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I am looking for the top premium sports and paid sports streaming sites in the world … where do I begin?

Well, you have definitely come to the right place. … there is literally no better place on the web to start out your journey towards finding the best premium sports streaming sites that money can buy. I have tons of reviews right here for you to peruse, making it easier than ever to weigh out your options in one convenient location so that you can make the most informed decision possible when it comes time to find the right paid sports streaming site for you.

What I generally advise people to do who are at the very beginning stages of choosing a premium sports streaming site is to ask yourself a question … what sport (or sports) do you care about most? Assuming that you have a limited budget to spend on monthly or yearly sports streaming site subscriptions, it is important that you first identify which sports you want to be most tapped into. From there, choosing the right premium sports streaming site often simply comes down to choosing which league you simply can’t live without.

Nearly every major sporting league in the world has its own premium OTT sports streaming service available. Most of them offer you access to live events, discounts on PPV events, exclusive original content/documentaries/coverage, and the latest in news related to the league in question. So, let’s say you are a huge baseball fanatic, well, it would probably make the most sense for you to look into MLB TV first – a premium streaming service dedicated to everything MLB – the authority on Major League Baseball (naturally).

But maybe you are more of a general or casual fan of sports. Perhaps you love so many different sports equally that you can’t quite make your mind up enough to land on just one. Or maybe, like me, you are just indecisive. Well, that’s perfectly fine as well. With so many premium sports streaming sites to choose from, you don’t always have to go for the niche content.

There are plenty of premium sports streaming sites out there that tune you directly into the whole world of sporting events. If this sounds more your style, then, you might want to check out NBC Sports, CBS All Access, Fox Sports, Hulu TV, or any of the other streaming services that offer a bit of a broader range of content.

The key, though, to finding the perfect premium sports streaming package for you is to first identify what it is that you hope to get out of a paid sports streaming site. From there, you can narrow down your options and make sure that you get the best bang for your buck, no matter what it is that you are looking for. There is something out there for everyone. The trick is being able to know, without having to sign up or commit to payment first, which one will best line up with your tastes and needs.

This is precisely what I have compiled this list of premium sports streaming sites to do – to help you out with a definitive resource on the ins and outs of each service available. Before signing up for any premium streaming service, you have to do your homework … and is here to be your cheat sheet!

Why should I pay for live sports events if I can just watch them for free?

This is a very fair question, indeed, one that I get asked often (and I have also asked myself many times in the past). It makes all the sense in the world to wonder why it would be worth it to spend your money on a premium sports streaming site, especially when there are a plethora of free sports streaming sites out there as well (to learn more about what those are all about, feel free to check out my list of free sports streaming sites reviews as well … maybe they will be more your speed).

What I always tell people, though, who are wondering why it might be worth it to pay money to access sports that they do not necessarily have to pay money to watch is this: it boils down to a blend of convenience, security, dependability, user-experience, and quality. In other words, free sports streaming sites seldom offer anywhere near the level of quality and the number of services that premium paid sports streaming sites are providing.

Anytime you pay a streaming site, they go far out of their way to ensure that your viewing experience is the best it can be. They don’t want their subscribers to be dissatisfied, of course, because that will result in fewer subscribers. So, if there is an issue with the design, interface, or quality of streaming that users have made known, a paid sports streaming site will, with lightning speed, address those concerns and work to fix them. This results in some of the best streaming sites on the market, sports-related or otherwise.

Also, it is worth paying for premium sports streaming sites because of the fact that most of them offer exclusive VOD content, archived games, and original programs that cannot be found anywhere else. Truly delve into your sport of choice, watch historical matchups, learn more about the history of the game, and stay ahead of the curb with all of the best commentary possible.

Where can I watch NFL events streamed in the highest possible quality?

The NFL is one of the trickier leagues, in terms of contracts and what networks do or do not have the legal right to broadcast NFL games. The best way, in my opinion, to watch live NFL events would be to choose the network that your favorite team tends to play on the most frequently (most networks tend to have rights to a given division). Once you have figured that out (if you are a hardcore NFL fan, there is a good chance you already know which network you most frequently watch your team on), subscribe to that network’s sports streaming service. CBS has one – so does Fox, NBC, and DirecTV.

Another option, though, for NFL fans is to subscribe to the premium streaming service NFL Game Pass. This would be the perfect companion service for anyone who already has access to cable television and, therefore, can usually watch most live games without issue but wants to be able to delve much deeper into each game, track their team and favorite players’ stats, and truly dissect the sport from a magnifying lens. NFL Game Pass, although it does not offer live broadcasts of games, allows you to watch games in full after they air, free of ads and commercials, and pause or replay the most exciting moments on command. This is for the true NFL aficionado, maybe not so much for the casual fan who catches games if they happen to be on in the bar.

Can I only stream sports on my computer, or are there other options as well?

Thankfully, this is not the case. Every premium sports streaming site offers additional ways to view content. If they didn’t, in my opinion, they would not be worth paying a cent for, to begin with. Your premium sports streaming package, then, should also come with an app that allows you to follow and watch content from your phone or tablet, and most of them are compatible with Roku and Smart TVs, creating a very streamlined and intuitive interface to help you watch the game no matter where you happen to be.

I want to watch exclusive sporting events in 720p, 1080p, or 4K HD without any annoying ads … what do I do next?

What are you waiting for? Head over to my list of premium sports streaming sites and start reading the reviews! All of the premium sports streaming sites that I have listed allow you to stream events in HD. Plus, you’ll never have to put up with ads on a premium streaming service worth your money. Go forth and find the perfect premium sports streaming site for you today!


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