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Yelo Play (BE)

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With so many ways to stream live TV these days, finding the right TV streaming service is no easy task. There are myriad ways to cut the cord, all of which come with varying ranges of content offered, different price points and ways to watch, and, of course, each streaming site falls somewhere on a spectrum of quality. And, as I’m sure many of you reading this already know well, when it comes to free live TV streaming sites, both ends of this spectrum can get pretty extreme – I’ve seen some free live TV streaming sites in my day that have made me laugh out loud, they were so bad.

Then again, though, every once in a while, I come across a free live TV streaming site that raises the bar to a whole new level. Such sites offer the perfect blend of intuitive and user-friendly site design, a wealth of unique and helpful user features, excellent mobile and smart TV apps, and an impressive, in-demand library of the best TV series (and movies) ever made. As incredibly rare as they may be, I am always eager to review free TV streaming sites like this. And, thankfully, Yelo Play is one of these superior sites.

I do want to be as clear as possible from the outset, though, so as to not get your hopes up too high … calling Yelo Play a “free live TV streaming site” is not exactly a wholly accurate way to depict the TV streaming service. This could explain why it seemingly blows all other free live TV streaming sites out of the water; perhaps it is not entirely fair to compare Yelo Play to these sorts of sites directly.

The second you land on Yelo Play’s splash page, it will become evident pretty quickly that this site looks more like a premium TV streaming service – more in alignment, perhaps, with Hulu or YouTube TV than anything else – but I do have my reasons for featuring Yelo Play in my list of the best free live TV streaming sites. In order to access all of the content that is available on Yelo Play, of course, you will have to be a Telenet internet and TV subscriber. So, in that sense, Yelo Play is very much a premium TV streaming site. However, you are going to be able to watch free TV on Yelo Play, to a certain extent, even without a subscription.

The number of TV episodes that are available to stream for free on Yelo Play are, admittedly, rather limited. I don’t want to mislead you in any way. Once you head over to Yelo Play and start browsing content for yourself, you may even find yourself thinking something like, ‘what in the world was that guy from StreamingSites thinking calling this a free live TV streaming site? I can only watch a few choice episodes of random series here, and I’m not seeing a lick of free live TV streaming!’

On the flipside, however, as a fellow free TV streamer, I know that there is value in knowing about and easily being able to locate every streaming site on the web that allows you to watch TV for free at all, regardless of limitations. Sometimes you are just looking for that one specific episode of a series, can’t seem to find it anywhere, but then a premium TV streaming site that offers a few free episodes here and there like Yelo Play comes through and provides precisely what you were looking for. Hey, you never know!

Whether you are looking for a site that lets you stream free TV now and again or you are in the market for a new premium live TV streaming service, Yelo Play is definitely one to know about. Is this the beast TV streaming site on the web? Well, we cannot say with certainty until we give it a thorough evaluation. However, Yelo Play offers an unrivaled selection of content, great user interface, plenty of apps, and the ability to stream live TV and watch movies and series on demand. If you are looking for a catch-all streaming site (and are willing to pay the price), this might be the TV streaming site for you. And if you are already a Telent customer, Yelo Play is a no-brainer … I sincerely hope that you are already taking advantage of this excellent streamer!


Ah, finally a live TV streaming site that is formatted in a way that makes sense for watching live television. Too many TV streaming services that I have used have been, for reasons that are beyond me, somewhat apprehensive to just employ a classic channel browsing layout. Schedules and guides on services like YouTube TV and Hulu Live are, in my opinion, way too convoluted and confusing. What happened to good old-fashioned channel surfing?

Yelo Play, on the other hand, offers an intuitive way to browse what’s on TV, thanks to a handy TV guide influenced layout. Either access the TV Guide section of the site to see what’s going to be airing in the near future. Or you can always click on “watch TV” in order to browse by channel. I like the fact that Yelo Play offers several different formats for finding and viewing live TV shows, bringing the online TV viewing experience a little closer to the old days (am I just being nostalgic?).

But let us backtrack a moment, returning to Yelo Play’s home page, because it is gorgeously user-friendly and intuitive. Not only does it look great and offer smooth functionality, but it is also unique – something that is wildly underappreciated in the world of site design, I think, at least when it comes to free live TV streaming sites and the like. The site navigation, user features menu can be found spanning the left-hand side of the page. Up top you’ll find a more traditional site menu bar, allowing easy access to different genres. Framed by these 2 menus, of course, is a huge collection of different libraries containing TV shows and movies (each of which comes with a side-scrolling function for easy browsing).

Every piece of this site feeds beautifully into the whole of it. Not for one moment will you be left wondering how to go about either browsing or searching for a TV show or movie. Every click of the way provides ease of use and an intuitive user experience. But Yelo Play doesn’t just look great, it is very rich in features and content as well.

Content and Features

First off, allow me to say this: I don’t know if I have ever come across a live TV streaming site with a better range of content than Yelo Play. I am genuinely beside myself while I browse some of the available TV shows and movies here. Just in the first few seconds, I am seeing legendary classics and smash hits like Game of Thrones, West World, and Law & Order alongside newly popular shows like The Undoing, Batwoman, and Big Little Lies. Being a member of Yelo Play alone seems like it could offer the same range of content that having subscriptions to Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, and HBO Max all together. Is this content selection good enough to warrant becoming a Telenet customer? It just might be…

It’s not just the stellar breadth of TV shows and movies, though, that make Yelo Play one of the best live TV streaming sites on the market. Yelo Play also provides some very useful user features. For instance, instantly keep track of your favorite shows and access your favorite channels in seconds via the MyTV feature. Few live TV streaming sites come anywhere near offering such a customizable TV streaming experience.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

The Yelo Play app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices, does not seem to be up to snuff with the desktop site, however. This may be the one aspect of this free live TV streaming site that warrants complaint. On the Apple App Store, for instance, Yelo Play has an average user rating of 2.4 (out of 5). Functionality seems to be a common issue.

Pricings and Plans

So, as we have already established, Yelo Play is in some ways a premium live TV streaming service, in other ways it is a free live TV streaming site. If you already are a Telenet customer, I suppose it could be considered free. If not, though, you will have to look into the price of Telenet internet and cable in order to unlock the full range of Yelo Play’s offerings.

Likes & Hates:
Great user interface and site design
Amazing selection of TV series and movies
Live TV and on-demand streaming
Wide selection of apps available
Free for Telenet users
Apps have low ratings/performance issues
Must have Telenet to use