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What's on Netflix

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Streaming sites are hard enough to navigate on their own. What’s On Netflix is an awesome website that helps viewers filter through tv shows and movies. The site was launched in 2013. The process they use to organize all of their content is amazing.

The website provides its service free of charge to viewers across the globe. Their main focus is on the United States. Their team watches and sifts through all of the titles on Netflix to help viewers find their next favorite shows.

Website Design

The website is very eyecatching. It is one of my favorite stream search websites. The landing page is very clearly branded and is very suitable for its purpose. What’s On Netflix borrows from its namesake, Netflix. It recreates the iconic red and black theme. The fonts are styled like Netflix, as well.

Another great part of What’s On Netflix is their ad usage. They run ads very sparingly. When you do happen to encounter them, they are not terrible. After scrolling down their main menu I could only find one ad in the sidebar.

The sidebar is another great piece of the website design. Not only does the site run ads on their sidebar, but they also push their articles there too. The ads blend well with the website’s actual content. It is a very strategic design.

The layout of the website is another awesome feature. The website mimics Netflix’s classic layout design without blatantly copying it. There is a collage of featured articles at the main top. As readers scroll, more content appears in a different layout. It keeps the readers entertained.


In terms of content, What’s On Netflix focuses on Netflix content. Although Netflix is in the title, What’s On Netflix is in no way affiliated with the streaming giant. This means all of the lists, recommendations, and articles are unbiased.

The content covered and categories on What’s On Netflix are vast. Some of the category names are What’s New, Coming Soon, Leaving Soon, Netflix News, What to Watch, Netflix Originals, and Netflix Library A to Z.

What’s New on Netflix is especially useful for users who feel like they have seen everything. I know I am always checking what’s coming out because I have seen most of the originals and can’t wait to see what’s new. There are options to filter through the new content which is a great way to cater to viewers.

Leaving soon is a good category to check every now and then. Titles leave Netflix monthly due to licensing. It is a bummer, but the way the stream works. It is useful for viewers to be able to check and make sure their favorites aren’t leaving the streaming company.

What to Watch on Netflix is comprised of an enormous amount of articles and lists. Some of the titles that can be found here are Top 50 Movies on Netflix: January 2020, List of All 600+ Netflix Originals Released in 2019, and Best New TV Series on Netflix This Week. The content is updated as frequently as every week, sometimes sooner.

Sometimes it is difficult to access the full library of Netflix. It is often filtered by genres and sometimes it seems to leave out certain titles. Fortunately for us, What’s On Netflix has compiled a list of their entire library. It is an A to Z catalog. The categorization is broken down beautifully. You can sort by movies, tv, or documentaries. There are further subcategories like features, genre, decade, tv network, franchise, and retired library.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The desktop version of this website is flawless. There are no complaints on my end. The branding is great, website design is awesome, and there are plenty of features to keep readers occupied.

Unfortunately, there is no app on the app stores. It would be great if there was one. However, the mobile browsing experience is just fine. The text is slightly smaller than I prefer but is still readable. The articles and features are squished together more so than on the desktop view.


There are a ton of positives to talk about with What’s On Netflix. The website design itself is a great starting point. There is so much they got right!

The layout of the website is visually appealing and easy to navigate. The articles are plentiful and the content is interesting. The website rarely uses backlinks in their articles, but it isn’t a necessity for them. The articles are typically in a list-based format, which makes for smooth reading and easy skimming. The related article links are thoughtful, according to the article they are placed within.

One positive is that the website isn’t partnered with Netflix, itself. This means we get real, undiluted content from What’s On Netflix. Real people write the articles without featuring what Netflix wants them to feature. They have their own opinions and express them frequently.

The organization is a strong suit of What’s On Netflix. The primary menu of the website is well-constructed. The further sub-categories withing the pages are even better. The sorting is somewhat endless, but it is not a bad thing. The search function is another good feature. It is easy to find and works properly.

What’s On Netflix is great because it updates so regularly. There are many articles that are recycled weekly, monthly, and yearly. They are often used again to keep viewers updated on the hottest tv trends. Another great part of the website is the ability to comment on things. Readers can comment and feel like a part of the What’s On Netflix community.

There are some other highlights worthy of mentioning. The Adblock policy the website uses is presented in a thoughtful manner. The what to watch section is nice. There are many more positive features of What’s On Netflix, as well.


I have almost no complaints about What’s On Netflix. There are some very minor things they could do to improve, but overall the website is close to perfect.

Ultimately, I wish this website would expand. Currently, the main focus is Netflix. The website is so well thought out, I would love to see the creators move to make websites for each competing streaming service. Another thing I would like to see would be an improvement on backlinks. I appreciate them, and it makes it easier to track down interests.

Next, it is unfortunate that the website does not have an app. The content could translate to the app form well. It might even enhance user experience to be able to access more easily on mobile. The mobile browser version is not up to par with the desktop version. Advertisements are also worse on the mobile browser version.

Improvements Needed

There are very few suggestions I could offer to WHat’s On Netflix. One suggestion would be to create an app for mobile use. It could tremendously increase traffic on the website. If this is not an option, slightly improving the mobile browser would be good too.

Creating sister websites that relate to competing for streaming websites outside of Netflix would be a great addition. It would bring even more viewers. There is definitely a need for these types of websites, and I could see one performing well.


Streaming services are hard to navigate. What’s On Netflix makes it easy for viewers to know what’s worth binge-watching and what’s worth skipping. Check out some of their list-based articles to help you create your new watchlist.

There are so many positives to using the website. The organization is flawless and the website design is visually appealing. What’s On Netflix mimics the design of our favorite streaming service. It feels familiar and fun to sift through the endless content.

Likes & Hates:
The website design is nice
The branding of the website is unforgettable
The content is plentiful
Advertisements are close to nonexistent
The site updates frequently
There is no app support
Mobile browsing could be better
I wish there were sister sites pertaining to other streaming sites