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What is the best paid movie streaming site?

This is actually not quite as straightforward a question as it may seem. First of all, there is the issue of how subjective the word “best” is. In other words, I may not be looking for exactly the same thing as you in a premium movie streaming site. Some people, to elaborate, value a movie streaming service that has a large selection of classic movies to choose from; others might want one that has a large selection of the newest movies available. Seldom does one premium movie streaming service have it all. This is why I usually advocate for a healthy mix of the most prolific movie streaming services out there.

When I say “prolific,” I suppose what I mean is a streaming service that both have a wealth of popular syndicated films and its own original content. Netflix, I think, is a good example of this. As you likely already know, Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services out there (if not the most popular). And although I am slightly reluctant to outright call it the best premium movie streaming service, it is one of the most prolific due to just how many original movies Netflix produces, as well as how many classic films that they keep in rotation at any given time.

Other people, however, swear by Hulu. And I am a big fan of that premium movie service as well. But, in my opinion, Hulu does not have the greatest selection of films. They tend to be better for series, as far as I can tell (both original and some of our fan favorites).

To make this very long answer a little bit shorter, the “best” paid movie streaming service is likely going to look like a combination of a few different ones used in concert with one another. Find yourself 2 or 3 premium movie streaming services that best fit your interests and you can’t really go wrong!

Which streaming service has the most movies?

Again, I have to refer to the big 3: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. It is no coincidence that these are the three movie streaming services that have been nominated for Oscars and academy awards. Netflix, for instance, just this year put out a film that many consider being an instant classic: Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman. By subscribing to all 3 of these services, though, you will seldom be without a great movie to watch.

But, then again, others seem to swear by Disney Plus – especially those movie lovers who cannot get enough of Disney originals. If you have kids (or if you are a kid at heart yourself), Disney Plus is another streaming service with a huge selection of classic, timeless, and brand-new content that cannot be found anywhere else.

There are also plenty of premium movie streaming services that are separated by genre, too, such as Shudder for horror films and DC Universe for superhero movies. If you are a niche film buff, it will definitely be worth considering specializing in your premium movie streaming services precisely to your liking. No matter what you are looking for in a premium movie streaming service, though, there will certainly be one for you in my list of paid movie subscription site reviews!

In what quality can I watch movies on premium movie streaming sites?

When you are paying for a subscription service, you want the best of the best. And that is not asking too much, right? Absolutely not! If I am going to be paying to watch movies, you better believe that I expect those movies to stream at the highest definitions available. And in most cases, this is the case (depending on your internet and computer capabilities).

There is likely to be a little bit of variation from service to service, but for the most part, you can expect to stream movies in at least 720p HD. Some services even allow for 1080p and 4K streaming – if you want to ensure that your paid movie streaming site of choice caters to your image resolution needs, just click on one of my reviews and take a look. It’s really as simple as that!

Which streaming service is best for new movies?

When it comes to the latest in new movies, you probably want to consider one of those premium movie streaming sites that produces its own content, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. This is because getting licenses for new films is not always easy – so, when your paid movie streaming site of choice makes its own movies (and does so regularly) there is no wait time for when they can acquire it.

If Netflix produces an original movie, in other words, as soon as it is released, you can stream it. Services like HBO or Showtime, on the other hand, will likely leave you with more of a waiting period. These sorts of sites, though, do sometimes provide a better library of older or classic films. So, again, choosing the right premium movie streaming site for you is going to be a matter of deciding what it is that you want from a given service, and what kinds of films you prefer to have access to.

Why should I bother paying for premium streaming services if I can stream new movies for free?

This is an excellent question. One that I have considered many times in the past, myself. And what it boils down to, at least for me, is convenience. That is the number one thing that I am paying for when I pay monthly for Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime. These services are quick and easy to use. And there are no questions, such as ‘will this title be available?’ for me to worry about. If I know that Hulu, for example, has a movie available, then I know for a fact that I can simply log on and watch it immediately.

Free movie streaming services are awesome for being free and all, but they also leave a lot of mystery. Will a given free movie streaming site have the movie you are looking for? And more importantly, which free movie streaming site will be safe to use? Will you have to worry about viruses or hackers or anything else that could put you or your computer in any kind of danger? Sure, plenty of them are safe and you can take precautions to make sure that you are not at risk … but a free movie streaming site will never give the same piece of mind or level of convenience that using a premium streaming service can provide.

Then, of course, there is the issue of layout and site design. You will never find a free movie site that is as user-friendly and intuitive as, say, Netflix. You will also never find a free movie streaming site that looks as good as Disney Plus or Hulu. So, the real difference lies entirely in the fact that when you sign up for a premium movie streaming site, you are truly getting a premium movie streaming experience. With a free movie streaming site, it is a gamble.

And, I don’t know about you, but security, convenience, and simplicity are all things that I am willing to shell out a few bucks a month for – even when there may be free options out there that have the movie that I am looking to stream. If I am ever unsure about whether or not my premium movie streaming site is worth the money, I always ask myself the following question: what would I have to go through in order to view this same movie in HD for free?

9 times out of 10, the answer to that question is never simple. And when you take everything into account – a VPN, antivirus software, etc. – needed in order to safely and securely watch movies for free, these sites are never truly free at the end of the day anyway. So, if I am going to have to pay for a movie streaming service at all, I figure I might as well pay a little more for the best available options on the market. Convenience, security, and quality – these are the three main reasons I use premium paid streaming services over free ones.


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