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The internet has, without a doubt, made huge improvements in the way we live our lives. I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally can hardly remember how I got through life pre-WIFI. Trying to recall is like trying to remember a dream, the more time that passes, the hazier the memory. However, for all of the perks and ways that the internet has made things better, it can honestly be a very dangerous place as well. There are plenty of shady people who creep around the digital landscape, just waiting for people to access sensitive data. Credit card numbers, personal information, and any other variety of sensitive data that you access online can be exploited by anyone who is smart enough to learn how to see it.

But it is not just a few bad actors who wish to access your data. You may also have cause to be suspicious of otherwise ‘reputable’ companies. Like, for instance, your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They have also been known to track users’ online activity. Plus, too many of them take it one step too far by selling user data to third-party corporations, making it so much easier for you to be profiled and targeted by advertisements. And nobody likes that.

Even the government can (and often does) monitor its citizen’s online activity. You do not even necessarily need to have anything to hide in order for this to be a disconcerting fact. Privacy is all but a myth in this day and age. Your data is not even necessarily kept within the state when your government mines your activity. Often, it can be shared internationally – many countries do this under the shady international data mining alliance known as the 14 Eyes. Even the name gives you chills.

The good news, though, is that there are options available to help you safeguard your privacy. You should know, first of all, what kind of internet activity makes you more vulnerable. Using public WIFI connections, for instance, at a coffee shop or the like can make you more susceptible. They are not very secure. Therefore, anyone else also connected to the same network can very easily see what you’re doing.

If you travel a lot, you are also particularly vulnerable. This is because, well, the nature of traveling necessitates connectivity to a lot of public internet networks. The fact of the matter is, regardless of your lifestyle, the only way that you can be guaranteed online privacy (short of using the anonymous dark web) is by getting yourself a good VPN (Virtual Private Network). If you care at all about privacy, it’s about time you looked into VPNs. And perhaps Windscribe is a fine enough place to start.


As I mentioned before, the initialism VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. Basically, the way they work is that they cast a private internet connection for your IP across one that is public or less secure. Actually, perhaps a better way of thinking about it would be to imagine the VPN as a tunnel that is dug below the rest of the online activity and traffic that is occurring above and around it. It’s a private route that cannot be seen by anyone. Nobody will know where you are coming from or where you are going with a VPN. Total privacy.

In 1996, a Microsoft employee created the first peer-to-peer tunneling protocol (PPTP) software. It was considered by most the be the first precursor tech to the VPNs we know of today, many of which have become much more affordable and easier to use. Thanks to PPTP software, though, the road had been paved for the constant influx of new VPNs that we see occurring currently.

Windscribe was not the first VPN to be developed. But it is arguably one of the most respected. One look at Windscribe’s About Us page tells the story of a respectable tech company that actually wants to help its users. The page reads, “We aim to develop easy to use yet powerful tools, that allow anyone to circumvent censorship, access geographically restricted content, and minimize their exposure to marketers, criminals and surveillance dragnets. Let’s bring back the Internet as it was meant to be.”


Windscribe has a dynamic, secure, and futuristic looking design. The program can be pulled up and you can manage connections, but outside of that, you won’t be utilizing the design of Windscribe all that much. It is meant more to simply work in the background. You open it up, turn it on, and that is about all the interaction you will have with the Windscribe program proper. Then, you simply pull up your web browser of choice and browse freely and without consequence.

That being said, even though you might not find yourself ever actually interacting with the app or the program all that much, I do appreciate that Windscribe still put thought into making a well-designed program and app that looks good and functions as it should. Anyone can download Windscribe and become secure in a matter of minutes, it is that easy to use.


Well, as I sort of just touched upon, there is not a whole lot when it comes to specific content with Windscribe. It is pretty straightforward. Which is why Windscribe is such a great VPN to begin with … it’s simple, easy to use, it doesn’t require much (or any) knowledge about how VPNs work. Just click the button to activate it, and you’re good to go.

A VPN could easily be made confusing or too convoluted with unnecessary applications or information. It’s nice to see that Windscribe is sidestepping all of that and making a VPN that anyone can use, regardless of technical knowledge. Windscribe is perfect for beginners in the VPN world and people who have been around the block a few times alike.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

I love how Windscribe offers so many different ways to use their VPN. There is the downloadable program, your hub of online security. Then there is also the web-browser extension, which offers additional security and convenience. Finally, there is the mobile app for safe online browsing no matter where you go. It is a triangulated and expertly thought-out line of defense.

No matter what kind of device you prefer to browse the internet with, Windscribe makes sure you are covered.

Pricing and Plans

Windscribe, in addition to being one of the most secure VPNs on the market, is also one of the most fairly priced. At least in my opinion. They offer three basic tiers for pricing, one of which is completely customizable (which I have never seen before but love the idea of). Let’s run through the Build Your Own plan first.

Essentially, as VPN coverage is location-based, Windscribe allows you to choose as many or as few locations of VPN protection as you like, just choose one or more cities to be protected in. Each location comes at only a dollar a month. This is perfect for someone who does not travel a whole lot. Just put your home city in and pay a buck a month for total online privacy and protection. You really can’t beat that!

Then, they also offer a yearly and a monthly plan – both of which are also pretty decently priced. If you commit to a year of payments, you only will be charged $4.08 per month. And if you would prefer to pay month by month, it will cost $9.00 a month. The monthly price is a little steep, but this is offset by the build your own option as far as I’m concerned.

Suggestions that I have for Windscribe VPN

Honestly, there is nothing that I really have to suggest. It seems as if they have thought of it all. The only thing that I might say is offering a slightly cheaper monthly plan. But, then again, the build your own plan really makes a cheaper monthly option obsolete, because it is a cheaper monthly option. This is pretty close to a perfect VPN in my opinion. The only other suggestion I can think of also relates to pricing: a free trial never hurt anyone!


Don’t wait, go check out Windscribe today. Don’t go another day without online privacy and protection from threats!

Likes & Hates:
Dependable, effective, powerful VPN
Total privacy online
Very easy to download and use
No free trial