that makes the movie available, leaving you on your own to click through to each site to figure out whether the link is currently available. Vex Movies, however, provides one media player – each host site, then, is automatically toggled through when you click play – the minute a good one is found, it will simply be rerouted to the original media player. You never have to leave the site at all.


Vex Movies offers only movies. Unfortunately, there are no television series to be found here. Which is okay, I won’t hate on a site for finding a specialization and sticking to it dependably. The thing that I will critique, however, about this site is the fact that it has a much smaller library of titles available than some other free movie streaming sites out there. So, you might be at a loss with specific titles – this is probably because they seem to draw from a much smaller list of free streaming host sites.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

We’ve already discussed the desktop experience, but the mobile experience seems to be identical. This is a surprisingly rare occurrence for a site of this nature, but it is a welcomed break from the norm. Enjoy free movies with the same great interface whether you are at home or on the go!

Suggestions that I have for Vex Movies

I may be biased (I’m a huge TV nut), but it would be nice to see Vex venture out into TV shows as well as movies. But if they do just stick to film, that’s fine, so long as they expand their library quite a bit. But, hey, you can’t complain too much about a site that is 100% free to use and much less ad-dependent than other sites like it.

Likes & Hates:
Great design
Very few ads
Mobile friendly
Many missing titles
No TV shows