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If so, you have definitely come to the right place! brings you in-depth reviews and ordered lists (from best to worst) of all the different sites on the web that let you stream content. Whether a site is free or one of the many popular premium streaming services on the market, chances are I have a review of it on my list. And if I happen to be missing one, worry not, it will be up soon!

The good news for anyone looking for a solid premium cartoon streaming site is that, in 2024, there is certainly not a shortage of options. In fact, the biggest issue when it comes to choosing the right premium cartoon streaming service is trying to figure out, from a list of so many that offer such different content, which one is going to be best for us – or, which one is going to be right for our kids, rather.

When it comes time to choose a streaming service that our kids will be using primarily, there are even more factors to take into account than if we were just choosing for ourselves. And if you can find a streaming service that has a good deal of overlap between what your kids will want to watch and what you’ll be entertained by, all the better!

But, first and foremost, the number one concern for many parents out there is that A.) the cartoon streaming service of choice will be age-appropriate for their children; and B.) the cartoon streaming service of question will, ideally, also be educational in some way. So, responsible parents like you tend to do a great deal of vetting when it comes time to decide on a family-friendly streaming service that children will also love.

And that is just another reason why I make these streaming sites list and reviews. I know what it’s like to be a concerned parent, and this is precisely the resource that I wished I had when I was choosing a cartoon streaming service for my kids. So, I am more than happy to pay it forward. I truly hope that you find my reviews helpful in deciding on a premium cartoon streaming site for your family.

Is it worth paying for animated movies and series?

This is an excellent question … especially when you take into account the fact that there are more and more free cartoon streaming sites that are popping up online all the time. And whenever I get asked this question, you know, ‘why would I pay for cartoons when I can just throw on one of those free sites and forget about it?’ My first answer is always safety. Secondly, there is convenience. And thirdly, no free cartoon streaming site is going to offer the same caliber of user experience and site design that a solid premium cartoon streaming service will.

Regarding the safety point. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer that my child – especially if I am going to leave her to her own devices for an hour or two, letting her watch her favorite cartoons – be limited to am self-contained streaming service interface. Say, for instance, I just pull up Disney Plus and let her operate the buttons within it, it is a wholly immersive experience. It doesn’t give her the visible option to browse around on the internet.

A free streaming site, however, often will, seeing as it is just a website, not a whole interactive interface. Not to mention the fact that most free streaming sites are inundated with ads (for who knows what). If I were to use a free cartoon streaming site with my kid, I would definitely want to be actively present and in the room, monitoring. I don’t quite feel as intense about watching over my daughter’s shoulder, however, when I put on Disney Plus or the kids’ section of Netflix or Hulu. It’s a self-contained experience.

But, also, from a convenience and design standpoint, no free cartoon streaming site is A.) going to be anywhere near as dependable as a premium one, or B.) as well-designed. If you want an easy to use, intuitively designed resource of animated content for your kids that you can depend on in a pinch, the premium is a way to go.

In what quality will I be able to stream cartoons for kids on these sites?

Any premium cartoon streaming site will give you the best of the best in terms of quality. That’s a given. If you are paying money for a streaming service in 2024, there will be the option to stream in HD. This is another place where premium and free streaming sites differ. On free cartoon streaming sites, the streaming quality is often a gamble. You kind of get what you get, and you can’t complain because, well, it’s free.

But anytime you are paying a premium cartoon streaming site monthly for video streaming, you can be guaranteed the best quality available on all content, animated shows and movies included.

What kinds of cartoons can I find on these premium cartoon streaming services?

Well, naturally, this is going to depend entirely on the streaming service in question. If you go with, say, Disney Plus, the nature of the animated content is going to be much more geared towards families. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with this one. Disney is synonymous with childhood for most of us and Disney Plus is a safe and expertly executed streaming equivalent to the Disney experience that many of us grew up with.

If you want all of the classic family favorites from Disney and Pixar, Disney Plus is the way to go. Plus, there are things for you to watch, too, once the kids go to bed. The Mandalorian, for instance, was the biggest new show of 2019, and it shows no signs of slowing up in the coming year.

But there is also plenty of awesome cartoon content on the other well-known premium streaming sites, like Netflix and Hulu. These two have plenty of cartoons for kids (and Netflix even has a wonderful all-kids section that you can filter in and out of). If you are looking for the highest number of shows and movies that both you and the kids (separately) can enjoy, Netflix or Hulu might be a bit of a better investment than Disney Plus (as it is significantly more child-oriented).

Then, there is also the DC Universe streaming service, which does not get nearly enough attention. This is for any little kid (or kid at heart) that cannot get enough of his or her favorite superheroes. It contains plenty of original DC animated series and movies, which cannot be accessed on any other streaming platform.

There are also premium cartoon streaming services out there like Boomerang, that cater to the nostalgia lover. Stream all of the classics on this site and introduce your kids to the cartoons of your childhood. Bridge the generational gap with some of the most legendary cartoons to ever be animated.

So, as you can see, there is pretty much a premium cartoon streaming service for just about anything you could be looking for. Deciding on which one is the best one for you (and your family) is just a matter of figuring out what you want, and then reading my reviews to see which site most closely aligns with your situation!

Which premium cartoon streaming site is number one for 2024?

Well, this is a hard question to answer, as it is still so early in the year. But if I had to make a guess, I would probably say Disney Plus. Not only is it fresh and new (which is going to give it quite a bit of appeal for at least the next few years), but it is also Disney. And Disney, when it comes to cartoons, is pretty much unrivaled in popularity. Both with parents and children alike. Given the fact that Disney Plus has so much classic content that is only available on their streaming service, I have a feeling that Disney Plus will continue to be the number one cartoon streaming site in 2024 (and potentially for many years to come).


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