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Radio Streaming Sites - Best Webradio & Live Stations Online

How can I listen to the radio online?

Gone are the days when radio ruled the land. Sure, people still tune into local radio stations sometimes when they are driving in their cars. But even then, the majority of us simply connect our phones via Bluetooth and listen to whatever songs come to mind. We live in an age where fully customized music and talk show listening is possible, which, of course, is a wonderful thing. But I definitely do not think I am alone when it comes to feeling nostalgia for the days of radio.

You just cannot match the unpredictability and communal nature of the radio. That is one of the biggest downsides, in my opinion when it comes to the recent rise and domination of music streaming sites. It puts everyone in a bubble of their own already established interests. When, in the past, all that existed was radio, sure, you had no say in the matter, but that was not always necessarily a bad thing. It forces people out of their comfort zones.

When you have no say or control over what the radio is going to broadcast (other than, of course, switching the dial and tuning into whatever station you prefer, usually based on genre) you are more likely to hear new songs and check out new artists that you maybe otherwise never would have. Plus, when you have no say over what is going to be played, a song can come on that you didn’t even know you needed to hear! There can be a lot of power in a lack of control.

Since many of us do not still have the old school transistor radios of yore, though, that does not necessarily mean that we cannot still listen to the radio in places other than our cars. If you find that you have also been nostalgic for the days of radio (AM or FM), there are plenty of internet radio sites for you to choose from online! Personally, I have found these free music streaming sites to be a real godsend when I get sick of the usual Spotify or Apple Music streaming experience.

Online radio sites, too, allow you to tune into stations that are outside of your own locality. The best free radio station streaming services have a whole database of radio stations from all over the world. Simply choose a station, then, tune in, and enjoy! Many of these services do not even require a sign-up. Ironically, even though radio is not quite as popular as it once was, it has also never been so easy to access, widespread, and without borders.

So, how do you start listening to today? Simply check out my list of reviews and choose the right FM/AM streaming site for you. I would recommend that you at least skim through each of my 16+ reviews in this category, they are all comprehensive and give you a great glimpse into each website. From there, try a few out … what do you have to lose? A couple of minutes? Since they are free, there is nothing to risk.

Once you have one that you like, just click on a station and let it play. From there, it is just a matter of enjoying hours of uninterrupted FM or AM streams, conveniently from any device!

What are the best websites for listening to internet radio?

Well, this is not such an easy question to answer. Of course, as is the case with any kind of service, which makes the best internet radio is highly subjective. Everyone has different things that they look for. Some people value interface and aesthetically pleasing web design over everything else; others require the best-personalized user features that internet radio can offer. So, whereas boiling down the list to the single best internet radio station may not be so easy to do, there are a few features and components that I tell people are good to look for, in general.

For one thing, the best internet radio streams are free and open. Radio has always been free, so, you should not have to pay for it just because it is on the internet, right? Secondly, you want to make sure that, no matter what streaming service you use, it has all the features and enables you to do everything you want to do. For example, if a particular streaming radio does not allow you to tune into stations outside of your locality, it might not be the best one. What I always look for on services like this, for instance, is the ability to follow and add to a favorites list the stations that I really love.

So, when it comes to picking the best one, it’s just a matter of figuring out what you want out of free radio streaming service and picking one from my list of reviews that ticks all of those boxes!

Which radio stations can I listen to on these websites and what are the best ones?

As I said before, these websites allow you to listen to just about any radio station around the world. It would be hard for me to tell you what the best radio stations are because, well, I don’t know your musical tastes. What I will say, though, is that there are some radio stations that are world-renowned and, thus, probably worth checking out.

One of my favorites, as I am a huge hip hop fan, is New York City’s Hot 97, which features some of the best DJs in the game today, as well as very popular morning talk shows with plenty of famous rappers, producers, and sometimes actors. But if you are more of a rock and roll fan, KROQ out of Los Angeles might be more your speed. Or, of course, you can simply tune into any of your local favorites. The whole wide world of radio is yours to tune into!

Do I have to pay for listening to online radio?

Although some of these websites do offer premium versions that get rid of ads (and in some cases block out commercials), as well as offer additional features, the majority of these websites are free to stream to your heart’s content. Given the fact that the majority of on-demand streaming services cost anywhere between $10 and sometimes even up to $20 a month to use, free streaming services such as these are starting to look like a wonderful alternative.

On what device can I stream radio online?

You can stream from any device, so long as it is connected to the internet. Stream from your smartphone, your laptop, your tablet, your smart TV. You never have to be without your favorite music again. All of these websites have a mobile-friendly design, and some of them even offer app versions, making it even easier to tune in. Just hit play and find all of the top hits from around the world in no time.

And if you are the type of person who tends to tune in while in your car, have no worries, you can still do so by pulling up your FM or AM stream of choice and connecting your phone to your car speakers. Whether you just want your local stations or to listen to LA’s KROQ while in NY, all of the top stations are available for free online today. never miss out on any of the top number one hits again.

Personally, I absolutely love it when older and new technologies merge into one like this. I think it is so cool that there are so many FM and Am streaming services available on the internet, absolutely free of charge. It’s like a blast from the past, but with a contemporary twist. Go and find your grandparents and blow their minds by showing them the wealth of stations that you can access with nothing more than the click of a button!

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