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For any individual anime to have its own dedicated website, it really needs to cut through the competition in the mainstream market. Over the years, we’ve been braced with dozens of amazing animes that have changed the quality of content we expect from the creators. What makes an anime unique is its ability to stay distinct from everything that’s out there. One particular anime that has stood out over the past two decades is ‘One Piece’.

One Piece is a standout anime

There are just too many anime out there and thus distinguishing the characters is pretty hard which makes the majority of the content forgettable. Thankfully that’s not the case with One Piece. It is immune to character repetition. Each character that you watch on the show stays with you. Each main character is well-defined and you’re well aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

One Piece’s arcs are surprisingly good. I know many of us still believe that it’s sort of slow in terms of progression. However, true shounen lovers prefer slow runtime over less developed characters. The revelations, plot twists, and great location settings make you live the anime. One Piece keeps you glued throughout and it emphasizes the importance of your roots – friendship, families and the whole crew.

It should be no surprise that with over 900+ episodes to its name in the past two decades, OnePiece or OP has a dedicated anime streaming website called WatchOP. Using the streaming website, you can stream all the 900+ episodes and access them from the homepage.

What is WatchOP?

WatchOP is an unofficial One Piece streaming platform that allows the viewers to watch all of the One Piece episodes on a single platform. You can watch English dubbed shows and can even choose the ones with subtitles. I’d always recommend you choose the subtitles one because the dubbed shows lack the original essence poured in by the creator. Also, the meanings of dialogues are tweaked to suit a particular set of audience. Nonetheless, we can all be thankful that we have both options at our disposal.

Why should you watch OnePiece?

I don’t generally include this section in the review but for this legendary anime, I’m doing so. If you haven’t started watching One Piece yet, I’d recommend you do it. The plot even though being super simple has fascinating storytelling as the anime progresses. The story arcs, twists, suspense, and adventures of different characters including Monkey D. Luffy makes it a great watch.

Why should you stream on WatchOP?

After drooling over the show, it’s time to share some information about the platform. WatchOP is a devoted One Piece platform which makes it really stand out. However, it’s not just the singular approach but a variety of amazing features that convince you to stream on this platform.

Dedicated One Piece website

The first one is the obvious one. You will find all the 925 episodes of One Piece on this network. You don’t even have to dive deep, all of the episodes are available on the homepage itself. Keep scrolling and you’ll find the episodes in descending order with the most recent one being at the top.

Complete episodes

WatchOP is not a con website or an affiliate commission based website. It doesn’t link you to premium streaming services. Rather, you’d find the content on the website itself and will be able to stream it without any hassle. There’s an in-built video player that allows you to stream on the website in a seamless fashion. No external plugs or Adobe Flash player updates.

Live Ticker

For viewers who are up-to-date with all the 925 episodes of One Piece can make use of the Live Ticker to understand when the next episode is going to get uploaded. The live ticker provides you with an exact countdown until the time when the episode is uploaded. Every week, you will find one episode of One Piece uploaded just one hour after it aired on Japanese TV.

Dubbed Episodes

For people who have trouble understanding the subtitles and can’t follow up with the English or Spanish subtitles, you can also choose to watch dubbed episodes. Since One Piece is an extremely popular anime, you’re most likely to find it in your preferred language. If you can understand subtitles, I’d recommend you go for the subbed version over the dubbed one.

Quality Streaming

Everything would be waste if WatchOP wouldn’t be able to back its content prowess with quality streaming. However, that’s not the case as WatchOP provides an amazing streaming experience. You can manually choose the resolution based upon your internet speed. This allows you to watch One Piece in slightly lower resolution as opposed to buffering and shutting you out.

How to access WatchOP?

Accessing WatchOP is fairly simple. You can access the website by searching for the term ‘WatchOP’ in your search engine. You’re likely to find the website on the first page of your search results. Alternatively, you can use the following link: WatchOP to access the platform directly.

Before you access the website, just make sure that you’re using a VPN. A VPN is essential in protecting your identity from hackers as well as your device from malware.


There’s not much to praise or complain about the design approach. I mean for a dedicated single show such as One Piece, I wasn’t expecting some out of the box graphics. Just like the show, the website is extremely good in certain areas and extremely poor in others. Let’s check out different sections on the website.


The header section of WatchOP has five key options – ‘Home’, ‘One Piece English Dubbed’, ‘One Piece Manga’, ‘Soundtracks’, and ‘Anime Dubbed’. I’m not a big fan of the all caps text approach. Having said that, I don’t mind the blue background as it helps the text to stand out. Under the primary header, you’ll find a supporting section that features random episodes and lists.

Hero Section

The hero section of this website is quite plain. With a white background and black text, you feel as if you’re on a basic HTML website. The addition of a live countdown clock really improves the overall section which otherwise would’ve looked bizarre. Under the compact primary section, you will find the latest episode highlighted in yellow color. Under that, you’ll find a list of all the episodes in the descending order.


This section is the biggest strength and the biggest weakness of this website at the same time. It depends upon how you see it. For people who know about the episodes and what they want to watch. It’s helpful. For people who are new and have landed on the homepage for the first time. They will be scared of seeing the long scrolling requisite on the homepage. It’s tiring and too much. It’d be better if the developers would create different pages with each one carrying no more than 30 episodes.


The footer section doesn’t have a lot of options. There’s a chat option that is followed by Legal, Privacy Policy, Contact Us. I’m kind of upset that the developers didn’t add navigation options in the footer section. But now when I think about it, even he/she must’ve got tired seeing the tumultuous homepage.

Inner Pages

The inner pages have the same header section as seen on the homepage. I clicked on English Subbed categories and thus landed on an inner page. The page started with a headline ‘Watch One Piece Movies English Subbed’. This text was supported by a short summary ‘You can watch and download One Piece movies without registration’.


If you’re a One Piece lover, you might already know about this website. If not then this is the website that is your stairway to heaven. All of One Piece’s episodes in subbed and dubbed versions are everything you look for on a dedicated anime website. From Episode 1 – ‘I’m Luffy! The Man Who’s Gonna Be King of the Pirates!’ to Episode 924 – ‘The Capital in an Uproar! Another Assassin Targets Sanji!’, you can watch it all.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed WatchOP on my iPhone 11 Pro and my HP 15 Notebook. I binge-watched 24 episodes before taking my first break. I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the overall streaming quality. There was absolutely zero lag and the stream was sailing without any discrepancies. And honestly, I had high expectations from the website as most of the anime websites really maintain a good streaming standard. Don’t worry if you’re streaming amidst fluctuating data speed. WatchOP will allow you to adjust the resolution manually.

Suggestions I have for WatchOP

The website as a whole has room for graphical improvements. Other than that, please shorten the length of the homepage and divide the episodes pagewise.


If you’re a One Piece fan, you really need to check this website out. On the contrary, if you’re just getting started with One Piece, WatchOP will allow you to not just stream but even download the episodes in HD quality.

Likes & Hates:
Features all the episodes
Great streaming quality
Subbed and dubbed version
The homepage is too lengthy