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World Wide Internet TV or wwiTV is an independent guide that provides streaming media available on the web. Similar to FlixTor, wwiTV provides a wide range of streaming content to its audience for free. You can stream some of the most popular channels on this IPTV network for free. Though wwiTV in no way is a cord-cutting alternative, you can still get away without any premium network, if you just want to enjoy news channels. There are more than 400+ channels comprising of news and entertainment content from around the world.

Frank Huisman, CEO of wwiTV, which is based in the Netherlands says that “wwiTV is a guide for users to find the best news and entertainment content on their website.” There is more than one channel from each country and 100+ channels from the US alone.

What is wwiTV? is a live streaming website that carries links to third-party sites hosting the content. It primarily carries news and entertainment content information from over 200 news and entertainment channels across the world. wwiTV is one of the oldest streaming services and that can be understood via its layout.

Why should you stream on wwiTV?

News content in multiple languages

Regardless of where you are in this world, you can enjoy news content on wwiTV with a steady internet connection. You don’t just get news channels from the US and the UK, but from all across the globe from countries such as Russia, India, Turkey, Brazil, Haiti, Kenya, and even Saudi Arabia. Thus, with wwiTV, you get access to news channels from every corner so you can stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world.

Country-wise content segregation

wwiTV is one of the very few websites where I saw news channels bifurcated on the bases of the country. Thus, if you’re from India but you’d like to see what’s happening in the US, you can simply find the country in the section and click on it. As soon as you click, you’ll have access to the major news network in the US. There are 100+ channels from the US alone which include the likes of ABC, Bloomberg, Fox Network, and NASA TV to name a few.

Uninterrupted streaming experience

Most of the free streaming websites are geared towards mistimed clicks so to maximize their revenue. However, that’s not the case with wwiTV as their well-placed ads that do not hinder user experience. Sure, there’s an advertisement placed right under the header section but it doesn’t take away anything from the user experience.

Segregation based on popularity & rating

If finding news channels via countries is not the option you prefer, you can resort to finding content via rating and popularity. There are dedicated menus for each of these options with a channel along with their respective countries mentioned in the list. Best rated news channels include Telesur TV (Venezuela), CGTN (China), Press TV (Iran), RT America (Russia), and DD News (India). The most viewed channels include Al Jazeera (Qatar), Fox News (USA), Aaj Tak (India), France 24 (France), and Derana (Sri Lanka).

Seamless Playback & Sharing options

wwiTV has a seamless video player that allows you to watch content without any interruption. As soon as you click on a particular channel, you just have to click play and there you go. I tried playing ABC News (Australia) and was able to access the live stream with a single click. Apart from watching the stream, you can even Rate, Comment, Share and learn more about the channel by clicking on the Info tab.

Webcam streams

One of the features I love the most on wwiTV is the webcam stream. Under this content bucket, you can watch some of the webcams pointed towards some of the most well-known locations. A few of the locations I love to stream include Etna Volcano in Italy, Mount Fuji in Japan, Skyline of Seoul, Funchal, Madeira in Portugal, and Rhine Falls in Switzerland.

How to access wwiTV?

Accessing wwiTV is fairly simple. You can either type world wide internet TV in the search bar or click on the following link: wwiTV. Before you access the website, I’d like to recommend you use a VPN to protect yourself from hackers as well as advertisements.


wwiTV similar to FreeInterTV has possibly one of the most unappealing user interfaces. The website is quite minimalistic with a no-nonsense design approach. You won’t even find a single part where you feel okay, that’s something that’s standing out. In my experience, most of these free streaming services lean towards functionality as opposed to the premium look and feel. And that’s quite evident in’s homepage as well as the inner pages.

Hero Section

In the hero section of the website, you’ll find three vertical menus under the header advertisement. On the left side, there’s a small menu with a search bar and the following categories: New TV Channels, News TV (English), News TV (other), Religious TV and Webcam streams. Adjacent to it, you can find ‘Most watched TV channels’ list with 30+ channel names – all of which can be accessed as you scroll down. Lastly, on the right side, there’s a responsive ad followed by another menu with ‘Best rated TV Channels’ which has 20 odd channel names.

Inner Pages

Though it might appear that the website doesn’t have an inner page at first, it does. It’s just that the categories are placed vertically and thus it is difficult to understand at first. The vertical placed menus are your gateway to the inner page. If you click on a title, you’re taken to a new page which yet again has a list of channels. Upon clicking any of the channels, you’ll visit the streaming page with a short streaming window which is complemented with sharing options.


If watching the news is how you start your mornings, then wwiTV does have a lot of good content for you. It has enough news content to keep you updated with what’s happening across the world. It has remote Fox channels similar to that of LiveNewsMag streaming. With wwiTV you get access to over 200+ channels which include the likes of ABC (US), DD (India), Aaj Tak (India), BBC (UK), Fox (US) and Emmanuel TV (Nigeria) to name a few.

WwiTV is not purely United States-based and thus it has more content in comparison to its competitors. It has an in-depth channel line-up that allows you to watch regional news networks from not just the US, but countries such as India and Turkey as well.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I tried streaming wwiTV on my iPhone 7 but sad to say, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I try not to stream such free services from my phone mainly because the streaming experience is always sour. There’s just too many ads popping around which are too difficult to control. With wwiTV, though that’s not a problem, the entire interface is haphazard. It feels as if the developer failed to make the website responsive.

Having said that, my experience of this website on the desktop was different. I was already well-versed with how the layout was set up and how I needed to find the content I was searching for. Thus, I was able to use all the features and was able to stream webcam clips without any lapses.

Suggestions I have for wwiTV

I’d like the developer to work on the interface as well as the graphic of this website. If a website is attracting 20-25,000 users a day, I don’t see why a developer can’t spend money on a good theme. Yes, you might argue that it’s free content and I shouldn’t complain, but can you imagine if these websites actually had a great layout? Users would certainly flock in and wouldn’t bounce off right after they landed on the page.


wwiTV is a great alternative for LiveNewsMag if you want to watch news content live from across the world. The Webcam feature is also amazing as it provides you live streaming of some of the most popular places around the world. From Sydney Harbor in Australia to Buenos Aires City, from Confederation Bridge in Canada to Los Island and Greece, you can stream those locations live.

Likes & Hates:
News Focused
Regional News
Quality Livestream
Homepage ads
Not mobile-friendly
Limited content
Shabby interface
Poor design and layout